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I'm Thirty!?! How did that happen?

Yup I turned thirty. On Valentines day :) I haven’t really noticed, probably because I have decided I don’t really want to grow up. I knew that thirty was coming, but I was not super worried about the age and the realization does not make me feel “old.” 1,679 more words

January 16, 2015

2 pictures. Ms. Adorable being all hipster vegan. Then this presented itself later….


Playing hooky paid off...NOT!!!

Legoland was awesome! Yes, that’s right, I played hooky from school on a Thursday and was having a great time at the amusement park. We were leaving to go get dinner and I was in such a good mood. 295 more words

Take advantage of mainstream veganism

As much as we hate to admit it, sometimes the bougie yuppie hipsters are just the constituency we need on our side to make something we’re passionate about more desirable. 318 more words


Birthday // The Green Dress


Happy Wednesday, Darlings!  This week I celebrated my birthday here in Palm Springs.  It was such a great day of relaxing coffee by the pool, a visit to… 66 more words


Just another relaxing four-day weekend :)

My glorious, four-day weekend is finally coming to a close. As I was preparing to leave work on Thursday evening, I was concerned that I may get bored, since I had no concrete plans or obligations. 1,952 more words

Native Foods - Santa Monica

My parents came to visit from Virginia over the holidays and we ate everything.

I went to Native Foods about 80 times that week; first we did lunch with the whole gang… Look how cute. 956 more words