28 July 2016. From the Russian Web... Here are the ORIGINAL Americans


Whenever you hear an Anglo maundering about how “moral” and “upright” the USA is, do remember HOW the Anglos took the land from the original inhabitants. 19 more words


Diverse religious leaders urge New York’s Whitesboro Village to change emblem

Special to Earthpages.org

In a remarkable interfaith gesture, Christian-Hindu-Buddhist-Jewish-Baha’i-Native American leaders have urged Village of Whitesboro in Oneida County of upstate central New York to think of changing its controversial official seal as many considered it inappropriate and offensive. 267 more words


Terrorism Isn't Scaring Americans; Obama Is 

News Flash for Barack Obama: Americans are not afraid of terrorism. We’re afraid of you.

Andrew Malcolm writes: Your chronic diffidence, dismissal and downplaying terrorism — especially from radical jihadi extremists, in both word and deed — is scaring the hell out of your countrymen. 413 more words