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A Sunny Winter Day in Dunedin, New Zealand

Winter is here!

In Dunedin we are experiencing a rather cold one.  We have had sleet, snow, ice, rain and wind. It has been bitterly cold with temperatures of minus ten degrees and we are just not used to that.   134 more words


Winter Reflections Lake Matheson, South Westland

While I took some Mummy time with the boys Stephen headed off to Lake Matheson to make the most of the near perfect winter conditions. 575 more words


A House Sitter on Stewart Island

Greetings and Fishing at Stewart Island

I love fishing, and within a 20 minutes of landing at Stewart Island, that’s what I was doing

On my arrival at Oban (Stewart Island) wharf I was greeted warmly by the house owner.(The house owner for whom I am doing the House Sit.) We shook hands and he asked if: “I wanted to go fishing?” So within 20 minutes of landing at Stewart Island, I was away fishing. 394 more words

House Sitting

Canoe Creek Walk, Lake Kaniere

Talk about a short walk that really packs a punch.  Canoe Creek bush walk is a beauty.

A beauty in many senses of the word – beautiful lush bush, beautiful trail, and a beauty as in a great walk. 310 more words


Travel Theme: Fantastic

Good morning from a dark and rainy Hastings morning. Yesterday was another nice day, hot and not much wind.  So again it was surreal knowing that today the weather is going to turn to custard. 306 more words

New Zealand

Fujifilm X-Series Toy Filter - For When It Is Too Pretty

I’ve said it before, New Zealand landscapes can be mind bendingly, brilliantly, surreally, ridiculously beautiful. So so so pretty that they typically are impossible to photograph and even begin to approach doing them justice. 137 more words

Farm visit - Part 1

A few months ago we took some of our home schooling friends down to the farm my brother had just moved onto. They have a nice native ecosystem there to explore, and also he was happy to take them on a tour of the cowshed and demonstrate the process with the few cows he was already milking. 460 more words

Home Schooling