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Olive Oil Saves the Recycling of Folders

I hate to throw away anything that can be reused including folders of all kinds.

When it comes to paper folders, I will fold them inside out so that the Tab on the folder can be given a new label to hold its most up-to-date content. 275 more words

Healthy Living

DIY: Toilet Bombs

Whether your toilet needs cleaning or your bathroom needs a fresh scent, toilet bombs have you covered. One of my favorite things to do before I have a guest over is drop a toilet bomb in the toilet. 301 more words


Good Bye Commercial Laundry Soap

Why did I wait?

Not really sure!

After months of pondering, I finally¬†took the plunge and can I just say, “I wish I would have done this sooner!” 102 more words

Healthy Living

Clean ~ Naturally with Pinon and Pine Oil

As I gazed at the bushels of pine cones left over from what was a horrible harvest, my thought was what can I do with all this. 1,127 more words


A Closer Look At Bicarb

Sodium Bicarbonate


Bicarbonate of Soda?

I’m not entirely sure (or sure it matters) but one thing I am sure of is that the moment you step foot in a natural cleaning or natural cosmetic making workshop you’ll be told all about how wonderful this is! 1,140 more words


A cleaner clean

Cleaning is a passion of mine. Ok that sounds a bit ridiculous… but really, I do find it quite satisfying.The hardest part? Having 3 little kids and a husband who don’t quite share the same standard :( 859 more words

Essential Oils

DIY: All Natural Shower Scrub

Everyone has to clean at some point during the week. If you’re like me, you have one specific chore you dread. It doesn’t matter that I’m a clean-aholic, it doesn’t matter if it’s a Tuesday, it doesn’t even matter if there is wine at the end of the job. 300 more words