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A year ago (almost to the day) I broke my arm in a bad fall, from this guy- my soul mate and one of my favourite beings to hang out with. 135 more words

Pebble In Your Shoe

Okay, so this isn’t about your shoes-or is it? You’ll have to decide.

Got to thinking-how often do you check the fit of the saddle? Oh, I know you do when you first get it, but after that? 415 more words

Learning the Right Way

This is something that, in my experience, 99% of people will not take the time to do. Oh, there’ll be those who will SAY they do and some of them will even do to the lengths of hanging out a shingle of being a “certified ___ level trainer of the ____ ” school of thought. 266 more words

Finding the Present Moment with Horses

It has been suggested that one of the things that sets humans apart from other animals is our ability to think of the past and of the future. 618 more words

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The Roundpen

The Round Pen

By Kelli Paulson

Round pens, when used correctly, are an asset to horse training. Recently, I have heard many horse people, including some clinicians, state that they don’t like round pens and all the endless running and mindless circles. 642 more words

The Path of Horsemanship

I won’t lie-I thought I was pretty knowledgeable about horses. Downright cocky in fact. I’d owned and ridden horses for 20 years and read absolutely everything I could possibly get my hands on. 459 more words


As I watch Bonnie go from scared to confident I’ve been thinking about her feelings. Natural horsemanship programs talk a lot about how the horse feels about what we are doing. 650 more words