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10 Essential items to pack in your hospital "Go Bag"

It can be super exhilarating and also very nerve wracking waiting for that first contraction… when will it happen? Will your water break while your getting a mani/pedi? 702 more words


Week 3: Awkward

(Credit to Postcard from Gibraltar for inspiring me last year when I saw a post, and Wild Daffodil and NanaCathyDotCom, who inspired her.)

So, this week’s word post was almost purposeful. 396 more words

52 Weeks Of Photos

Planned post about planning!


Hello and welcome to my blog! This is my first post, and it is indeed a planned one. This is meant to serve as a brief introduction to me, my interests and those I intend to write about, and how I use a bullet journal style notebook to keep organized. 822 more words


My Birth Journey : From excitement, to horror to a miracle

Now I understand the saying “Faith like potatoes” There are times in your life that you have to literally be brought to the end or what you think may be the end before a type of strength wells up within you and then a miracle happens before your eyes. 1,347 more words


Total knock out

Hello friends,

I apologize for the delay in sharing the news of our little “Turkey.” She made her appearance well after Thanksgiving, which means much to her eventual delight, we will no longer be referring to her as a “turkey.” 592 more words

Becoming A Franconian

Lukarius' Birth Story (Full Version)

“New year, new me.” Whether it’s people embracing this quote or poking fun at it, I’ve been seeing it everywhere! I have never been one to make New Years resolutions. 1,809 more words

Birth Story

2018 Classes

2018 CLASSES SCHEDULED!   Secure your spot now! Click Here to Register for any of the following classes.

There are 5 classes in each series, 2.5 hours each class.  104 more words