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I have a confession, I’m a little bit obsessed with ceramics in all it’s guises.  I’ve had a good clear out of old crockery, mugs and bowls that are no longer used or serve any purpose, even most of the vintage china has gone.   233 more words


September Reclamation Special

It was a joy to be asked again if I would review the Arthur Swallows Decorative Home and Salvage Show at Ripley.  It was a beautiful serene Saturday morning when I arrived, the air slightly Autumnal.   344 more words


Tips For Nice Skin And Good Makeup

Cold sore or also known as a fever blister is classified within herpes, as herpes simplex virus types one plus a. The herpes simplex type 1 virus is believed to lie dormant in certain nerve cells of requires until it is reactivated by stress, a cold, or too much exposure to your sun. 537 more words

Essential Mom: Back To School With Essential Oils

The lazy days of summer are coming to an end as many of us prepare to send our kids back to school. For my family that means our first year of home school for my new 1st grader is about to start! 1,065 more words

Essential Oils

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

I have a revolving birthday/Christmas list that I keep on the desktop of my computer.  It’s right there on the main screen so that whenever I think of something new and exciting to add, I can do it quickly before forgetting.   580 more words

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Making Water Kefir-Day one

Hi there!

This is a vlog entry of starting water kefir!

Remedies For Acne - Simple Remedies For Clearing Acne

There greater level of forms of eczema treatment depending upon the type around the globe. For instance, atopic eczema which affects children the most is due to itchy burning skin. 336 more words