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Talc Powder - Ingredient Safety News

Talc powder is again in the news. Sadly, you still see talc in the number of skin care products and some remain in baby products. 55 more words

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Organic Laundry Soap Nuts

Laundry detergents can leave residue on clothes, then make contact with skin all day. Recently, I learned about Eco Nuts, an organic laundry detergent, but nothing like the typical detergent. 306 more words

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DIY Dish Detergent

Yes, it’s D-Day in the Blogging from A to Z challenge!  There are many Delightful Words that begin with D, but DIY/Do-it-Yourself is one of my favorites! 210 more words


Toilet Fizzie Bombs

I made my first batch of fizzies bombs this month to compliment my new cleaning routine of our toilets (alongside the thieves all purpose cleaner). Yes these are fizzie bombs for the toilets not for in my bath! 334 more words

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How to Clean a Yoga Mat, Naturally

You don’t need fancy wipes or a $12 bottle of yoga mat spray to clean your yoga mat.

I have 2 standard yoga mats. I wash them separately by throwing them in the washing machine once a month…small load, cold water, 2 minute gentle cycle. 66 more words

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Natural Dyes for Easter Eggs

Easter is right around the corner and painting Easter Eggs is a fun tradition. This year, why not try a little something different – ditch the chemical food color and dye Easter eggs naturally using ingredients from your kitchen. 65 more words

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A Witch's Book of Potions : House and Home

And…at long last, here is part three of my witch’s book of potions (Part 1 was on beauty, Part 2 was on health). This time, I present you with some of my favourite articles from around the web on how to clean your home and ensure the comfort of yourself and your guests. 82 more words