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Native fashion

I didn’t know there were Native American designers. My resourceful husband brought it to my attention this morning, after seeing this article:


I was fascinated. 222 more words


Atotoztli in Minecraft skin.

Minecraft skin I did as Atotoztli like she appears in my novel Till Stars Shut Their Eyes.

Atotoztli of Colhuacan was a cihuatecutli (woman of power) in Ancient Mexico, daughter of Tlatoani (ruler, literally speaker) Achitometl. 105 more words


A Promise to a River

and I asked Creator, “Why give me this heart? Why make me so strongly connected to land? Why make me care so much for a people with sometimes so little in return? 643 more words


not knowing what I am...

it’s funny and sad, I was hanging out with my cousins and there kids, just because there mom is white and my cousins are old half native. 179 more words

Harsh Realities

I am here as an observer. I cannot say what is right or wrong or the root cause, but I can tell you what I see. 856 more words


Totem studies

Inspired by the totems from North American tribes, I wanted to show the animals that have had major relevance in my life. 19 more words


Thoughts on Language and 2spirit Identities 

Language is one of the tools of colonization that is used to wipe out the ways that Indigenous people articulate their world views to themselves and others. 987 more words