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A new twist on natural consequences...

“My sons are 24 and 27 and that is definitely the way I disciplined them…there are lots of opportunities for them to learn their own consequences…I used to make them “watch” the clock and tell Mummy when it was time to drive them to school, got them to tell Mummy when it was time to do the laundry because the basket was full – all this seemed to make them more aware and share the responsibility of being a family.” (Oh2bhuman, on… 330 more words


Natural Consequences: A shining beacon of hope

As you know I am a firm believer in natural consequences. I believe that things happen for reason, and I also believe that with kids with disabilities, you have to mean what you say, and say what you mean at all times. 565 more words

Standing in the Bath...Thinking

A few months ago, Sprout decided he would no longer sit in the tub. Needless to say, this was not a decision that Chris and I welcomed. 717 more words


I need to buy a lotto ticket

… because, I SWEAR,  every freakin’ time I put a grievance out there, the Universe coordinates within itself to deliver me an answer. This blog is like a freakin’ magic lamp. 311 more words