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Boom In Natural Gas Production Sends U.S. Shipyards Into Overdrive

The Great American Energy Boom is having a major ripple effect on the shipbuilding industry, which thanks to a 1920s maritime law, is busier than it has been in decades. 257 more words

Crude Oil

Natural Gas: The Fuel of Today and Tomorrow

One of the biggest recent developments in America—one that has affected industries from energy through manufacturing through transportation—is the natural gas boom.  It has created jobs and spurred an entirely new industry unto itself, and has brought about cheaper consumer electricity. 274 more words

Senate committee tackles energy policy in first hearing

Experts testify on natural gas exports, fracking

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — The U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee this week tackled the question of an American energy policy in the context of the country’s natural gas boom by trying to find some bipartisan common ground on issues like fracking and liquid natural gas exports. 677 more words


US Shale Gas Bubble is Set to Burst

From Oil Price .com –

. . . . No, shale gas won’t entirely go away anytime soon. But expectations of continuing low prices (which drive business plans in the power generation industry and climate strategies in mainstream environmental organizations) are about to be dashed. 114 more words

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Gas Drilling Adds Fuel To Pittsburgh's Resurgence

Pittsburgh, once known as America’s Steel City, is laying its Rustbelt heritage to rest by fostering growth in education and health services, while drawing strength from the booming… 183 more words

Economic Development

Nothing Left To Debate

They’re poisoning you, and they’re telling you there’s nothing wrong…”

Gas companies don’t have to win the debate over whether fracking is safe or not, they only need to run out the clock. 404 more words


Lures To Energy Complacency Part III

This is Part III of a 5-part blog that addresses the various pressures brought on American society to believe that we have an abundance of oil and gas and therefore no problems with alarmists who warn of impending shortages. 2,257 more words