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Product Review! I Straightened My Hair?!

Welcome back to Naturally Bold & Beautiful! Based off the title of this post you can prob assume that I straightened my hair and you can also probably assume that the products I am going to review are the products that I used to straighten my hair. 762 more words

Natural Hair

Straightening Puffy Hair

First Things First:

I love straightening my puffy hair occassionally, but before I touch any blow dyers or flat irons, there are a few things that I make sure to do: 563 more words

Cupuaçu Butter (Vegetable Lanolin)

Cupuaçu butter is a butter that has become one of my favorites. I don’t like working too much for a product to melt and become usable; that’s why I love it as it’s a very soft butter. 504 more words

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Do We Always Have To Be On Fleek?

Photo Credit: J. Crew

I went natural earlier this year. I was relieved from the stringy ends that were holding me back from achieving the mind-blowingly immaculate natural hairstyles that some of social media’s top natural hair gurus sported.  933 more words

Natural Hair

No, I Don’t Miss My Locs...

I knew I was over my locs way before I cut them.

I truly believe that the universe has a way of expediting a decision… 926 more words