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Welcome, Mud.

My goodness, Winter has certainly been having his way with us lately, hasn’t he? At my house, we got rounds of freezing rain and sleet, followed a day later by about a half inch of snow. 560 more words

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Not an owl

The Tawny Frogmouth is often referred to as an owl because of their large owl-like eyes and and nocturnal habit, they also eat insects and have soft feathers,  however they are closely related to… 209 more words


Rescuing wildlife -- someone listens

Good news that I wish was disseminated more widely, because it would give us heart: The Obama administration has launched a tough plan for stopping traffickers in wildlife. 257 more words

Great Grey Owls

Since Valentines Day is this week, I thought that a pair of Great Grey owls necking would be apropos.

I took this shot while visiting the outdoor historical museum of Skansen, in Stockholm Sweden. 62 more words


ZOO WARS~ HEADS-UP Oklahoma-This will effect ALL Exotic Animl Ownership!!!

Proposed Bill in Oklahoma~Call your Representatives!

Everyone that own exotics in Oklahoma needs to have their eyes and ears open. 2,908 more words

What Deer Harm in my Garden

Recall from my previous post that I’ve noticed deer will eat almost anything if they are hungry enough, or if the whim overtakes them. That being established, I’ve definitely noticed preferences among the deer that have regularly visited my five acres over the last quarter century. 1,425 more words

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Bambi versus My Garden

I know, they are cute, especially the speckled fawns as they frolic on my floodplain while their mothers graze nearby. But we all know how much of a challenge gardening in the southeastern piedmont region has become as our deer population has grown exponentially. 1,527 more words

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