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DIY Character Canvas

Hello all, and welcome to my first DIY! I’ve never written one out like this before, so I’ll try to be as comprehensive as possible. There are pictures at the bottom to give you a better idea of what I did. 918 more words

Fairy Tail

Natsu's END Activates! Gray Approaches - Fairy Tail 503

Fairy Tail 503 see’s Lucy getting attacked by Dimaria who nearly takes her vision away, but Dimaria is defeated by Natsu who somehow manages to break away from Dimaria’s traps as we see that the tumour within him activates causing all the demonic powers to activate. 429 more words


Fairy Tail 503 Manga Preview (Spoilers)

Fairy Tail 503 seems to be on track to see what happens between Gray and Natsu and their relationship. This post covers spoilers for this chapter, if you’d like to learn what happens, keep reading, otherwise stop as spoilers ahead. 298 more words


Mavis Escapes! Natsu and Lucy Imprisoned - Fairy Tail 502

Fairy Tail 502 see’s Mavis tricking Eileen as she is distracted by a fake illusionary Zeref, she escapes and is helped by Mest who appears. Furthermore, Gajeel and Levy once again meet up with each other as they go back to fighting. 448 more words


Dimaria attacks Brandish! Natsu's Tumour - Fairy Tail 501

Fairy Tail 501 see’s Natsu’s tumour once again getting bigger after Brandish threatens him to stop. Lucy tries to attack but fails after Dimaria approaches and attacks Brandish by stopping and restarting time. 362 more words


Fairy Tail 501 Manga Preview (Spoilers)

Early Fairy Tail 501 manga spoilers have been submitted online, and this time, it seems like we’ll be getting an intense fight within this chapter, if you’d like to know what happens, keep reading, otherwise spoilers ahead. 276 more words


Gray Learns Of END! Juvia Alive - Fairy Tail 500

Fairy Tail 500 see’s Gray learning the truth about END and the fact that it’s Etherious Natsu Dragneel. Gray goes on a rampage against Invel where he uses all his powers to defeat and destroy Invel. 772 more words