Late Afternoon Fox Sighting

I was writing this afternoon. I noticed a small brown creature run across my yard to the back field. Of course, my first thought was a dog. 332 more words

Personal Blog

Precious Acre

This was a precious acre
Of cliff-top scrub
And Elderflower
Of Hawthorne, Gorse and Sloe
Of Goldfinch nests
And Bluebell clumps
Of Orchids, wild and rare… 379 more words



It’s springtime!  Nighttime at my place is filled with the sounds of frogs singing in concert.

Spring peepers are the most dominant frog tonight.  Multitudes of them are ‘peeping’ alone yet in unison with the others in all directions.  281 more words

Home & Family

Kids Outside the Classroom

When I was in school, it was always an awkward moment when I saw teachers outside of school. Sure I expected them to be at school events like football games and band concerts, but not Wal-Mart! 198 more words


Sorry, No Fishing

Every year, at this time, there is a spring rite of passage so to speak up the Lardeau River. Trout, from Kootenay Lake, follow the same route up the Lardeau River to spawn as the Kokanee salmon use. 292 more words


Water off a Duck's Back

Things are starting to happen around here again as Spring is in full swing. The temperature is rising and the days are longer. Birds are migrating, mating, nesting and starting to watch over the first broods. 210 more words