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Open letter to Dr Tim Flannery

Ever since he watched the ABC TV series ‘Two Men in a Tinny’, in which celebrated scientist and author Dr Tim Flannery and comedian John Doyle advocated for nation-wide willow eradication, Peter Marshall has been trying persistently to contact Dr Flannery to canvass an alternative approach. 1,463 more words


'Investigative' journo Matt Boyle mounts bizarre attack against Walker consultant Liz Mair

Presumptive presidential candidate Scott Walker recently brought on successful GOP strategist Liz Mair to head up online outreach efforts for his PAC.

And Breitbart News’ “investigative journalist” Matt Boyle is pretty pissed about that.  498 more words

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We Are All Racists, Maybe? 

I think I might be racist…?

I just realized I made a post about racism and I only discussed blacks and whites. What about Hispanics, Asians, and multi-cultural people? 35 more words

U.S. Successful at Integrating Religious Minorities

The Economists argues the United States continues to succeed in its integration of religious minorities. The article, which focuses on Islam, asserts that American Muslims are almost as likely as other U.S. 287 more words

"Polls Show Most Americans Favor Pathway To Citizenship": GOP Continues To Be Held Hostage By Aging, Nativist Tea Partiers

With all the high drama in Washington over immigration, you’d think the fate of undocumented workers represented a cataclysmic political divide — an ever-widening chasm that cannot be bridged. 678 more words


Peter Andrews at Flood Creek

Mr Peter Andrews (OAM), founder of Natural Sequence Farming, recently visited Flood Creek. He was extremely impressed by the diversity of the vegetation growing there. 1,008 more words


Ancient spaceships and other anachronisms… Dangerous myths in the Global South

By Sonia Soans

India has been sold very effectively as the land of spirituality and history by Indians and this helps maintain a façade. Despite evidence to the contrary the image has stuck. 792 more words