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Kim Smith Pollinator Garden Lecture at the Sawyer Free Library

Love this poster Diana Cummings made for my talk at the Sawyer Free next month. Many thanks to Diana!

Native Plants

Knowing Your Natives and Growing Your Own

Greening Australia (Darwin) is holding some community workshops in April and May about recognising and growing native plants; these workshops are open to anyone interested. 268 more words

Petal Peepers and History Creepers

It’s that time in central Texas- wildflower days. This morning was sunny and the air was cool, and I took my mom on a little wildflower drive. 659 more words


Cultivars: We Have Those, and We are Okay with That.

Cultivar Label

Huchera villosa ‘Autumn Bride’

Seems there is a lot of controversy in this small native plant world. One of the points of contention that keeps arising is the kerfuffle over whether cultivars of native plants are, in fact, native plants. 869 more words


Make a Butterfly Everlasting

Dateline: March 13, 2012*

Call a plant “Everlasting” and to me it conjures up visions of fluffy clouds and love in the air. Why then is the same plant commonly called “Cudweed”, which to me conjures up…well…VOMIT or SPIT! 979 more words


Nelson County: The Quarry Gardens Opens in April

Next month, a new garden will open to the public in Schulyer, VA, at a former soapstone quarry. The property is being converted into a native plant garden by the owners, Armand and Bernice Thiebolt. 141 more words


Milkweed sowing

My Asclepias tuberosa (Butterfly Weed) seeds that I germinated using the hydrogen peroxide/water method have been growing roots for three days now, so I planted them this morning. 266 more words

Asclepias Tuberosa