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Building a natural dye reference library, part 1.

It should come as no surprise to those who know me that I love books. And any excuse to buy them. :-) My days of cavalierly buying expensive books on a whim are over, but even on a modest budget a good amount of books can be obtained. 505 more words

Natural Dyes

More Indigo Adventures

Having read a lot online about Michel Garcia’s 1-2-3 organic indigo vats, I decided to give it a try. I’d love to watch his DVDs, but unfortunately, worth it though I’m sure they are, at $60/DVD they are out of my budget right now. 647 more words

Natural Dyes

Cochineal - Grana de Cochinilla - Carmin

Red has been a valued colour in so many cultures. It carries importance since it has been used to symbolize power and gave status only to those that could afford to wear it. 212 more words


Turmeric x Iron x Cotton Shirt

I’ve been working full time at a chocolate shop as of late, so I’ve had little time to update this blog, but today I’m sick! It’s coming as a blessing in disguise though since I’m getting quite a lot done, including this post, as well as dyeing and mordanting a wool scarf I’ll have pics up of in the next few days! 415 more words

Slow Kind

Year Ending

How long have I been dyeing? Not as long as I have been rubbish at maths. A recent experience, when I messed up percentage calculations of mordant, has reminded me how useful it is to keep records. 686 more words


Pop-up London Fields Dye Workshop

A busy weekend started at the top of Broadway Market.  We’d harvested some flowers from the meadow (with the support of the Council and Parks) as they were fading a few weeks ago and wanted to show how to prolong their lives by turning them into dyes.   102 more words

Natural Dyes

More Felting Done

I made this dress for a window display in Pt. Reyes. The materials and dyes used for this project had to be all locally sourced. It was a lot of fun collecting the materials to create the garment. 120 more words