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Heel to Toe

The horse, like us are supposed to walk heel to toe.  As the horse steps down, they first land on the heel, the harmonic groove (in the quarter area) should move downward to meet the ground and absorb impact and finally the horse breaks over their toe, grabbing the footing to gain traction and propelling them self forward. 250 more words

Natural Horsemanship

Video: A relaxed and casual liberty demo

Relaxation and connection were the keys to this horsemanship demo!

Natural Horsemanship

Common Hoof Ailments

Although in the perfect world with the proper care your horse will maintain a healthy and well-functioning foot, unfortunately the world isn’t perfect.  Although you trust your horse’s hooves in the hands of your barefoot trimmer, the trimmer only sees your horse’s feet every 6-8 weeks.  1,416 more words

Natural Horsemanship

Actually Researching Horseness...

I do have a lot of criticisms of our modern horse industry. The trend towards treating horses as animal production units that should be replaced every three years for maximum profit has devastating repercussions… 53 more words


The Gallop and the Horse's Back

Horse people tend to use the words canter and gallop interchangeably, when the horse actually has two distinct hardwired versions of the canter/gallop. Dressage trainers call one version a four-beat canter. 921 more words


The Working Trot and the Horse's Back

The first photo I have included has poor resolution because it is an old Xerox copy of a photo of my Spanish Colonial Medicine stallion at the working trot. 933 more words


Monty Roberts and Intelligent Horsemanship

My first blog post, exciting times!

On 28th October Lluest Equine Centre in Aberystwyth was most definitely the place to be….why?….because the one and only Monty Roberts was in town! 2,136 more words