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Agriculture at a crossroads… again

This post is by Tom Lancaster, senior land use policy officer at RSPB.

If you do a Google search for ‘agriculture at a crossroads’ you’ll see that it’s a well used term. 752 more words

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We need to find common ground on sustainable fisheries

This post is by Lyndsey Dodds, head of UK and EU marine policy at WWF.

Since the EU referendum, there has been much talk of the ‘sea of opportunity’ for fisheries but little detail on what it will look like in practice and how we can go further than the status quo, to become world leaders on sustainable fisheries management. 722 more words

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The government’s 25 year plan should mobilise private funding for environmental restoration

Since the EU referendum, there has been growing pressure for clarity over two things. First, how an independent UK will protect its natural environment, and, second, how we will pay for it, as most of the legislation that currently directs these areas comes from the EU. 770 more words

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Rail Trail Encourages Walking

Have you seen ‘Gerry’ on your ride or walk along the O’Keefe Rail Trail? Gerry is a regular walker, and has walked sections that incorporate the entire length of the O’Keefe trail at various times. 120 more words


Conversations between Trees Recorded in a Large Painting

The earth turns and the sun comes up. The earth turns again and the sun goes down. This is one simple measure of a day. What time will it be tomorrow morning when the first light reaches the eastern side of the island? 1,046 more words