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The Herald of Freedom on Patrick Laughlin, Part One

The Squatter Sovereign, as one might expect, greeted news of Patrick Laughlin’s killing of Samuel Collins with apparent glee. The death of a free state man at the hands of a proslavery man warranted celebration, even if the editors chose to give Collins twelve companions against whom Laughlin struggled almost alone. 523 more words

Road To War

The Squatter Sovereign on Patrick Laughlin

Patrick Laughlin killed Samuel Collins in a dispute over his published revelations on the Kansas Legion, which I’ve taken some time to examine. I found them reprinted in the… 499 more words

Road To War

What Happened to the Reagan Conservatives?

With Donald Trump and his anti-illegal immigration fervor dominating the Republican side of politics, it’s helpful to step back and introspect, if only for a fleeting moment. 717 more words

Illegal Immigration

Who are We?

I receive a lot of interesting mail at the church.  Among many appeals for our congregation to do or be whatever someone out there desperately desires are many letters screaming about the decline of “Christian America,” variously stated.   1,516 more words

The Church

"Donald Trump At The Wheel": He’s Driving The GOP Over A Cliff, And The Establishment Can’t Stop Him

After a week’s worth of soundbites from presidential candidates about “anchor babies” and repealing birthright citizenship, it is now clear, if it wasn’t already, that Donald Trump has the steering wheel of the Republican Party firmly in his grasp. 896 more words


"It's Time To Leave Home": There Is Nowhere You Can Go And Only Be With People Who Are Like You; It’s Over, Give It Up

When I think about the problem of big money in politics and the challenges we face to citizen engagement, I am reminded of a prophetic speech Bernice Johnson Reagon (founder of “Sweet Honey in the Rock” – featured below) gave in 1981 titled: … 1,180 more words