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Happily Ever After! Friends Forever - Fairy Tail 545 (END)

Fairy Tail 545 is the final chapter of the Fairy Tail series as we see everything that has happened, or is happening a year after it all. 755 more words


Fairy Tail To Premiere Final Anime Season In 2018

It’s official, Fairy Tail fans! There is a bit more of Hiro Mashima’s anime left to come. Today, the creator confirmed on Twitter that the “final season” of Fairy Tail will have its premiere next year. 403 more words


Silhouette: Gray Fullbuster

Gray Fullbuster is one of the many mages of Fairy Tail. He specialises in Ice magic, using ice maker magic to create and shape Ice. As a hangover from his training days as a child, he has developed a habit of absentmindedly removing his clothes leading to many accusations of being a nudist. 15 more words


Fairytail - Quite the adventure, but nothing too serious

I had some fun watching this one. In fact, I watched nearly 2 seasons of it–nearly.

A traveling mage named Lucy Heartfilia meets Natsu Dragneel, a mage searching for his foster parent that happens to be a dragon named Igneel. 380 more words


Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail! It initially starts off about a girl by the name of Lucy Heartfilia, who sets out on her own to join a guild. That guild in particular would be Fairy Tail. 306 more words


Acnologia Destroyed! Natsu Returns - Fairy Tail 544

Fairy Tail 544 sees the return of Natsu along with the other dragon slayers back to the real world after defeating and killing Acnologia. Natsu collects all the dragon slayers abilities into one large attack which he uses against Acnologia while everyone outside the ravines are linked and their powers are all collected to empower the Fairy Sphere. 319 more words


Good Morning - Natsu and Lucy

It’s been a while since I last posted some fan art for Fairy Tail. Since the manga is at its end, it’s best to give the series a long and wonderful goodbye since it’s long been a favourite of mine. 66 more words

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