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Natural Disasters, January 18

1916    611 gram chondrite strikes house in Missouri

1929    Mid-Mississippi Valley Tornado Outbreak (10)

1978    roof of Hartford Civic Center collapses due to heavy snow… 31 more words

The world's biggest worries are environmental disasters, not economic collapse

For the second year running, business and political leaders think the world’s biggest threat is extreme weather, according to the latest Global Risks Report by the World Economic Forum (WEF) published today. 477 more words

Landslides kill more Americans than earthquakes, but you wouldn't know it

Scenic hill slopes can be inspiring—or deadly, as we are seeing after the disastrous debris flows that have ravaged the community of Montecito, California in the wake of heavy rains on Tuesday, January 9th. 897 more words

Natural Disasters, January 17

1982, Cold Sunday, some of the lowest temps in U.S. recorded history in over 100 years

1994, Northridge Earthquake, 6.7 magnitude, with a maximum Mercalli intensity of IX which is violent, official death count 57, could be more… 22 more words

Japan has a false alarm too

Good Lord, what is going on with the world?

After Hawaii just suffered through a scary false alarm of a ballistic missile attack, now Japan has also had… 359 more words

Natural Disasters, January 16

1362, Storm Tide in the North Sea destroys German City of Rungholt on the island of Stand.

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