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Horse Agility - Obstacle One.

Over the last week, Freya has been practising hard on her ‘Walk’, ‘Trot’ and ‘Stand’ commands; the importance of in-hand work is invaluable to the relationship between owner & horse and I one-hundred-and-ten-percent champion, that if your horse does not trust and respect you on the ground, why on earth would you expect them do so on their backs. 147 more words


Parelli Level 1 Lesson 2- Zoneology and Preparing to Play

Lesson 2 was basically getting familiar with the zones of a horse, and getting comfortable with tools (such as the carrot stick). I have got the zones and drive line down,  but still not real handy with the stick and rope. 34 more words



Sometimes watching ‘Breaking Bad’ and making things with your hands is the best way to end the day.

My handmade mecate reins will be for sale on Etsy in no time for all you horse lovers that are in the market!

Happy {almost} weekend!


Leading Stage 1 

I am obsessed with this horse! He is beyond perfect. I’ll admit, Monday session did not go as planned.  I had big goals, but nothing went as planned and we lost daylight too quickly and we both got frustrated.   129 more words


First Canter since bad spill last year!

So I am sure others could have done it much quicker…like the following day.  Or week.  But Chief and I took our time.  After Chief making calm transitions from trot to canter on a long line I felt like it was time for us to take the next step and ride him into a canter! 244 more words

Learning canter departures

In a recent lesson, Scott learned how to ask Parker for the canter from the walk, the halt, and the backup. He also practiced moving with the canter — the more “still” a rider looks in the saddle, the more they are moving fluidly and harmoniously with the horse! 26 more words

Natural Horsemanship


This is the place where I will share some musings on horses and other things I find of interest to write about, create, see, cook, photo, fall off of and dive into.  Enjoy the adventures with me!

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