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Faith of our foreigners

I’m preaching a three-part series looking at the symbolic meanings of the traditional colors of Mardi Gras and posting the blog versions. Click here for purple… 617 more words

Our Yesterdays

Barb, barb, barb, barbarian
Just simple truth’s what I’m saying
Your different view and different take?
Conform, by God, you bloody apes!

We’re here first; that’s way it goes… 282 more words


'Merciless[...] Sacred War'The North Korea Question:

‘Peace secured by slavish submission is not peace.’ – Kim Jong Sung. Can some sort of peace, far more stable and calm than the current cold war between North and South be accomplished? 1,673 more words


Notes from the classroom: Immigrants Have Always Seemed Threatening

For my Immigration and the American Dream class tomorrow I’ll be giving a lecture I’m calling “Bible Wars.” In the nineteenth century, controversies about Bible reading in public schools were often flashpoints for tension—and even violence—between native-born Protestants and immigrant Catholics. 542 more words


Sit Silently for a Bit

I won’t offer a view yet on the merits of the case against Trump’s Executive Order limiting entry into the country, because I haven’t given the legal materials the consideration necessary to arrive at a fully informed opinion. 192 more words

Trump Administration

All This Has Happened Before

The Trump Nation didn’t invent nativism. We’ve had bouts of it with some regularity over the course of the history of the Republic.

Yesterday, my curiosity stoked by Trump’s reliance on… 103 more words

Trump Administration

President Trump inciting Violence

Changing Computers

Changing computers is a challenge. One has the feeling one is entering a store. One no longer buys Office. Every year Office 365 takes money from your credit card and renews itself. 320 more words

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