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The business case for water saving when you are watching others drowning in the pouring rain

In their water briefing on 23 February 2015 the University of Cambridge suggests a call for action through a business case for safeguarding nature. Academics always seem to be late on the scene when it comes to nature and the current suggestion, and while welcome by those of us looking to see some sign of progress towards sustainability by corporations, the recent discovery of natural capital by such an august institution, is somewhat disappointing. 522 more words

An Economic 'Free Lunch', but not dessert, too.

Economists who like to tout the “no free lunch” phrase made popular by Friedman are often the first to stammer when it comes to the environment.   194 more words

When Economists and Ecologists cooperate

Return on Investment (ROI) measures the profitability of an investment. Simple, right?

Well not quite.

“Keep in mind that the calculation for return on investment and, therefore the definition, can be modified to suit the situation -it all depends on what you include as returns and costs.

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Chart of the Day, 6 Feb 2015: Is Natural Capital a Helpful Concept?

Although David Cameron has come under criticism for his previous boast about running “the greenest government ever” in the UK, the coalition should be given credit for bringing some fresh thinking to the field of environmental economics. 428 more words

Climate Change

Investing in 'Natural Capital'

Independent advisory group, The Natural Capital Committee, have highlighted this month the decline in the UK natural environment and the damage this has on the economy. 290 more words

Allen & York

The Macrophyte Survey Report Is Out

The first Sylvan Lake macrophyte survey report is posted on the ALMS website.

Here’s how Alyssa Cloutier, our ALMS lake tech in 2014, and marine assistant SLWSS director Devon Shouldice, collected data on aquatic plants that grow in the littoral zone near the lake shore: 302 more words


Ecosystem Valuation

Decision-making about ways and means to protect and preserve the Sylvan Lake watershed is limited by the lack of information on its value.

The methods used by environmental economists who study ecosystems… 273 more words