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Natural Disasters, March 28

1920    Palm Sunday Tornado Outbreak Midwest 380 people killed.

1970    Gediz earthquake: a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck western Turkey at about 23:05 local time killing 1086 and injuring 1260. 19 more words

Natural Disasters, March 27

1890    Middle Mississippi Valley Tornado outbreak, a tornado strikes Louisville, Kentucky killing 76 people and injuring 200.

1964    Good Friday Earthquake, The most powerful earthquake in U.S. 17 more words

Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters, March 26

1812    An earthquake destroys Caracas, Venezuela.

Natural Disasters, March 25

1948    The first successful tornado forecast predicts a tornado will strike Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma.

Natural Disasters

Pack A Disaster Bag

Anyone teaching about responses to natural disasters may want to check out the web site for Sacramento County:


It includes a good deal of information about responses and preparedness, and I particularly like their advert that tries to encourage citizens to create a ‘go bag’ in the same way that they might pack a bag for the gym:


The Largely Unacknowledged Impact of Climate Change on Mental Health

by Ellen Broaddus

Eva and Robert Gifford (2016) assess the relationship between climate change and mental health, looking at the environmental causes, effects, and social factors, the individuals and communities that are most vulnerable, and possible solutions. 418 more words

Climate Change

Natural Disasters, March 24

1884    Southeastern U.S. Tornado outbreak (although I have this in my notes, I cannot find any information on it. This might refer to the Enigma earthquake that occurred February 19-20 this same year). 22 more words