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8 metres of precipitation fell on Sylvan Lake but the level hardly changed over 14 years!

The graphical record of precipitation as recorded by Alberta Agriculture for the two townships that contain the Sylvan Lake watershed, plus a decade of lake level data measured by Environment Canada’s National Hydrological Service, … 224 more words

Watershed Research

Policy Briefing: Urban Green Infrastructure and Ecosystem Services

An excellent briefing paper ‘Urban Green Infrastructure and Ecosystem Services’ has just been released – this is a responsive policy briefings developed by the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology based on mini literature reviews and peer review. 943 more words

ECON+ Interview With Otaviano Canuto – Natural Resources Abundance: Blessing or a Curse?

Otaviano Canuto, Executive Director at the World Bank, once again is with ECON+ to continue this series of interviews on the global economy. This time, we tackle the topic of Natural Wealth and its perception of either being a blessing or a curse. 229 more words


#GE2017 Liberal Democrats

LibDem Manifesto – Environmental Coverage

LibDems have the longest section on the environment. You can click on the title above to go to the page where you can see the Manifesto. 540 more words

Environmental Economics

UK General Election 2017 - environmental manifestos

Call me a silly cow but I’m excited about this election because I don’t think it’s only about Brexit!

I think it’s about making a decision on what role we want for the public sector and policy in all areas of government. 164 more words

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Juno Beach Comes to Sylvan Lake

The shoreline of Sylvan Lake is changing as McMansions replace those old time family summer cottages.

Architectural, environmental and aesthetic standards seem to be flexible. Living by Water principles that help property owners manage water balance and preserve the riparian zone with recommended low impact development and landscaping standards in some cases have apparently been eaten by the family dog. 43 more words

Town Of Sylvan Lake