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Hush Now

I have got this amazing young man in my life… I truly never had a horse like him before. He is like two sides of a coin, depending on who he is with. 430 more words



The short version :

I did an Equifeel competition with Aero on Sunday in Manosque.  Our first outing in roughly a year.  I was very pleased with him, he was super-calm, attentive and connected (with me, mentally.   1,854 more words


Think Like a Leader, Part 1: Them, Not Us

Alpha Mares control the vital resources. In her mind, the Alpha Mare owns all the resources. The water is hers. The grass is hers. The air is hers and probably the sun and rain, too.   181 more words

Horse School

Training with a marker signal and Positive Reinforcement





Training with the click&treat dynamic is a skill worth learning well, but it is not the only thing we have to learn well. 1,297 more words

Equine Clicker Training

I didn't expect that!

Look what arrived in the post today!

I really didn’t expect a rosette for being third of three, so it was a lovely surprise!  And it’s a really nice rosette, too – big, three tiers, with long tails (can you tell I’ve ordered a few rosettes in my time?). 41 more words


First Rides

I thrive on learning natural horsemanship training methods and applying their concepts.

However, when you have 3ft of snow on the ground and no indoor arena, it’s a bit harder to do…well anything, really. 265 more words


Lesson One: Complete!

I went for my first riding lesson yesterday. I could feel the jingles in my legs starting about halfway through the day and had to wait until the evening until the lesson. 235 more words