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Im-Politic: The Wall Street Journal Slimes both Trump and TR on Immigration

Silly me. I read the headline for Jason L. Riley’s newest Wall Street Journal article, “What Trump and Teddy Roosevelt Have in Common” and assumed he was talking about trade. 929 more words


Donald Trump and Isolationism, Protectionism and Nativism

Most of the time on this blog I write about the pros and cons of various policy measures, independently of which individuals or parties are supporting them. 297 more words

Jack Heidel

Part 3, Racists

Don’t start here! Start with Part 1. https://fascismsite.wordpress.com/2017/11/12/fascism-doesnt-leap-it-creeps

We sat at a table against the wall on the far left, back side of the room. The sound table was just behind us. 713 more words

Patriot Dinner

What Happened at the Montara Walk with Jacquie Speier - Trees at Rancho Corral De Tierra

Recently, we announced the news that a public walk had been planned for Oct 30, 2017 to discuss the sudden and deplorable destruction of trees at Montara’s Rancho Corral de Tierra.

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Spinach and goat’s cheese risotto meets the Nativist–Empiricist debate

Noam Chomsky, ‘father of modern linguistics’, ‘most quoted living thinker’, social critic and political activist, not only revolutionised the study of linguistics and kicked off the (second) cognitive revolution ( 557 more words


The other "N" words.

We all know about the one “N” word that no one is supposed to utter, but now we have two more that are apparently perfectly OK to tag someone with…nativist and nationalist, presumably used in reaction to President Trump’s immigration policies, as well as the identity politics of the past decade. 372 more words