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Haute Hair: How To Go From Curly To Straight Hair Using Motions Products

When it comes to straightening natural hair, the fear of heat damage immediately comes to mind. But if you’re using the right products and technique, achieving a healthy sleek look is achievable. 171 more words

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Protective Styles

Naturals style their hair in protective styles for a couple of reasons: to protect the ends of the hair and to decrease excessive manipulation. Both of which increases hair retention, leaving hair longer. 411 more words

Hair Porosity

Hair strands are composed of 3 parts: The cuticle, the cortex and the medulla.

The cuticle is comprised of  hard protein cells that overlap one another and act as a doorway to the cortex. 578 more words

Natural Hair

Transitioning 101

We as naturals are always looking for ways to moisturize our hair, style our hair and most of us with coarse hair are trying to figure out ways to stretch it. 748 more words

Hair Type

Learning your hair type is important in natural hair care because it represents your hairs personality. Each hair type has different characteristics and those characteristics determine the kind of product you use and the moderation in which you use it. 190 more words

Natural Hair

Hair Growth

“My hair just won’t grow”

We all want long, lustrous locks! Well, we’re going to talk about this thing and explain the truth about hair growth. 767 more words

Natural Hair Friendly Ingredients

When your hair was being chemically straightened it was used to certain products. Now that your hair is chemical free, the old hair products don’t work the same. 1,172 more words

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