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Fairy Tail Manga Volume 1 Review

      This is based off of my favorite anime series, it made me want to watch more anime, which is why I label it as my favorite. 850 more words


Ichiya's Zombie Perfume! - Fairy Tail 226

Fairy Tail 226 see’s the infestation of Ichiya’s perfume which infects most or all of the people living in Magnolia as everyone infected changes into a zombie like state where their faces changes into that of Ichiya’s. 237 more words

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Natsu after Avatar! Gray to kill Frosch!? - Fairy Tail 425

Fairy Tail 425 reveals a mystery to what Future Rogue told Natsu of who killed Frosch, which is supposedly Gray. We see Natsu stop current Rogue and Minerva in their job to destroy Avatar as Natsu quickly takes over and heads towards Avatar in an effort to find Gray and bring him back to Fairy Tail. 606 more words

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Fairy Tail 425: Sabretooth X792 Chapter Assessment

Finally! This is one of those chapters where we say, “Now, we’re on to something!” When Natsu Dragneel visits the Sabretooth guild and goes looking for Rogue Cheney and says that he must not trust Gray Fullbuster at this time, I was brought back to the Dragon King Festival / Future Rogue arc. 434 more words

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Fairy Tail's Tartarus Arc begins 4th of April

You may have noticed that Fairy Tail has been in a filler-frenzy  for a while now, however following the 4th of April, we’ll get introduced to the latest Tartarus Arc where we meet a new guild with a whole lot of awesome action and adventure. 128 more words

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Fairy Tail 424: Avatar Chapter Assessment

So, that last page of this chapter shocked me. What the hell!? I thought Gray Fullbuster wanted to beat E.N.D. and eventually, Zeref. Plus, he is starting to look a lot like his dad, Silver Fullbuster. 265 more words

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Fairy Tail : Avatar

Chapter 424

I have been saying that I’ll be starting the Fairy Tail reviews but haven’t got around to it till now. Here I am ready for a new adventure! 390 more words

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