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This Gardening Season, Think About Protecting Your Lesser Known Pollinators

Spring has been much delayed in my part of the country. It’s following a long trend of cooler than normal weather. We are about the only place on the planet that’s abnormally cool so I suppose I should not complain. 269 more words

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Neat Plant Alert - Copper Iris

Today I pulled out my waterproof boots and went in search of Copper Iris (Iris fulva) in Little Rock. Mid-April is bloom season for Copper Iris, and I knew there was a population in the Fouche Creek bottomlands owned by the City of Little Rock in the area south of the I-30/440/530. 65 more words

Native Plants

How To Reduce The Use Of Water For Your Landscape

What can I do on my own to create a yard that is a joy to relax in? What do I have to do to get an impressive landscape. 1,309 more words

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Cut-leaved Toothwort

Last week’s star players in the world of woodland understory plants in the eastern deciduous forest in my neighborhood were Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) 927 more words


Beauty and Science: Design with Hummingbirds in Mind

Reposted by Mary Van Dyke, from Green STEM Learning

A glimpse of green and red?

Your first sighted hummingbird?

15 species of hummingbird are common in the US and Canada. 734 more words

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Leaf Burst

Spring is over. The pecan leaves have unfurled and the whole world beneath them is thick with shade. The dogs pulling people and women pushing strollers have begun to cross over to walk on our side of the street. 428 more words

Native Plants

New work, no photos

Hmmm, I seem to always forget to take photos before I send off finished work. I have decided I must get into the habit, as out of sight, out of mind and I forget totally about them! 568 more words

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