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Natsu Gray vs Mard Geer! Sting Rogue vs Jiemma - Fairy Tail 261

Fairy Tail 261 see’s the appearance of Gray when Sting, Rogue and Natsu are in trouble. He aids them when Jiemma, the previous master of Sabertooth, appears against them. 497 more words

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Natsu vs Zeref! Fired Up - Fairy Tail 463

Fairy Tail 463 see’s the start of Natsu vs Zeref as Natsu rushes in to defeat over 900 soldiers in a few¬†minutes when Zeref appears and tells Natsu that he’s got a million more to go. 527 more words


Mavis is Lumen Histoire! Acnologia Speaks - Fairy Tail 260

Fairy Tail 260 see’s the ultimate weapon revealed by Makarov as Lumen Histoire which contains the body of Mavis Vermillion! All while Igneel battles Acnologia and talks a little. 496 more words

Fairy Tail

Natsu and Zeref! Guilds Prepared - Fairy Tail 462

Fairy Tail 462 prepares for whats to come as Natsu rushes towards Zeref in an effort to stop all of this war and just defeat him right here and now. 572 more words


Face Activates! Kyoka Defeated - Fairy Tail 259

Fairy Tail 259 see’s the activation of Face after Kyoka intentionally increases the speed at which it counts down. After taking all senses from Erza, she is in a tough situation but in fact uses all her abilities in order to battle and defeat Kyoka. 442 more words

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Face Activation! Acnologia vs Igneel - Fairy Tail 258

Fairy Tail 258 continuous the battle between Acnologia and Igneel whilst Face is brought back into the scene after Erza is forced to fight against Kyoka who has upgraded into her Etherious form in order to bond with the Face activation system. 394 more words

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Natsu Dragneel

This character review does contain spoilers. 404 more words