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Unexpected Brothers - Natsu and Zeref

This is definitely a spoiler for those who don’t read the manga, but this fantastic looking artwork featuring both Zeref and Natsu Dragneel, while Natsu is still very young in this image, it’s very similar to the one we were told about his past when he finally was able to bring his brother back to life in the form of Etherious Natsu Dragneel or END. 61 more words

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Spriggan 12 Invades Magnolia! War Begins - Fairy Tail 455

Fairy Tail 455 see’s the dilemma which Fairy Tail is in against the Spriggan 12 as it seems that they all invade all at once from all sides, while already having invaded the barrier created by Freed. 495 more words


Fairy Tail vs Alvarez Empire! Erza vs Azir - Fairy Tail 454

Fairy Tail 454 see’s Fairy Tail initiate their attack against the sky-based ships brought in by Azir by first defending the cannon attacks then unleashing their own Jupiter Cannon attack destroying many ships, while also unleashing Team Flying Dragon consisting of Natsu, Gajeel and Wendy as they fly through into the enemy’s forces destroying ships, until they land on one and can’t fight any longer, Erza appears and calls Azir out. 420 more words


Gray vs Silver! Demon Slayer Magic - Fairy Tail 252

Fairy Tail 252 see’s Gray vs Silver go full ham as they hit each other one after another, all during Franmalth is captured and Natsu and others are fighting against other members of Tartarus. 525 more words

Fairy Tail

Battle Begins! Fairy Tail vs Alvarez Empire - Fairy Tail 453

Fairy Tail 453 see’s the beginning of the battle between the Fairy Tail and the Alvarez Empire as Azir launches an airborne attack using his battleships. 746 more words


Natsu Chibi

Exoro Choice’s Chibis – As the fire dragon slayer, Natsu is immune to flames and capable of consuming them to fuel his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic attacks, which include breathing fire and igniting any part of his body to strike with. 27 more words


Fairy Tail, Zeref and Acnologia! Dragon King Festival - Fairy Tail 452

Fairy Tail 452 see’s Fairy Tail, Zeref and Acnologia all get ready for the upcoming Dragon King Festival war which see’s all three parts of the triangle meet up for one of the greatest wars of Fairy Tail. 919 more words