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Daily Dose 9/16

“To characterize overt xenophobia as ‘nativism’ is not only laughable but dangerous. When we refuse to acknowledge the failings of our forebears, we not only perpetuate ignorance, but we also strengthen the inherent oppression, thus cementing the same systems at which we continue to chip away centuries later,” 7 more words

Daily Dose

Episode #22: From Dawn to DACA - The Quest For A Sensible Immigration Policy

Immigration policy is complex, controversial, and overwhelming. In this first installment of a multi-episode series, the Ragin’ Moderate Podcast tackles our history of nativism in America, fuzzy math with deportation data, the end of DACA, and the next steps in the USA’s messy immigration debate. 12 more words


Is "ethnic food" a slur?

This question has come up over the past few years among those who write about food and restaurants. The gist of the complaint is that the term “ethnic food” implies it is inferior to European-based cuisines, and sometimes even to pseudo-ethnic fast food. 1,139 more words

Proprietors & Careers

Could backlash over Charlottesville damage Trump's immigration reform plans?

By Christina Lee

Last week US president Donald Trump endorsed a proposal for a new immigration policy, known as the Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment Act, or RAISE Act, 1,520 more words


Lesson 4: Urbanization and Immigration

The Gilded Age was marked by previously unseen growth in United States. Boston grew from 177, 840 people to almost 450,000 residence in only thirty years. 251 more words

The Gilded Age