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August 2, 2015

I felt like pregnancy took forever some weeks, while others flew by. Once I found out at 36 weeks that I was going to have to get induced at 39 weeks, time flew by up until the final few days before my induction. 3,587 more words

Want to try a natural birth? Check out Made In Water

Want to try a natural birth? Check out Made In Water

Made In Water offers the best birthing pools that maintain the water warm to relieve pain, supports your weight and offers plenty of room for you to move around.

Unassisted/Freebirth of 4th baby at 41 weeks (Husband assisted)

I stood on my front porch this morning (Oct.14th 2016) with my less than 24 hours old newborn son sleeping on my chest. I soaked in the warm autumn sunlight, smelled and kissed my son’s head, and considered just how incredibly healthy and happy I felt. 1,490 more words


Exercise Balls for Pregnancy, Labor, and Motherhood

There are so many great ways to tone and strengthen your muscles using an exercise ball but there’s also so many ways it can help you transition smoothly into motherhood. 619 more words

Natural Birth

A Doula's Thoughts on Natural Induction

I participate in a number of natural birth groups on Facebook. Groups for those having home or water births, those who are generally “natural-minded” and happen to ask questions about birth, and those that are specifically for birth professionals. 2,464 more words


My first birth experience

Warning this post is long and a bit graphic…

Part of the reason that I have been posting less on my blog lately is because my pregnancy has brought up a lot of unresolved memories from my first pregnancy and birth.  2,814 more words


Unassisted Pregnancy/Birth; Past 40 weeks with Prodromal Labor

(I wrote this after having yet another “false” alarm of the baby coming. I was feeling really down and discouraged. I really needed to remind myself of what I am fighting for, what I believe, and what I want. 403 more words

Natural Birth