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Natural Disasters, March 21

1857    Earthquake in Tokyo kills over 100,000 people.

1913    Over 360 people are killed and 20,000 homes destroyed in the Great Dayton Flood in Dayton, Ohio.

FEMA Remained Silent In The Frantic Aftermath Of Hurricane Maria In Puerto Rico, According To Newly Released Emails

The response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico has its fair share of horror stories to this point. Six months since the storm devastated the island territory, there are still plenty of issues and needs for those living there. 625 more words

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Natural Disasters, March 20

1861    An earthquake completely destroys the city of Mendoza in Argentina.

Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters of Taiwan

Danger caused by humans is preventable, but natural disasters? They are difficult to prevent and can be deadly at times. Taiwan doesn’t have too many natural disasters, but they do occur every year and result in some damage. 345 more words


Looking at Climate from All the Angles

(First published on Dec. 16, 2016, on State of the Planet.)

After record-setting warmth this year, winter is upon us. That means it’s summer in Antarctica, and the Earth Institute has scientists camped there working on two projects that will help us understand what’s going on in this climate-changing world. 2,080 more words