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Homework: to assign or not?

You know when I was in school I always looked at homework as just part of the way school was. It wasn’t until my senior year that I encountered someone who simply didn’t do it. 698 more words



Recently it was one of those beautiful late days of summer where it is still warm and sunny enough to swim and I took the girls to the pool to play date with their best buds.   245 more words


Heaven, the Ultimate Destination?—Williamson at Moore College—part 2

In the first lecture of the Annual Moore College Lectures Dr Paul Williamson 1 briefly summarised Evangelical Universalism and said that, “a gauntlet has been thrown down”. 920 more words


Poverty of Spirit


Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.


I always try to go with the first thought that pops up in my little brain when I see the daily prompt.   538 more words

Daily Prompt

Discipline in Grace

When grace meets discipline. I almost wrote when grace runs out, but to be a Christian, to be like Christ, grace doesn’t run out. God gives us grace upon grace upon grace upon grace. 668 more words


Trusting Your Parent's Wisdom

Sometimes I get that look from my kids when I tell them “no.” It’s the look that says, “Why don’t you let me have any fun.” If I’m in the mood, I explain the reasoning because I want them to understand that there is a “why,” and that there are natural consequences to certain activities that I want to help them avoid. 300 more words