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Natsu's Dying! Wendy Taken Over - Fairy Tail 516

Fairy Tail 516 see’s Natsu meeting his inner self, he was able to walk into his inner consciousness to find Igneel there, he meets him to tell him that both Igneel seed grows, but another, known as Demon Seed is also growing within him, this will soon cause Natsu’s death. 564 more words



A lot of the anime that I’ve written about in this challenge don’t exactly have the ideal environment. You have a dystopian tokyo (psycho-pass), a western sci-fi wasteland (trigun), a world where mages are bent on killing one another (fate/stay night) and a world where frightening titans threaten your daily life (Attack on Titan). 174 more words


Fantastic Five - Ichigo Naruto Goku Luffy and Natsu

You watch anime, you should have a few characters you love, from some of the biggest names to those who you relate to the most. These five are the most widely known characters everyone usually recognises. 77 more words


Dragon Slayer Inventor! Queen Eileen - Fairy Tail 514

Fairy Tail 514 see’s Eileen talking to Erza and others and how specifically she was the Queen of her own city full of dragons. She faced a number of dragons along with those in her city but lost, thus invented the ability to mould Dragons power and humans, which invented the Dragon Slayer abilities. 409 more words


Happy "Natsu's Cat"

Happy is a small blue Exceedwith a white stomach. He has a rectangular head, with pink ears, big black eyes with small, thin eyebrows, and light blue cheek marks near to his tiny whiskers (two on each side of his face). 160 more words

Natsu Dragneel


Hmmm…..Hmmm… I think I’m going to have to go back to Fairy Tail  and pick Happy for this one.

Happy is a blue cat , I mean “exceed”, with a white stomach that carries around a green backpack which is often filled with food or other random items. 227 more words


Larcade's Defeat! Natsu's Death - Fairy Tail 512

Fairy Tail 512 gets weirder and weirder with the fact that Natsu is getting colder as he talks to multiple personalities and learns multiple things within his own consciousness. 487 more words