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Dragon Slayers vs Acnologia! Anna & Ichiya - Fairy Tail 540

Fairy Tail 540 see’s Natsu as well as the other Dragon Slayers all join the ravines of time where Acnologia has entrapped them within crystals which seems to make Acnologia stable in the world that he’s in. 485 more words


Dragon Slayer: Natsu Dragneel

Good afternoon Ladies and Gents! It’s that time of the week! I’m here with another Man Crush Monday! This week’s feature is a leading Pink Haired Male… 663 more words


#NulisRandom2017 Challenge: Day 12 – matahari

Sinar mentari itu hangat, apalagi mentari pagi, yang memberi kehangatan tak tertandingi.

Namun bagi Lucy, senyum lebar Natsu setiap pagi jauh lebih hangat.

Sinar mentari itu indah, apalagi mentari pagi, spektrum-spektrum cahayanya tak pernah gagal memberi kecerahan hati. 609 more words


Acnologia's Destruction! Dragon Slayers - Fairy Tail 539

Fairy Tail 539 see’s Acnologia’s destruction on the world after he consumes the Ravines of Time and possesses time magic which allows him to launch a number of explosions on the world they’re on. 401 more words


Natsu Disappears?! Crack Appears - Fairy Tail 538

Fairy Tail 538 begins to see that Natsu’s END book may have disappeared but it may necessarily mean that he’ll go, but after talking about what they’d do next, Natsu is asked a question when Natsu suddenly disappears. 323 more words


Fairy Tail Natsu Dragneel Cosplay Scarf

Feeling Hungry? There’s nothing like a good ol’ flame to satisfy hunger. I’m all FIRED UP.

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Acnologia Killed?! Zeref's Defeat - Fairy Tail 536

Fairy Tail 536 see’s only 10 chapters left for the Fairy Tail series. This chapter see’s Natsu going absolutely crazy as he unleashes his own power and souls into the attack which brings Zeref to the ground, it gives Mavis a chance to talk to Zeref while he’s on the ground while Natsu goes to see Happy and others. 323 more words