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Three Reasons Why Birth Matters To Me. 

Those are my babies, my full-time dream job. And they are three big reasons why birth matters to me. Why I teach Birth Boot Camp classes and why I choose to birth naturally. 398 more words

My Life.

Tallulah's Birth Story

Wednesday, October 28th.  Andrew and I had put the kids to bed after a busy evening of seeing our midwives and eating dinner at Chick-fil-A.  We were watching our new favorite show Breaking Bad, when I had some strong contractions.   2,631 more words


Planting Our Birth Tree's

My oldest boy turns four on New Year’s Day.

One month ago we finally got around to planting some lovely trees around our yard. We chose four olive trees, two bottlebrush trees and two lemon trees. 186 more words


Miss P's Birth Day

My daughter’s birth was an odyssey.

I felt the first contractions just after midnight, on Wednesday October 2, and Poet Victoria – Miss P – was born on Friday, October 4th at 4:34 AM. 4,923 more words


Everyday Heroes: The Faces of Natural Birth

I realized that so many women around me and in our society in general still believe that natural birth is something people do in the woods. 1,039 more words


Birth-Choice Shaming

Congratulations on your natural, unmedicated birth. You did your research, hired a doula, wrote a birth plan, advocated for yourself and got your OB to agree to your plans. 370 more words

Natural Birth

Body autonomy, birthing, and bad science

This story came up on my Facebook news feed yesterday morning. While I understand some of what the author is frustrated with, quite a bit of what she had to say is simply bad science, bad medicine, and actually dangerous. 1,548 more words