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Towers, Silk and Shopping in Shanghai

After a busy day at the water village, we still had time for one more trip on the way back to the hotel. There’s a definitive division of opinion about going up very tall towers. 965 more words


Caping Gunung Traditional Hat

I know this hat for a very long time, but never once crossed in my mind to use it as a gift for friends, but yesterday event change my mind. 147 more words


A Silk Watson Bra

You may have noticed that I’m not big into bandwagons, and if I am going to jump on one, I like to wait until it’s safely parked back in the barn and everyone else has left first … I actually bought a copy of this pattern right when it came out and it seemed like everyone in my sewing-internet-world was talking about it, but then in more my typical style, I decided to think about it for quite a while before actually making it. 844 more words


Woven Dark Abaca Rope

Woven Dark Abaca Rope

 Code Number:  Mat VI.3.a (Fiber Abaca)

Material Used:  Abaca

Description:  Woven Dark Abaca Rope

Finish:  Unvarnished

Color: Black

Design Details:  Using 1cm thick Marine Plywood as Backing… 14 more words


What I Work With

When making jewelry I work with: silver, silver plated pewter & copper, glass beads, Swarovski crystals, and natural stone/gem beads.

When sewing, I prefer to work with natural fabrics, as well as recycling fabrics. 18 more words

Glass Beads