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Meet them where they are

Here’s a photo of my handsome horse.

Last spring we officially set out on our journey together. I quickly realized that he much prefers life on his own terms and most importantly, being in charge. 554 more words

Home made hoof clay 

I’ve been meaning to pick some hoof clay up for some time now, having horses living out 24/7 through winter (by choice obviously) can have its drawbacks when it comes to feet. 398 more words


A Special Herd...

Every herd, every horse is special.

Shorna, Hatta, Frodo, and Pippin moved from Pretty River Inn to live with us in Muskoka and be healing horses. 417 more words

Horse Therapy Spirit Healing

15 productive things to do with your horse in a barn isle on a cold winter day!

1.)  Ground tie:  Can your horse just stand where you put him if you just drop your lead rope on the ground in front of him? 1,164 more words


Most People Think That They Are Seeing The Whole Picture-They Aren't

This is a print by an artist named Bev Dolittle that I happen to admire greatly. Her talent is amazing. I own several of her limited edition prints although this is not one of them. 259 more words


January 2017 Horsemanship Tip

The keys to having a calm and brave horse…

Be calm and brave yourself! – This can be easier said than done. Try these tips: 682 more words

In The Company Of Horses

We are back!

So it’s been years – Yes, years! – since I last wrote on this blog and I have missed it.

I am not going to go through all the things I’ve done with Star in the last 5 years because it would take a while and i doubt it would interest anyone. 242 more words

Parelli And NH