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Iowa's State Flower - The Wild Rose

The Wild Rose is Iowa’s State Flower. They bloom like crazy all along the gravel roads near our house in July. To the early European settlers of the United States, the wild rose of Iowa represented resilience and beauty. 71 more words


Aboriginal Beliefs

Written By: Gary Wonning

Aborigines would swim in the water with crocodiles, they believe the crocodiles would only take people who had done something wrong. They still swim with crocodiles and they also believe the only time you get sick  is if you did something wrong, the head heals lives. 215 more words


The Aboriginal Dream Time

Written By: Gary Wonning

The aborigines believe that when we visit a place we leave an image, and a person trained to see that image can follow some one regardless of the terrain or how long they have been gone. 260 more words


Small Science

I love bees. This semester I’m taking a course called “Forest and Shade Tree Entomology” which has nothing to do with bees, but we are making an insect collection and therefor I am entitled to a few little fuzzy hymenoptera in my collection. 72 more words


Obama Praises Progress on Native American Issues

President Barack Obama says the U.S. has made significant progress improving conditions for Native Americans but has more work to do while speaking to the White House Tribal Nations Conference.

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Speaking Truth to Power

Recently, on several occasions, I have found myself coming to tears and something even deeper than tears in the strangest situations.

These situations always seem to have something to do with these United States of America and what they were meant to be. 710 more words