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Iwoyama (Kirishima) Eruption: Volcanic Alert Level 3

On the afternoon of April 19, Iwoyama in the Ebino highland (Kirishima mountain range) erupted for the first time in 250 years. The warning level for the volcano has been raised to a Level 3: Do not approach the volcano. 172 more words


The Vesuvius Eruption

Intro: On the 24th August in the year AD79, the Roman city of Pompeii in Italy became the victim to one of the world’s natural disaster.  195 more words


3 things to grab from your home in an evacuation from natural disaster.

Assuming that all of family had already left the building and someone had already picked up the dog I would take first, my phone (ideally fully charged) so that I would be able to let people know we were safe and make sure my friends who live close by were safe too. 266 more words

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How Do I Make An Insurance Claim After Wildfires, Floods, Hurricanes or Other Natural Disasters?

Disasters have been in the news a lot in the last 12 months, between west coast wildfires, Texas floods and Florida hurricanes.  Disasters raise a number of insurance issues for policyholders, especially when they’re busy digging out of the wreck already.  395 more words

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Earthquake Footage Compilation

This is a collection of videos from around the planet which demonstrate the power of earthquakes. Rebel Voice has a little experience of this natural phenomena having been through two (officially three) smaller ones. 33 more words

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April 1906: the aftermath of a disaster

A massive earthquake hit San Francisco, USA on the 18th of April, 1906. The fires that it sparked lasted days and devastated the city. 19 more words


Wandering Librarian: Revisiting the Little Island Library

5 years ago while on a trip to Culebra, PR I stopped in to see their tiny library housed in 2 shipping containers. I stopped in again while on vacation  recently to see how the library is after 2 hurricanes passed through the Caribbean last fall. 169 more words