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A Scientific Skeptic Watches “Born in the Wild” (North Dakota Episode)

“Born in the Wild” was a short-lived television series that ran on Lifetime during 2015. They followed several natural birth quacktivists who wanted to give birth in extreme locations, from the wilderness of Alaska to the snowy winter of North Dakota, often without properly trained medical personnel present. 1,703 more words

Natural Birth Nonsense

R.P's Birth Story

My partner and I first found out we were going to have a baby in early November 2015. We were both beside ourselves with excitement but both so nervous as well. 2,072 more words


Our beautiful birth journey part one: pregnancy and preparation

Giving birth. It truly was one of the most amazing and surreal experiences that I have ever had. I don’t meant to write this story to make anyone else feel bad about their own experience but to empower women and share the beauty of birth rather than frighten and exaggerate with tales of horror. 1,303 more words


Essential Guide to Hormones in Labor & Birth

Birth is an awe-inspiring event. The wonder begins long before the delivery, generally unobserved and aspects of it without our knowledge. On the biochemical level, there is an amazing, complex orchestration and delicate interplay of hormones throughout labor and delivery, yet many times interventions during birth disrupt this unique process and create consequences which are problematic for labor, delivery, the postpartum period and beyond. 325 more words

Self Discovery Through Birth - Thais Nye Derich

I’m delighted to welcome the inspirational author and activist Thais Nye Derich to the site. Thais’ new memoir Second Chance: A Mother’s Quest for a Natural Birth after a Cesarean… 833 more words


An Open Letter to my OBGYN


(Yea, that’s what she told us to call her. I don’t have to say Doctor, or Doc, or be PC with her because that’s just who she is. 1,195 more words


Bowdy's Birth Story and a Lesson in Why God's Plan is Better.

I have always loved St. Patrick’s day. I love the food, the music, the atmosphere and even the traditional Green Beer! And now that I know the real story about St. 1,736 more words

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