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Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation Podcasts: Anton Barbeau (Airdate: April 18, 2018)

By Alan Haber – Pure Pop Radio

On April 18, singer-songwriter and longtime Pure Pop Radio favorite Anton Barbeau guested on an all-new edition of… 301 more words

Alan Haber

Anton Barbeau's Jangly "Natural Causes" Is Easy on the Ears

Sacramento-born and now based in Berlin, Anton Barbeau is an exceptionally creative and prolific artist who explores the boundaries of musical inventiveness. Natural Causes is his latest album — officially released this Friday, April 13th — a shimmering collection of intelligent psyche-pop, art rock and general quirkiness. 365 more words

Until our last breath

This morning I was reading in the Guardian an interview with the writer, journalist and political activist Barbara Ehrenreich on her latest book Natural Causes, which appears to be a critique (with ‘a very keen bullshit detector’) of the ‘scrambling for new things that might prolong’ our lives. 319 more words


O Muslim (or Mushrik!), When you say, "It had rained because of this and that (such as natural causes, that's what Kuffar's school system teaches you)," You become a KAFIR.

“Allah says, ‘In this morning some of My worshipers remained as true believers and some became non-believers; he who said that it had rained with the blessing and mercy of Allah is the one who believes in Me and does not believe in star, but he… 174 more words