Third grade students collaborate as both scientists and learners

Third grade students were excited to present their science projects at Westside School’s Lower School Exhibition of Learning last Thursday evening! Our fall science unit focused on heredity and variance of traits, ecosystem dynamics, and natural selection. 273 more words

Third Grade

Opinion: Conserving Canada's natural habitat vital to global greenhouse gas fight

With the attention of the world on the Paris COP 21 climate change meetings, the chance of a new agreement to control greenhouse gases (GHG) seems higher than at any time since Kyoto more than a decade ago. 582 more words


ERCA grants available for property restoration

For property owners seeking to restore their land back to natural habitat, the Essex Region Conservation Authority is making grants available to assist with the costs. 118 more words

Local News

メダカ ・ Killifish

Measuring less than 4cm long, medaka (killifish) are small light brown fish with white underbellies. With the exception of Hokkaido, these small fish inhabit ponds, marshes, small rivers, and paddy fields all across Japan and Eastern Asia. 58 more words

100 Best Things ・ 誇り百選


Parent and young have a very strong connection.

And nothing expresses that as well as photographs…



This Green and Pleasant Land

An invitation to join us going up river.

Where else can you see so many greens?
One tree boasted three such hues,
Positional access for Sun, Water and Shade. 145 more words

I've Got Creepy Covered!

I suddenly remembered a subject that even I could consider creepy. It took me a while to find the photos, but I think it was well worth it! 57 more words