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Orochi's Fin Master! Lucy's Leo Form - Fairy Tail 422

Fairy Tail 422 see’s Natsu rushing off to find Chelia who stole Happy from him, while Orochi Fin’s master Bluenote Stinger appears and battles Chelia and Wendy whilst Natsu interrupts. 416 more words

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Transformation Magic! Macao and Wakaba - Fairy Tail 222

Fairy Tail 222, a weird episode when Lucy wants to learn Transformation Magic, Natsu, Happy, Macao and Wakaba all join in to learn for their own personal reasons. 305 more words

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Invasion on Lamia Scale! 100,000 Monsters - Fairy Tail 421

Fairy Tail 421 see’s Wendy and Carla talking to Natsu, Lucy and Happy as they want to bring her back. With Fairy Tail’s revival we see Wendy realise that she’d like to stay with Lamia Scale while Chelia thinks that she should do whats right. 551 more words

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Silver Labyrinth! Hakobe Ice - Fairy Tail 221

Fairy Tail 221 shows us a terrible episode with Natsu, Happy and Lucy facing a job where they try to get some magical ice, for which after obtaining it, they themselves use it and it’s all back to square zero. 265 more words

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Wendy in Lamia Scale! Carla's Human Form - Fairy Tail 420

Fairy Tail 420 see’s Natsu, Lucy and Happy all going to Lamia Scales hometown to see Wendy, they see her and Chelia do a wonderful dance for their thanksgiving. 516 more words

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Juvia and Gray's Anniversary! - Fairy Tail 220

Fairy Tail 220 follows Juvia as it’s her and Gray’s 413 days anniversary for which she had met him, it’s also a day in which Gray’s teacher Ur had died. 452 more words

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