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Running - how'd it go?

So, did I manage my two runs? Kind of. They were more jogs than runs to be absolutely honest, but I did get out there. I also managed to do some of the HIIT training and get two lots of 5 mile walks plus I averaged 3 miles walking each day in so all in all this week has been a good exercise week. 275 more words

The birth of Hixon Eugene

Before we can really begin Hixon’s birth story we need to go all the way back to finding out I was pregnant. This story begins there. 2,449 more words


Prenatal Yoga Before Bedtime

I’ve written before about Queen’s Pose, the supported restorative version of reclined baddha konasana, and this is one of my favorite before bed poses to do, especially when pregnant. 235 more words


The Birth of Wyatt Everest 

When I sit down to try to write about my son’s birth, it seems so clinical, like I am just reciting facts, something that happened so someone else. 1,284 more words

My Thoughts

HIIT training – ummm while pregnant?

So, probably one of the more interesting things I have Googled since being pregnant (I won’t bore you with the other weird and wonderful Googles ATM)…………………… 323 more words

Why I'm going to start tracking my cycle..

I’ve been struggling with my diet for about 4 years now. It’s travelled from anti-inflammatory, to vegetarian, to vegan, to “I give up” quite a few times, and it all started with a diagnosis. 746 more words