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Garden Design, Plant Communities and Cinderblock

I read this article that got me thinking about the design of my garden. After getting over my obsession with cramming as many vegetables in as little space as possible and realizing if I planted trees it would take a very long time for them ever to make a forrest, I planted some trees, also known to many designers as the bones of the garden. 857 more words

Native Plants

Waiting on Honey

As the nectar flow draws to a close, the girls diligently forage for the last of their key nectar and pollen sources, storing away the goodness to be turned into honey.  1,782 more words

Misplaced Plants and Fire Safety

What?!  Tumble weeds and weeds throughout my property?  What tumble weeds?  I walk my yard at least weekly and pull what I call tumble weeds and… 1,206 more words

Garden Habitat

Fairmount Park Ecology - Phila, PA

Thoughts on my weekly hikes all over Fairmount Park in Philadelphia, PA

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60 degree sunday

  • Little bit of rain overnight.
  • Planted 3 remaining natives. Goldenseal under the RoS by fence. Lupine by the others. Sulivantii milkweed in butterfly bed.
  • From mobot: very similar to common milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) except smooth milkweed has (a) smooth (glabrous) stems, leaves and seed pods, (b) leaves with a significant upward sweep and distinctive reddish midveins and (c) larger flowers.
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"Garden Revolution: How our landscapes can be a source of environmental change"

I just finished reading this book by Larry Weaner and Thomas Christopher.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was a wonderful reminder that instead of altering the landscape to for the needs of the plants we want to use, we should be instead determining what plants will do best in the environment as it is.   71 more words

Native Plants

Native Plants in the Garden

I love planting native flowers in the garden, and I have two large flower beds devoted to them. Unfortunately, the rabbits have enjoyed the prairie clover I bought nearly as much as I would’ve if they’d ever allowed them to grow large enough to flower… or grow much at all. 382 more words