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What more can you steal from people you’ve stolen completely from?

Often referred to as Native Americans or indigenous people, they were subjected to extreme violence, massive death counts and forced to constantly relocate between lands. The United States currently recognized about 562 of these tribes. 269 more words

Standing Rock Sioux

You can’t have war without racism. You can have a world without both.

After all, the 1% benefit from the theft from and exploitation of these people, so in their view, nothing else matters. And these crimes against humanity have been perpetrated for decades.    2,351 more words


To Do & Not to Do According to Bradford

   William Bradford, Senior was the author of Of Plymouth Plantation.  His story is an apologetic and somewhat a diary/journal of sorts, etc. of the defense of the Catholic faith of the Separatists also known as the Pilgrims (and somewhat the Puritans) and the journey of the said Pilgrims from England to Plymouth in North America.   561 more words

School Essays

What is Orange Shirt Day? A Tribute to Taken Children

It’s not often I re-post a story, but in addition to explaining the background of what September 30th – “Orange Shirt Day” means to me and my family, I wanted to add the story of the person who was behind the creation of this campaign. 745 more words


America's Bog People

Back in 1982 work began on a road across a pond in a new housing development known as “Windover Farms.” A backhoe operator began to notice the many “rocks” he was digging up and found that odd as rocks were not common in the area. 742 more words