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Fairy Tail 485 Manga Preview (Spoilers)

Fairy Tail 485 spoilers were posted online a few hours ago, with lots and lots of information to with. If you’d like to know what the chapter delivers, go ahead and read on, otherwise everything below this is a spoiler, so stop if you don’t want to know. 381 more words


Fairy Tail Theory

So this is something I heard a little while ago. Do any of you remember how Natsu travelled to the celestial spirit world during his fight with Virgo (the big version) in the mansion of Duke Everlue? 66 more words


Natsu defeats Jacob! Zeref Marches On - Fairy Tail 479

Fairy Tail 479 see’s the defeat of Jacob after he’s fooled into allowing for Lucy to bring back everyone including Brandish and Marin who were also trapped. 381 more words


Reforming Fairy Tail! Locating Everyone - Fairy Tail 277

Fairy Tail 277┬ásee’s Natsu, Lucy and Happy altogether once again as Lucy’s wishes come true when Natsu mentions that he shall aid in the rebirth and reformation of Fairy Tail. 344 more words

Fairy Tail

Jacob's Stealth! Mavis' Discovery - Fairy Tail 478

Fairy Tail 478 see’s the battle between Natsu vs Jacob as he gets put down and tied on the floor while Jacob uses his stealth powers to be able to turn Lucy’s clothes invisible. 444 more words


Natsu Returns! Lucy Reports - Fairy Tail 276

Fairy Tail 276 see’s the return of Natsu and Happy to Lucy as she reports the events of the Grand Magic Games which are going on. 395 more words

Fairy Tail

Natsu vs Jacob! Fairy Tail Attacked - Fairy Tail 477

Fairy Tail 477 see’s the disappearance of many members of Fairy Tail except for Mavis when Jacob intentionally puts them into another dimension. Lucy, Natsu and Happy are all helped by one of her spirits. 552 more words