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Get excited, accountants can save the planet! Yes, really!

Accounting isn’t really my thing. Sure, I have a business and I like money but accounting just isn’t my thing. I get someone else to do it then just look at the figures in the boxes with my fingers crossed in the hope that I’ve got the balance right. 941 more words

Nature is priceless, which is why turning it into ‘natural capital’ is wrong

By Bram Büscher and Robert Fletcher

For: The Conversation

An increasingly popular line of argument is that, by turning nature into capital, it is possible to reconcile a capitalist growth economy with conservation. 1,192 more words


Benefits of Nature: Natural Capital and ecosystem services explained

We all benefit from Nature, whether we are aware of it or not.  The following short films were produced by the University of Reading in collaboration with our Partners to explain the benefits and trade-offs we get from our use of the natural environment.   56 more words


The Ecological Realities of New Zealand Podcast

Mike Joy was recently interviewed on Sentient Seas – a website presenting interviews, podcasts, and essays on a range of topics aimed to inspire the change needed for a better future. 223 more words

Water Quality

Has the world gone mad?

Statue of Sir Peter Scott, London Wetland Centre, by Ginny Battson © 2014

“The world has gone mad.”

I am hearing this often in my particular sprachraum (the Anglosphere, at least), off-line and on-line, an almost daily occurrence from one quarter or another. 1,092 more words

Biodiversity Should Be Focus Of Businesses’ Efforts To Mitigate Their Environmental Impact, Says New Report

Biodiversity, the variety of plant and animal life in the world, is a fundamental component of ‘natural capital’ that businesses are dependent upon but which often gets overlooked in assessments of their environmental impact, according to a new report by members of the Cambridge Conservation Initiative (CCI). 497 more words

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