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The Left is Upset About Trump and White Populism

The age of cucks is over. The time of the shitlord has come. #Trump2016 #trumpforpresident #Shitlords4Trump pic.twitter.com/fVhZFJHCYo

— Lawrence Murray (@AtlanticCent) July 7, 2015

Perhaps the only thing more amusing than a…

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{ I hereby absolve Ray davies and the Kinks of any blame for the following parody}

Everywhere I go, the stories' the same
I see brown-skinned men with funny names 
Yelling Cholo, Ese, 'migo, hermano. 156 more words

Michael Savage: Kate Steinle's Murder at the Hands of an 'Illegal Alien' Proves That 'Liberalism is a Mental Disorder'

Last month, real-estate mogul Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president on the Republican ticket with a rambling, incoherent and xenophobic speech. Seizing on white fears over undocumented immigrants, … 468 more words


Drought-Adapted Eucalyptus NOT Dying by the Thousand

Jake Sigg, retired San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department (SFRPD) gardener who is considered the doyen of the Native Plant movement in San Francisco, has a widely circulated email newsletter. 1,455 more words


P is for Poverty of the stimulus

The case for humans being innately and uniquely endowed with a ‘language instinct’ rests largely on the ‘poverty of the stimulus’ argument, or what is sometimes called ‘Plato’s problem': … 1,164 more words

English Language Teaching

Tweet of the Day: Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum revels in the fact that his campaign received an A rating from NumbersUSA, an anti-immigrant group founded by white nationalist John Tanton.


From Hatred to Acceptance: Catholics in America

Many Americans would be shocked to learn about the long history of anti-Catholicism in the United States. The standard narrative of U.S. history is one of religious liberty and toleration. 347 more words