Zoo Wars-Just 5 (of the MANY) Reasons That Demonstrates that BCR is Just Another (Roadside) Zoo

With the making of this Amazing video…The truth is ‘in your face’ exposed with no disrespect or insult intended towards any zoo…

BCR is a roadside zoo and there’s more than¬†5 reasons that demonstrates the truth-but the video below deals with 5… 163 more words


Orcas should NOT be in captivity! They do NOT belong in small tanks. They belong being free in their natural habitat! Keeping orcas in captivity is NOT ok. 338 more words

Animal Cruelty


Hello everyone!

the name of our campaign is ORCA.A.A which stands for Orca Abuse Awareness. The objective of our awareness campaign is to gain awareness of Orca abuse and put an end to orcas in captivity. 340 more words

Natural Habitat

Marina Dunes Preserve

Feel the sand between your toes and the sun on your skin as you hike the dunes of south Monterey Bay and take a dip in the Pacific Ocean at Marina Dunes Preserve. 195 more words


Earth Day 2016 Celebration

Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970 when tens of millions of people took part in rallies across America, following an enormous oil spill that happened the previous year in Santa Barbara, California.  202 more words


Woodlots need legislative protection

Re: Hope fades for Windsor’s Save Ojibway as big box store site preparation starts, March 30.

Does this really surprise anyone? The fact that there are so little of these spaces left that we have to associate a name to them maybe is an indication of how fragile they really are. 222 more words



Show a subject in their natural habitat. Their place of work or hobby is a great start. Tell their story with the environment…

Not wanting to be predictable I have picked a photo I took of artist Ulrich Schnauss playing live to the audience at Norwich Arts Centre.

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