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Campaign of Hate

            The American way as we know it is under attack and these attacks are being led by the Trump campaign. The targets are many, and mostly made up of minorities and women who attempt to assert their rights in modern society. 856 more words

American Aberrationalism: Trump is Normal, the Republican Party is Not

From the end of the American Civil War until the First World War, and then again until the FDR administration, an alliance of Northern industrial and business interests dominated the federal government of the United States through the vehicle of the Republican party, and left their stamp on American politics. 1,606 more words


Conservatives make a deal with the devil

Source: WashPo

Author: Michael  Gerson

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In the category of credit where credit is due, Donald Trump has been exactly right in one important respect. 731 more words

Report: UCSF Second Sutro Forest TAC Meeting

UCSF held its second Planning Meeting for Sutro Forest on 28 April 2016. The two hired arborists, Jim Clark of Hort Science and Matt Greene, presented the direction they were taking the Plan, and their evaluation of the forest. 1,795 more words


"Can A Party Divided Against Itself Still Stand?": For Trump, Unity Is An Unnecessary Luxury

As Donald Trump made the transition from Republican presidential frontrunner to presumptive Republican presidential nominee, one of the more common words in GOP circles has been “unity.” As in, “How in the world will the party achieve anything resembling ‘unity’ with this nativist demagogue at the top of the Republican ticket?” 855 more words


"An Extremely Troubling Development": Trump Picks White Nationalist Leader As Delegate

Mother Jones reported today that William Johnson, chairman of the white nationalist American Freedom Party, is now an official delegate for Donald Trump in California’s upcoming Republican Primary. 371 more words

Donald Trump

Paul Ryan Wants A Fig Leaf From Donald Trump

Over at The Nation John Nichols makes note of Paul Ryan’s undignified ‘dance’ with Donald Trump:

Ryan says he is “not ready” to formally endorse Trump’s unpopular presidential candidacy. 494 more words