Army Corp Of Engineers Mass Land Theft On December 5th

Army Corp Of Engineers WILL steal #OcetiSakowin land. Issued warnings of mass arrest on December 5th. #StandingRock

— 🇵🇸❌Militant❌Negro™ (@MrNegroMilitant) November 26, 2016…

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Celebrating Native American Heritage Month and Aculturame’s 4th Anniversary

This post is dedicated to both the Native American Heritage Month celebration in the United States as well as Aculturame’s fourth Anniversary.

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30 October 2016. They’re NOT “Tribes”... They’re “Nations”... Treat Them That Way


The First Nations are precisely that… “Nations”… “Nationalities”… NOT “Tribes”. Note well how the Anglos treated and still treat them. It shows Anglo rhetoric to be hypocrisy and lies. 154 more words


Civil Disobedience North Dakota Pipeline #NoDAPL

Whatever It Takes: Another Day on the Front Lines of #NoDAPL
Saturday, 03 September 2016

By Kelly Hayes and Desiree Kane

American Horse shouts, “Mni Wiconi! 882 more words