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Videos are Good

I’ve known for years that a video is a useful tool to analyse and improve one’s riding.  No surprises there… well, it never dawned on me that it might also be a useful tool to improve one’s groundwork.   1,212 more words


The Invaluable Rope Halter

The most used tool in a Horseman’s kit is without doubt, the rope halter.

Made from one continuous piece of strong rope, a rope halter gives… 544 more words


Covering the Knots

I went by the barn yesterday afternoon to feed everybody. I was planning on staying only a very short time, but the day turned out so lovely (40+ degrees and sunny!) that I could hardly tear myself away. 833 more words


Life lessons from a cob

Following my session with Prince early last week, I was on a complete high – he’d given me some great stuff out in the field, I managed to get a response I didn’t think I’d get when I’d put him in a situation where I changed our environment a lot in one go.  911 more words

Riding Around...

How are those goals coming along?

Well.  Um.

Things just keep happening.

But despite that, we’re halfway there.

Remember I said Aero was cough free in my last post? Well, he was cough free for five days and then, on Thursday, he was coughing again.   402 more words


Testing the waters

It feels like spring is trying to mount a charge: the daylight hours are increasing, and I even spot a glowing orb in the sky on some days.  616 more words

Riding Around...

A Goal

It turns out that I’m a person who needs goals and deadlines – quelle surprise!  In early January, while others all around were stating their objectives for the year, I had a secret goal which did not happen due to my unexpected trip to Ireland.   217 more words