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2017: Symbols and Logos of White Nationalists, Neo-Nazis, and the Alt-Right

  • TRADITIONALIST WORKER PARTY: “The Traditionalist Worker Party is a white nationalist group that advocates for racially pure nations and communities and blames Jews for many of the world’s problems.
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Debate Post Published a Fake “Anonymous Message to Justin Trudeau” Video

Riding a conservative wave of anti-Trudeau fervor in the wake of Canada’s 2015 federal election, a new website called Debate Post entered the country’s media landscape last year. 1,809 more words


Climate Change and Global Security Risks

Most public alarm over climate change stems from the specter of environmental damage. Warming temperatures, melting ice, and rising sea levels are the most frequently cited risks of global warming. 496 more words

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Colin McGinn's Inborn Knowledge: The Mystery Within

Colin McGinn’s Inborn Knowledge: The Mystery Within is an excellent monograph concerning the merits of rationalism in area of philosophy of mind, particularly concerning whether the mind is either a blank slate, or if it has innate ideas. 947 more words

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Nativism and the Foundations of US Xenophobia

An Old Doctrine of Hatred and Bigotry Reemerges

Some have debated whether we should view the groundswell of support for Donald Trump through the lens of  3,589 more words

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Essential distinctions in polytheism (part 3): Nativism v.s Racism

The word race carries great weight in modern times, but its significance is too often misunderstood, even to the degree of bare contradiction and absurdity. Because there have undoubtedly been grievances during certain periods in history from the domination of one powerful set of people over another, the term racism never fails to raise emotions concerning such events in history, and especially when an instance of it is seemingly repeated nowadays. 1,543 more words

Essential Distinctions In Polytheism

The Definite Article

Above:  The

Scan by Kenneth Randolph Taylor


One should use the definite article (the) cautiously.  I argue this point, for I prefer to speak and write accurately.   349 more words

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