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The babies birth story!

I thought now was the perfect time to do the babies birth story since right now, all is calm!

So let’s go back …

Thursday night I felt more ‘off’ than what I had been feeling, I was restless and I just felt blah but I also wanted everything clean … pregnancy problems indeed haha. 671 more words

Triplet Pregnancy

Marriage Ideals & The Birthing Business

We will watch the Business of Being Born in class on Tuesday October 6 and Thursday October 8, after our discussion of the assigned readings. 250 more words

MY Biggest Birth Regret

Like for many couples, it gets expensive planning for a baby, especially a first. I knew I wanted a home birth. Unfortunately, in Louisiana, if you want a home birth, you are most likely going to pay out-of-pocket. 814 more words


New research in vaginal birth after c-section

Many people are under the impression that if you’ve had a c-section that subsequent pregnancies are likely to follow the same route.

New evidence from the Royal College of Midwives says that this doesn’t necessarily need to be the case. 36 more words


So How Was the Birth?

Being a new mom brings a lot of questions from other people, especially when you are the only one among your closest friends to have a child. 1,890 more words

Natural Birth is like a Unicorn in an Intervention World

Doctors and midwives have an uncanny power to turn your day upside down with a few remarks. My first appointment in CA was with the Midwife instead of my OB that I used with both of my previous pregnancies. 512 more words


Pregnancy Update!

I am a few days away from my 32 week mark, meaning that my little baby boy will be here in 2 months!!! It is such an exciting and terrifying feeling! 258 more words