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Recovering from a Late-spring Hard Freeze

The damage to one of my hollies (They all looked like this.) in the above photo occurred this past Wednesday, April 6, when the temperature at my house fell to 26.8 degrees. 1,451 more words

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Glory in the Morning

My rain gauge recorded 1.77 inches of rain from yesterday afternoon until early this morning. The clouds parted by about 10:00 a.m., leaving clean air (no pollen!), moist ground, and almost visibly growing plants. 537 more words

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Week 11 Fauna Rescue of South Australia (Australia)

Koala Koala – we love you
But we chop down your home
And you run
Koala, Koala – where do you go
When we take your gum tree away? 492 more words


Fishing Along the Los Angeles River

The Los Angeles River is one of the largest waterways and tributaries in Southern California. And contrary to its original pragmatic intent at the hands of the Army Corps of Engineers as a controlled concrete basin, the once alluvial river has become a source of inspiration and opportunity amongst local communities living along the waterway’s route. 593 more words


Late Winter Pluses and Minuses

It’s been too long since I posted here. My apologies. Late winter in my corner of North Carolina has been a mostly soggy mess. And as I type this, yet more rain is pouring down upon my mushy landscape. 878 more words

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Week 8 Kilmore Wildlife Shelter (Australia)

Last week, on his way to work, my partner crested a hill to see a large kangaroo trying to drag itself across the road with a shattered leg.  741 more words


Winter visits my piedmont landscape

You’ve probably been hearing about the Big Snow that came to the East Coast of the US over the last few days. My corner of piedmont, North Carolina only caught the merest edge of it. 891 more words

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