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Know Your Natives - Round-Lobe Hepatica

Round-lobe hepatica (Anemone americana) of the Buttercup (Ranunculaceace) family, also called liverleaf*, is one of the first non-woody plants to bloom in spring.  The species is found in the U.S. 849 more words

Native Plants

Plant an oak, the tree that's all heart

Want a gift that really spreads the love? Plant an oak tree. I know this isn’t the sexiest idea but hear me out. I’ve got  597 more words

Native Plants

What Plants are Blooming in Bay County Today?

Day two of the new bee adventure and tonight was the monthly bee meeting of the Tupelo Beekeepers Association. I have been a member of this group for just over a year and I am always excited to talk to other beekeepers about what their bees are doing, what events are coming up and especially what plants are in bloom locally. 410 more words


Fragrant Water Lilies

Here is a series of the freshly blooming Fragrant Water Lilies (Nymphaeaceae – Nymphaea odorata) taken at Shaw Nature Reserve this past summer.  I converted these to look like oil paintings using Photoshop CS6. 112 more words

"bill Duncan"


To appreciate something is to increase its value. Here in the sub tropical environment, I can appreciate the abundance of floral beauty in the form of vibrant native plants and the rich green of the trees and earth. 74 more words


Garden Smart Oregon: A Guide to Native Plants

Oregon is a gardener’s dream. Our varied climates and mild conditions allow us to showcase a wide variety of plants from around the world. In fact, nursery crops are Oregon’s number one agricultural commodity.

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Vic Park Honey

I was super excited to recently discover Vic Park Honey was selling, you guessed it, raw honey made in our very own Vic Park. But there’s even more to this local business than honey. 251 more words

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