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Recently it was one of those beautiful late days of summer where it is still warm and sunny enough to swim and I took the girls to the pool to play date with their best buds.   245 more words


Heaven, the Ultimate Destination?—Williamson at Moore College—part 2

In the first lecture of the Annual Moore College Lectures Dr Paul Williamson 1 briefly summarised Evangelical Universalism and said that, “a gauntlet has been thrown down”. 920 more words


Poverty of Spirit


Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.


I always try to go with the first thought that pops up in my little brain when I see the daily prompt.   538 more words

Daily Prompt

Discipline in Grace

When grace meets discipline. I almost wrote when grace runs out, but to be a Christian, to be like Christ, grace doesn’t run out. God gives us grace upon grace upon grace upon grace. 668 more words


Trusting Your Parent's Wisdom

Sometimes I get that look from my kids when I tell them “no.” It’s the look that says, “Why don’t you let me have any fun.” If I’m in the mood, I explain the reasoning because I want them to understand that there is a “why,” and that there are natural consequences to certain activities that I want to help them avoid. 300 more words


This is How Much He Loves You

I started this post 98 days ago when I was talking with a friend over the phone. She was complimenting me on how I explain God’s grace but I don’t negate consequences. 2,323 more words