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Flaws in predator/prey model...

In my experience horses are herd animals with a strong sense of self preservation, not prey animals like small rodents.  I have no desire for my horse to see me as a predator,  and here is an example of  why. 32 more words


To bit or not to bit...

Bitless is becoming more and more ‘normal’ practice as time goes on. When I first learnt to ride I’d never heard of Bitless, and when I realised what it was I thought it would be exclusively for very good ponies! 417 more words


If a mare loves you.

I introduced a new human to my horses. And they came all running towards us to smell our new guest. I have never seen a human staying in this wonderful energy of peace when suddenly all horses came really close so investigate him.

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Elimination Habits

I love getting questions from people about Fell Ponies because in answering them I inevitably learn something new.  So I was thrilled to find a question in my inbox.  369 more words

Fell Ponies

April's Really Great Horsemanship Tip!

Striving for Progress

When is good enough ~ Good enough? That is going to depend on us.  Our expectations, our comfort level with discomfort, our commitment to perfection, our goals and likely most importantly, the company we keep; our influencers. 717 more words


Celebrating a Training Success

Many years ago, one of my first natural horsemanship instructors told me that while, yes, when we train our own ponies, we are responsible for their shortcomings, but on the other hand we can also take credit for their successes.  202 more words

Fell Ponies

Stick This in Your Mouth and Tell Me How You Feel

If you see a bit like this, RUN, DON’T WALK, TO THROW IT IN THE GARBAGE.  I took this photo off a horse retail website, with comments next to it like:  ” . 135 more words

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