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Steamboat: Natural Beauty Surrounds You

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Custom home built in 2001, this 3 bedroom home on a shy 5 acres has 3080 sq ft of living space and a new 900 square foot garage with engineered trusses and wide open attic storage. 119 more words

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The Twenty-First Century American Garden: My View

Anyone not sleep-walking through life is aware that Planet Earth is metamorphosing into a world never seen by humanity before. Rapid urbanization, consequent deforestation and habitat destruction, invading animals and plants, epic levels of environmental pollution – all are driven largely by human population growth that most experts believe is already well beyond sustainable levels. 3,861 more words

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Summer Veggie Update

This summer growing season has been a tough one for me. It started out slowly, because colder-than-normal temperatures lingered into early May. Then it stopped raining at my house for six weeks. 865 more words

Piedmont Gardening

Today's Arrivals

It’s too hot to garden, too hot to write, too hot to think — basically too hot for anything but drinking iced drinks and moaning softly. 277 more words

Piedmont Gardening

Sir Turtle's Solstice Curse

As is my daily custom this time of year, three days ago, I climbed the hill to my vegetable garden before the sun topped the trees to glare down on my thirsty charges. 767 more words

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Hurtling Toward Summer -- with Photos

If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you’ll see the bee’s back is covered in pollen. She is the reason my zucchini fruits are multiplying at an alarming rate. 561 more words

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Vegetable Transitions

Spring vegetable season screeched to a halt about three weeks ago when the rains disappeared. Drought plus heat plus voles equalled the rapid surrender of the spring greens. 652 more words

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