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Dear Sara...

This week I advise a concerned mom about how to react when her son suggests he wants to hurt himself.

Hi Sara,

I had a concerning event come up today an would like to look to you for guidance. 808 more words

Information About Health Consequences

Definition: Provide information (e.g. written, verbal, visual) about health consequences of performing the behavior.

Example: Explain that not finishing a course of antibiotics can increase susceptibility to future infection. 9 more words

Michie's BCTS

The Power of Natural Consequences

Talking about and using rewards and consequences is such a big part of my job, and for good reason!  Consequences and rewards are some of the best ways to motivate a change in behavior.  760 more words


Parenting Styles: The search for the cream center.

At home yesterday with another snow day. This left me with two options: be a productive mom/housewife for the day or spend too much extra time on social media. 594 more words


Natural Conse-quences

I have a strong rapport with my students, and I keep firm and reasonable boundaries.  Misbehavior is rare.  I have no intention of publicly humiliating students with behavior-charts.  179 more words

Early Years

Can You Give This Gift To Your Kids?

When we do things for our children that they can do for themselves, we rob them of an opportunity to build self-esteem.  Conversely, as we ask kids to help around the house and make reasonable contributions to the family, they gain confidence; those confidence-building experiences then help to prepare them for success in adulthood. 327 more words


The Consequence of No Consequences

Ensuring that your child faces Natural Consequences for their actions are, what I believe, essentially inoculating them to the truly terrible forms of Dumpster Fire Gremlin Disease. 2,082 more words