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Ecosystem Services for whom?

Ecosystem Services – the idea that we benefit from goods and services provided for free by nature. To be frank, the phrase is ugly. It’s ugly language to use to describe so much beauty – Nature; the bringer of joy, spirituality, reflection, contemplation, solace, inspiration. 728 more words

Ecosystem Services

More tales from Natural Capital Wonderland: Woodlands and Badgers

“What’s the economic value of woodlands in the UK? Hmm? Come on, I haven’t got all day. Yes, you at the back there   – £720 Billion you say? 952 more words


Natural Capital debate: Helm rebutts Monbiot, misses target

As today’s opening of The World Forum on Natural Capital runs into a spot of bother over the antics of some of the Corporations who are promoting it, last week saw a scintillating debate about Natural Capital, between two crusty (in a good sense) old environmental campaigners Tony Juniper and George Monbiot. 729 more words

George Monbiot


Most environmental as well as social problems can be traced back to one simple systemic flaw, namely linear processing of materials. The fact that nature is still treated as an externality in current economic systems is also inherent in the way we as a capitalist society consume and perceive our natural habitat. 760 more words

Investing in natural capital – locally

We have been working with several Local Nature Partnerships over the last year or so in two specific areas:

  1. to identify the value of the natural environment in social, environmental and economic terms;and…
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Citigroup Follows BoA, Cuts Coal Mining Finance

Citigroup announced it’s cutting financing of coal mining projects, part and parcel of the multinational banking and financial services group instituting an updated Environmental & Social Policy Framework… 696 more words

Climate & Environment

The Pale Blue Dot

Watch this video:

Those are probably some of the most powerful words ever spoken. Carl Sagan perfectly illustrates how stupid humans are. We are all part of the same species, yet we act like we are not, and we keep killing each other. 699 more words