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Populism, Nativism, Isolationism--Trump's trump?

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Working-class politics

The working-class—at least the white working-class—has become the main theme of the post-election narrative in the United States. That’s not surprising since, as Jim Tankersley… 843 more words


So it’s dissertation season and I am currently researching like crazy!

Hello everyone!
I’m currently researching for my dissertation. The Dissertation is about the Refugee crisis in Germany and to what extent have German citizens become more right wing. 165 more words

The US Election: its Aftermath

Obstructionism & Populism

President-elect Donald Trump has stated that American elections were rigged. Although there could be truth to this statement, it is a generalization. 1,130 more words

United States

Yeah, right on, it was God's will..... (say it again, it makes me shiver)

*Clears throat*

Oops, ya really gone and done it this time……..

Trump went and made this man the chief WH counsellor?

Bannon?  Seriously?

And the Klu Klux Klan supports Trump as President?   521 more words

King's Survey: Drunken Rabbits

In which we see that while the demographic dynamics of immigration have changed over the course of the past two centuries,  the way some Americans have talked about immigrants has not.   1,019 more words

Jim Cullen

In denial

One of the things that struck me particularly about last night’s Newsnight Special, was the extent to which Democrats remained in a state of denial not only about the election of Donald Trump but also about the reasons why he won. 545 more words

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