30 October 2016. They’re NOT “Tribes”... They’re “Nations”... Treat Them That Way


The First Nations are precisely that… “Nations”… “Nationalities”… NOT “Tribes”. Note well how the Anglos treated and still treat them. It shows Anglo rhetoric to be hypocrisy and lies. 154 more words


Civil Disobedience North Dakota Pipeline #NoDAPL

Whatever It Takes: Another Day on the Front Lines of #NoDAPL
Saturday, 03 September 2016

By Kelly Hayes and Desiree Kane

American Horse shouts, “Mni Wiconi! 882 more words


28 July 2016. From the Russian Web... Here are the ORIGINAL Americans


Whenever you hear an Anglo maundering about how “moral” and “upright” the USA is, do remember HOW the Anglos took the land from the original inhabitants. 19 more words