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Thanksgiving: A Day of Mourning

There aren’t just bad people that commit genocide; we are all capable of it. It’s our evolutionary history.

James Lovelock

If you are interested in learning a different story of what happened after the pilgrims reached Plymouth Rock, please read on!

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A Thanksgiving Book Audit... and Why It Matters

Late last month, with November just days away, I was able to engage a conversation with my daughter’s kindergarten teacher about her November/Thanksgiving lesson plans. Last year during this time I happened to be touring schools and had a chance to witness what was being taught about Native Americans and this holiday in elementary classrooms – kids designing headdresses, the countless worksheets about the “good Indian” Squanto, and the history of Native American people. 1,021 more words


Culture, in so many words — Saving Dena’ina language helps preserve heritage

By Jenny Neyman

Redoubt Reporter

What do a person, a dog, a shaman effigy and a crucifix have in common?

Nothing obvious, to most people. But to traditional Dena’ina speakers, all four are in a linguistic classification that categorizes them as sharing a similar essence — of being alive, in a sense, or having a soul. 1,338 more words


Not just tomorrow! 

Tomorrow is not about giving thanks. Why? Because EVERYDAY is about giving thanks. Thanks for somone holding a door, your mother loving you unconditionally, your pet always being the most loyal one in your life. 155 more words

Thanksgiving's Story Told in a Vanishing American Language

A new film could be a vehicle for saving a dying American Indian tongue.

The saga of the first Thanksgiving at Plymouth Rock has been told, for the most part, in just one language: English.  301 more words

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Spoken Word Poem: "Light" Privilege

I was raised between two cultures;

I’ve had a lot of time to see,

Every instance when a family member

Was treated differently.

Some of my best friends have village accents… 291 more words


Lost Brave

a lost brave
leans against a building
(tho he is unwelcome)
beside a busy walk.
everything he owns
fills a pack
upon his back

he is far… 123 more words