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Natural Capital Day

Monday was Natural Capital day at the Green Alliance. They produced a report called Natural Partners, in which they sought to explain that Natural Capitalists and Nature Conservationists could get along fine, instead of bickering. 1,416 more words

Natural Capital

Natural capital and nature conservation champions don’t need to fight

This post is by Green Alliance’s policy director, Sue Armstrong Brown.

The internecine struggle between supporters of natural capital and nature conservation continues to dominate the debate about how to restore the declining health of the UK’s natural environment. 971 more words


Where is nature in the boardroom and workplace when you need it?

Here is a handy checklist of questions which could determine the success or otherwise of your business over the next decade. Considering too, nature as a service provider. 553 more words

Business Sustainability

What might Macquarie Bank and Qantas be finding in their rooftop gardens?

Health and productivity, so it seems, in Samantha Hutchinson’s report in The Weekend Australian (Jan 9-10, 2016).

It appears the chickens are coming home to roost at Macquarie Bank, Qantas, Apple and other companies across Sydney and Melbourne, taking a lead from Singapore, New York and the new wave of city greening now regenerating the planet. 607 more words

Business Sustainability

Food or Floods?

So much has been written about the recent flooding, that I have resisted the temptation to jump in with size 12 boots; not least because, so far, we have escaped the worst of it in the south-west. 940 more words


Floods force us to confront returning land to nature

I’ve just returned from two wet weeks in northern England visiting my family for the holidays. Let’s just say it was wet. Very wet.

Over the last few weeks, England has suffered historic floods with no end in sight. 577 more words