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Natsu's Death!? Fairy Heart - Fairy Tail 532 & 533

Fairy Tail 532 and 533 are released this week with two fantastic chapters focusing on the amazing power that is Fairy Heart. Mavis arrives and her power is stolen by Zeref who upgrades using its power into the strongest Mage. 633 more words


Natsu's Dragon Power! Acnologia Chases Pegasus - Fairy Tail 531

Fairy Tail 531 focuses on the power Zeref has as it seems like he holds the Ravines of Time close to him, he is able to close it and prevent Acnologia being sealed. 446 more words


Neo Eclipse! Ravines of Time - Fairy Tail 530

Fairy Tail 530 reveals two components within Fairy Tail that setups and puts everything into perspective in how it all seems to be going. Anna reveals her plan to trap Acnologia within the ravines of time while Zeref plans on using it to commence what he calls a Neo Eclipse to restart it all over again, where Acnologia will have no power, and Zeref will be mortal. 664 more words


Anna Heartfilia! Acnologia Approaches - Fairy Tail 529

Fairy Tail 529 revealed the mystery woman to be Anna Heartfilia. She explains her situation and what else she’s been doing all this time, and what her plan is with Acnologia. 610 more words


English Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry trailer enters the Dragon’s Tomb

May 6th premiere and returning cast all in place, Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry unveiled its second trailer last week. And what with Madman bringing the film to Australia and New Zealand sometime soon, they’ve posted an English-subbed version of this trailer, just as they did… 207 more words

Natsu Dragneel

Natsu Dragneel from the anime Fairy Tail


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August's Father! Larcade Disappears - Fairy Tail 527

Fairy Tail 527 see’s August to be the real son of Zeref and Mavis, all while Zeref pushes Larcade and destroys his book.  Natsu and Zeref battle it out as they seem to have different opinions on who actually is right in terms of what family means. 475 more words