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Cob House and Earthship Inspo

I gotta apologize in advance, here– there is absolutely nothing about this post that will be in any way informative (other than maybe showing you just how gorgeous a cheap and hand-built house can be), and is purely designed to make you all go :O



The Ultimate Yogi Challenge!

This bitch is taking on a new challenge! The Ultimate Yogi is a comprehensive 108 day (no breaks!) program that challenges the mind, body and then some.   120 more words


Cucumber Mint Sugar Scrub

Invigorate your sexy self! Natural sugar, freshly grown, hand picked mint leaves and organic cumbers make for the most refreshing at-home body scrub on the planet. 95 more words


The Scented Home: Palo Santo Smudge Sticks

This was my first experience using smudge sticks. I’ve always related them to cleansing a haunted home…you know, the movies with the paranormal expert walking through some terrified family’s house, with a smudge stick in one hand and a cross in the other…but they’re a natural way to scent a home, so why not? 139 more words

Natural Home

3 uses of hippie soap (I mean dr bronners)

One of my first roommates was from Southern California. She had one soap in the shower, and it was dr bronners. I would line up my bath and body soaps next to hers and marvel at the fact that she used just ONE soap! 189 more words

Coconut Coffee Cubes

Organic extra virgin coconut oil, coffee grounds and a dash of natural almond oil make these cubes extra sexy.

Coconut oil restores essential oils in the skin, along with its lovely, natural cleansing properties. 182 more words


DIY Crochet Sachet

Why Sachets?

Sachets have become a nostalgic novelty item, a quaint reminder of femininity. They once had a needed purpose – to keep your clothing smelling fresh.  410 more words