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Dried Up (aka: Surviving The California Drought)

“I remember way back in the olden days,” says the old woman in a quavery voice, “before California transformed into the Great Western Desert.” She leans back in her chair and looks at the children gathered around her, their eyes filled with wonder. 503 more words


*Earthquake on Asian Soil - Large Buildings Collapse

Large buildings, seemed new but largely abandoned. I saw massive buildings collapsing, a towering building rocking then falling to the ground. The ground was shaking. I couldn’t see many people but I knew I was near a large population center. 66 more words


In 60 seconds: What is Ebola?

Ebola outbreak in West Africa is the deadliest occurrence of the disease since its discovery in 1976.

BBC News explains why the disease is so dangerous – in 60 seconds.


Natural Disaster

1 Dead, Homes Destroyed in Tiny Illinois Town After Tornado

A tornado has hit the town of Fairdale in Illinois, killing a 67-year-old woman and injuring several other people.

It destroyed and damaged a lot of buildings in the area. 15 more words

Natural Disaster

Mystery Disease Kills 18 in Nigeria

The disease – characterised by blurred vision, headache and loss of consciousness – killed the victims within 24 hours of falling ill.

Local health officials and World Health Organization experts are now in the town to try to identify the disease. 34 more words

Natural Disaster

Sinkholes: A deadly threat from Florida's 'underworld'

Sinkholes are common where the rock below the land surface is limestone or other carbonate rock, salt beds, or in other rocks, such as gypsum, that can be dissolved naturally by circulating ground water. 9 more words

Natural Disaster