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Caping Gunung Traditional Hat

I know this hat for a very long time, but never once crossed in my mind to use it as a gift for friends, but yesterday event change my mind. 147 more words


A Silk Watson Bra

You may have noticed that I’m not big into bandwagons, and if I am going to jump on one, I like to wait until it’s safely parked back in the barn and everyone else has left first … I actually bought a copy of this pattern right when it came out and it seemed like everyone in my sewing-internet-world was talking about it, but then in more my typical style, I decided to think about it for quite a while before actually making it. 844 more words


Woven Dark Abaca Rope

Woven Dark Abaca Rope

 Code Number:  Mat VI.3.a (Fiber Abaca)

Material Used:  Abaca

Description:  Woven Dark Abaca Rope

Finish:  Unvarnished

Color: Black

Design Details:  Using 1cm thick Marine Plywood as Backing… 14 more words


What I Work With

When making jewelry I work with: silver, silver plated pewter & copper, glass beads, Swarovski crystals, and natural stone/gem beads.

When sewing, I prefer to work with natural fabrics, as well as recycling fabrics. 18 more words

Glass Beads


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China has always been the world’s largest producer of cotton, cloth, yarn and natural fiber due to the special status of her agriculture and superiority in resources. 328 more words


An Olde Classic

A while back, we were on a driving trip around the south island of New Zealand, and we came across the quaint little town of  Milton, which was the home to Bruce Woolen Mill. 742 more words


Woven Lampakanay

Woven Lampakanay

 Code Number:  Mat VI.3.f (Fiber Lampakanay)

Material Used: Lampakanay

Description:  woven lampakanay rope

Finish: Unvarnished

Color:  Natural

Design Details:  Using 1cm thick Marine Plywood as Backing… 13 more words

Material Swatches