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Memory and Monuments at the U.S. Capitol

One of the things I did during a recent trip to Washington, DC, was visit the U.S. Capitol. I’ve never been in the building, and went on a tour through most of it with some family. 1,375 more words

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A Thought for Independence Day...

While you are celebrating our nation’s independence tomorrow, please hold in your hearts, the incalculable number of Native Americans who were either expelled from their rightful lands or murdered during the founding and western expansion of the United States.   212 more words


VOX: American Independence a Mistake

One of the main people behind uber-left “news” outlet Vox.com is celebrating the 4th of July by saying he wishes the United States of America had never existed. 415 more words


Read 'At the End of Babel,' Original Fiction from Tor.com

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The Washington Redskins’ offensive name may thwart the team’s plan for a new stadium

In an move to pressure the Washington Redskins football organization, US Interior Secretary Sally Jewell said that her office will likely bar the team’s plans to build a new stadium in Washington, DC unless it changes its name—which is seen as racist toward Native Americans. 405 more words

Prehistoric Indian Village—Archeodome

The Archeodome is a building that encloses a significant part of the dig site for the Prehistoric Indian Village. This enclosure means that digging can take place at any time, and it doesn’t have to be covered every time archaeologists leave, to protect the artifacts. 312 more words


Americans, Native and Revolutionary

He may not be the last of the Mohicans but his genes reveal the lasting tenacity of that great Native American nation. He’s known as “Montauk Man” or you can just call him, “Ed.” He’s half Native American, of Mohican extraction. 591 more words