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Extreme Nativism

Extreme nativism is the thesis that languages do not differ from each other, hence they must be innate to the extent that no notion or rule of grammar is learned. 829 more words


The Disunited 34th Congress

Charles Dunn’s proslavery men left the Sparks home cruelly disappointed. They came to shoot a man and found him still away. That would not mark the end of Stephen Sparks’ trouble with Kansas’ slavery enthusiasts, but he managed to dodge the immediate threat. 807 more words

Road To War

व्यक्तिवादी 'counter narratives'.

सवर्णांवरती जोपर्यंत प्रतिबंधात्मक सांस्कृतिक कायदा त्यांच्या अत्याचारित कृतीला आडा घालण्यासाठी केला जाणार नाही, तो पर्यंत ‘तुझ्या-माझ्या’ Intellectuals भौगोलिक कारणांना (urban-rural धरून) dialectic करत राहणार. ‘तू आणि मी’ खूप कमी आहेत. 24 more words


"Back To The Future, Way Back": Trump’s Core Supporters Long For A Bygone Era

For nearly a year, Donald Trump has been pitching a vague slogan: Make America Great Again. Even if we put aside the questions about how Trump intends to do that – and how, exactly, the Republican candidate defines “great” – it’s a phrase that inevitably leads a question about when America was great, if it’s not great now. 425 more words


The Conservative Mind state

The conservative mind state and worldview is a scary, scary thing. This view can be summed up in three characteristics, entitlement, superiority, and vulnerability. It is to the view the entire world only in terms of possible threats. 1,674 more words

Culture shapes the Evolution of Cognition

A central debate in cognitive science concerns the nativist hypothesis, the proposal that universal features of behavior reflect a biologically determined cognitive substrate: For example, linguistic nativism proposes a domain-specific faculty of language that strongly constrains which languages can be learned. 199 more words


Language Acquisition: Role of Input

Even if we take syntactic constraints to be set innately in the child before birth, the role of linguistic input in language acquisition, specifically syntax development, cannot be denied. 239 more words