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Broccoli-Kale Casserole (Wheat and Dairy Free)

-1 cup of Tofu Cream Cheese (I use Tofutti)

-1 cup of Garlic Flavored Aioli

-4 ounces of Shredded Mozzarella Soy Cheese

-1/2 cup of Lemon Vinaigrette (I use the Simply Dressed organic brand) 101 more words

Natural Home

30 Day Mindfulness Project

In today’s world of multi-tasking, over-committing, and being constantly on the go from one thing to another, we need to slow our pace. In my self-realization that I needed to stop and focus on each moment as it comes, I started making a list of all the this that I want to do in a day. 256 more words


Eco-Friendly Lawn & Garden Care

My husband and I enjoy spending as much time as possible outside which is why it’s a non-negotiable to have an organic pesticide-free lawn. We simply would not feel comfortable playing in the yard with our dog or spending an afternoon grilling out if our lawn and garden were full of nasty, toxic chemicals. 596 more words


Natural Supplements : Spirulina

Yeah! this¬†post is about a cyanobacterium that gives those lakes their dark green colour. For a while, I’ve been searching for a superfood for my family that’s high in protein and Voila! 331 more words


Essential oils and me : Oregano oil

The latest addition to my stash of essential oils is Oregano oil. Yes, it leaves you smelling like pizza but it’s a little price to pay for all of its goodness. 235 more words


The round house of miss M.

Today I helped out Miss M,who is building an economic and natural dream house,all by her self and in a traditional way of working,all by hand but for some things like cutting the wood she does use some electric tools,powered by a generator. 826 more words


All-Natural Room Spray: Calming Vanilla Spice

I’ve been in hyper-cleaning organization mode the last few days and decided to bring out a room refresher spray I purchased from my favorite candle shop a while back.¬† 474 more words