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Remembering My Grandfather

Neil O’Donnell, a small farmer from Donegal, Ireland, where the crops had failed for years, came to the United States in 1882 and landed at Castle Garden at the Battery in New York City along with countless others looking for work and a home. 914 more words


Why Donald Trump is Important for the Race Talk


Depending on what way you lean, his name brings about incredibly strong imagery. On one side, he’s considered a caricature of a man, the embodiment of greed, sleaziness, corruption, packaged in flyaway hair and a bad tan. 510 more words


Brexit, nativism and the victory of petty parochialism

What does the referendum campaign and subsequent decision to leave the EU tell us about modern Britain?

The EU referendum saw the UK unexpectedly voting to leave the EU, with 17.4 million (51.9%) casting their votes in favour of Brexit compared to 16.1 million (48.1%) in favour of continued membership. 895 more words

Nature or Nurture

The Nativists argue that nature (the genetic coding) is responsible for a persons behaviour and overall performance in life. The Empiricists (not to be confused with the scientific methodologists) argue that the external environment is responsible for the individuals personality or behaviour through a process called conditioning. 239 more words

Personal Observation

Know Nothings

Native-American didn’t always mean American Indian. That definition took hold in the 1970’s*. Back in the 19th century, at least until the Civil War, it meant native-born American… 1,777 more words

Know Nothing Party

"Out Bullying The Bullies": The Donald Trump Vs. Fox News Clusterfuck, Explained

A quick recap of the tumultuous, on-again/off-again relationship between Fox News and Republican frontrunner Donald Trump:

Trump has an ally in Fox News.

Trump doesn’t like Megyn Kelly. 785 more words

Donald Trump

"Cuban Migrants Get Unfair Advantage Over Other Latinos": The Benevolence Of The Law Made Sense In Decades Past

The Cold War is over, but it still deeply distorts U.S. immigration policy.

Consider the bizarre situation at our southern border. A wave of migrants is expected to appear there, hoping for safe passage into the U.S. 727 more words