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Homemade Dusting Cleaner

Hello everyone! Just wanted to share a quick cleaning tip with you that I have recently discovered.

It turns out that tea tree oil works really well for dusting! 272 more words


DIY-Homemade Bleach Alternative

I’ve been doing my husband’s laundry a long time. Even before we got married and began living together, I would take a load home to wash at my parents house each time I visited his apartment. 1,666 more words

Thieves Cleaner

So, I have found another one of my life’s great loves: Thieves Cleaner. I read so much about it and how it cleaned other people’s carpets, windows, bathrooms, etc. 511 more words

Facebook GIVEAWAY: Win a Bottle of Bac-Out from Biokleen!

Hi friends! Today I am giving away five bottles of the fabulous Bac-Out Stain+Odor Remover from Biokleen! This product is great for wine spills, pet accidents, and even laundry! 37 more words


Lemon Essential Oil

I love Lemon essential oil! I start every day with a big glass of water with a few drops of lemon in it.  It’s so yummy and  helps keep me drinking through out the day and has really cleared up my skin.   93 more words

How to clean your home naturally

A clean environment is essential for a healthy life. When you clean your house from top to bottom you can smell the freshness, inhale the dust-less air and look around and feel proud. 335 more words