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Citigroup Follows BoA, Cuts Coal Mining Finance

Citigroup announced it’s cutting financing of coal mining projects, part and parcel of the multinational banking and financial services group instituting an updated Environmental & Social Policy Framework… 696 more words

Climate & Environment

The Pale Blue Dot

Watch this video:

Those are probably some of the most powerful words ever spoken. Carl Sagan perfectly illustrates how stupid humans are. We are all part of the same species, yet we act like we are not, and we keep killing each other. 699 more words


Urbanization and ecosystem services

Siddharth: Reviving this topic, Kristen Nelson mentioned this paper to me of research that has happened across urban areas in the US. She said it’ll be useful as a case study of ecosystem services that doesn’t involve dollar values and tradeoffs :) Wou.ld people be interested in thinking urban? 203 more words

Fall 2015

Where would Jesus frack?

Industry execs loathe regulations that aim to protect natural capital and make it harder for industries to cut corners in order to increase profits.  These same companies intentionally obfuscate the worst of their crimes against humanity with falsified documents or bogus research as has been shown numerous times by chemical companies, oil and gas conglomerates or the tobacco industry.  265 more words

Stories, Happenings, Principles And So On

Why carbon credits are not credible

If you want to protect human rights, you should look to what’s good for humans; if you want to protect the environment, you should look to what’s good for the environment. 327 more words


Keep Nutrients on the Land........Not in the Lake

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AB Ag) research on nutrient transport has evolved over two decades is relevant to the situation in the Sylvan Lake watershed. About 67% of the land area within the watershed boundary is used for agriculture. 702 more words


Election 2015: Would conservation charities vote Green?

Everyone knows that the Green Party is particularly interested in environmental issues. But perhaps less widely appreciated is their left-wing position on how to deliver the social change that would lead to more positive environmental outcomes. 1,216 more words