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On Doomism

One of the major challenges a movement like White nationalism has to contend with is a pervading sense of doom. For such a constructive project as nationalism, there must be destruction of some sort—otherwise what use would there be in convincing others that we need to build something new? 879 more words


That Awkward Moment ...

This was put out by a radical Democrat group, but it’s still on the mark:


William Peck and Nativist Fears

By Jack Foley, VI Form

William Peck and Nativist Fears

From 1883 to 1894, William E. Peck was the first layman to be Head of St. 2,717 more words

Season 3

"Illegal" Life

Lately most people have an opinion on the topic of immigration in America.  There are debates on how to deal with undocumented citizens, as well as… 262 more words

The World Through My Eyes

A Match Made in the Archive: Reading and Poaching Through Ngrams and Rare Books (22 January 2016)

On a hunch, I went home after the DH events last September and typed “Jesuit” into the English corpus of Google Books’ Ngram Viewer. The tool is more powerful than what I used it for, but my search revealed how popular the word was in the English-language books that Google has digitized and made searchable. 1,099 more words

God and democracy

The Occupation at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge continues at this writing, and whatever local authorities and the FBI are doing to end the moment isn’t obvious or clear to those of us watching from afar. 618 more words