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Nativism and Empiricism: A Neo-constructivist Approach

Dine out or take-way? The Voice or the footy? The role of negotiation and compromise as a mediator in resolving disagreements is well-known to all of us. 622 more words



In a previous blog I wrote about elitism, a blog inspired by visiting a conservative site that sought to characterize the Dems and Hillary Clinton as elitists. 708 more words

Lessons from the Nineteenth Century: Immigration, Xenophobia and an Inept President

By Victoria Martínez

Before Lady Liberty officially became “Mother of Exiles” in 1903[1] and subdued xenophobia with the help of her three dragons (sorry, wrong story, that was the Mother of Dragons), the tired and poor huddled masses arriving at America’s teeming shores were greeted less than enthusiastically by nineteenth century anti-immigration extremists. 1,232 more words

President Donald J Trump

How the Fig Tree that Jesus Cursed Represents Nationalism

by Faith Totushek.

Mark 11:12-22  tells us the remarkable account of the fig tree and the temple.  These stories are strung together to teach us a number of things about how our faith might be hi-jacked to represent not the character, image and heart of God but nationalism and earthly systems of power, oppression and corruption. 1,066 more words


The immigrant raised the flag.

The nativist doubted the “authenticity” of this gesture, yet felt reassured that their “enemy” felt frightened.

Not mine.

I have pulled at

the language of my oppressors

Tread on it, kneaded it

leaving my footprints behind

my thumbprints pressed in

Imprints of myself… 60 more words

BrELT on TEFL Equity

It’s no secret that BrELT supports TEFL Equity, an initiave that aims to reduce inequality in English language teaching, particularly in terms of hiring practices that discriminate against non-native speakers. 109 more words

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