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Natural born killers

Australia is planning to use dingoes to kill wild goats, originally imported by the British as food for lighthouse keepers and sailors, which have infested islands and are destroying the natural habitat. 489 more words


Predator free by 2050

The Government has announced what appears to be an extremely ambitious project – to eliminate all rats, stoats and possums from New Zealand by 2050. 442 more words


Golden Eagles Play

A summer morning before the sun burns away the fog.


The original kiwi: Interview with a kiwi bird

Amelia: Here I am on Stewart Island in New Zealand, the place I’m most likely to get a glimpse of the secretive, nocturnal kiwi. I’ll be hiking in this coastal rainforest for three days, so I’m guaranteed to see one, right? 746 more words

Science Writing

New Zealand baby adventures: A taste of the rainforest

The car is crammed with toys, camera lenses and camping equipment, and we are almost ready to go! I had finally submitted my report for the course in GIS so the family can go away for the weekend. 1,582 more words


take a closer look

The feathers of a young Laughing Kookaburra are intricately ornate.


Well it's alright

Kia Ora

Being on the road has been a totally different experience to what we imagined. Don’t get me wrong we wouldn’t change a thing and we have learned so much. 356 more words