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Channeling Ina May: Rex's Birth Story

All week – longer – I was having “symptoms” of impending labor, but nothing would come of it. I knew from my doula that second babies were like that, so I just decided to be patient. 3,000 more words


We Need to Hear More Positive Birth Stories

I want to share the story of my son’s birth and the things I did that I believe helped me have a successful, natural birth. I want to share because I want to help remove the fear and negativity that still seems to surround childbirth. 1,981 more words

A Labor and Delivery Story (#2)

My second child was born two weeks and two days late. Since my first was 2 1/2 weeks late, I wasn’t worried when we got to two weeks after my due date. 1,922 more words


My Birth Story

My birth story is not intended to invalidate anyone else’s birth experience. Birth stories of all kinds should be shared, but I believe positive birth stories in particular should be heard. 1,334 more words

Birth Story

Natural Birth Plan vs. Reality

It took us two and a half years to start our family. Once we got over celebrating getting pregnant we signed up for a natural birthing course. 1,081 more words


Finley Rae's Birth Story.

We knew it was “possible” to get pregnant on our wedding night, but we didn’t actually think we would get that lucky on the first try! 2,678 more words