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August's Father! Larcade Disappears - Fairy Tail 527

Fairy Tail 527 see’s August to be the real son of Zeref and Mavis, all while Zeref pushes Larcade and destroys his book. ┬áNatsu and Zeref battle it out as they seem to have different opinions on who actually is right in terms of what family means. 475 more words


Gildarts Defeats August! Larcade's Past - Fairy Tail 526

Fairy Tail 526 see’s Gildarts discovering the secret behind August’s magic and how he’s able to sustain all the attacks, further to which Gildarts is finally capable of seeing through all these techniques by August and finds a way to smack him and defeat him with all his might. 535 more words


Zeref Kills Larcade! Father and Son - Fairy Tail 525

Fairy Tail 525 seems like another challenging chapter where you don’t know if you should like or dislike. Still we follow August vs Gildarts and Cana with Natsu vs Zeref carrying on. 522 more words


Fairy Tail : Dragon Cry Keluarkan Trailer Keren!

Diikuti dengan poster visual pertamanya, Fairy Tail : Dragon Cry mengungkapkan informasi yang lebih banyak di situs officialnya, GAGA! Updatenya termasuk tentang rincian cerita juga tentang informasi staff dan para pemain, tapi pertama-tama kalian harus melihat teaser yang sudah dirilis. 215 more words


Fairy Tail Dragon Cry Video Teaser and Character Design Revealed

Fairy Tail Dragon Cry reveals a 30-second video teaser of the upcoming movie to be released on the 6th of  May 2017 which can be seen below. 94 more words

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Natsu vs Zeref Begins! August's Intent - Fairy Tail 524

Fairy Tail 524 see’s the battle between Natsu vs Zeref begin as they finally initiate their first strike against one another. All while Acnologia shows up and heavily stamps on Eileen’s body just for doing what she did to him as his mother. 505 more words


Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry Premieres May 6th, Reveals New Characters and Visual

Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry is brought to light by the 12th issue of the Weekly Shonen Magazine announces details about the movie. Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry will open up in Japanese theaters on the 6th of May 2017 with a tagline which is seen in the poster created by Hiro Mashima himself, it reads “The power … is it hope or destruction…?” 205 more words

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