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The Joy of Natural Consequences

I’m not a perfect parent; really no one is, but I particularly am not. How do I know that? I’ll give you the first two reasons that come to mind: 1,202 more words

Family And Children

There's No Crying In Childhood!

Oh, but there is. There is lots and lots of crying. There is crying over spilled milk. There is crying over a lost lovie. There is crying over the color of socks, and cups. 802 more words


Why threats don't always work?

My son came home all hot and angry. He was clearly upset and frustrated about something. He banged the door of his room and claimed that he did not want to talk to anybody. 1,112 more words


Tantrums over spilt milk

Recently we took our three-year-old son to see his granny. He brought home a special drink from her fridge, clutching it even in his sleep on the journey home. 606 more words

Discipline vs. Punishment

I’ve read a lot of books about parenting. Some about how spanking is not a good form of punishment and others about how spanking should be used when a child is going to hurt themselves or others. 878 more words


I Need You to Need Me

Actions have consequences. In scientific terms, this is cause and effect. Effects aren’t evil. They don’t have intent. They just are. There are natural consequences to everything. 1,193 more words


Gardening with Kids, or Fun with Natural Consequences

When I hear parents utter the phrase “natural consequences,” I tend to roll my eyes. Sometimes it’s a mere mental eye-roll, but usually it’s not. I used to believe that my judgements were well-concealed with a stone-cold poker face; my husband has helped me realize that this was a delusion and my parents were right all along. 757 more words

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