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Be Humbled

How many times have you went to your horse with the idea of “teaching” him something, only to have him turn around and “teach” you a thing or two? 160 more words

Never be afraid to tell your horse off

Horses are big, potentially deadly, animals who have no respect for those below them in the pecking order. If you intend to be handling and working with horses, you have to make sure you are above them in the pecking order otherwise it can put everyone involved at risk. 405 more words


Is your horse hard to catch?

Lets get into real problem solving instead dealing with a symptom, it is obvious your horse does not want to be with you. This is your horse loudly speaking to you. 972 more words

Understanding Horses

The Happy Place

Everyone’s looking for the happy place. This is where life is beautiful, there are no pressures on us and no stress, this is where we can relax and enjoy what the world has to offer. 542 more words

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Pressure-release or Punishment-release? You make the difference.

I remember well, about 20 years ago in Holland we were so excited. We had found (thanks to the internet) Natural horsemanship, after the encounter with a look-alike ‘fake’ trainer a friend decided to go to the source. 663 more words

Understanding Horses

How to prepare your horse for riding when the snow is falling off the arena roof

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny, warm day. The snow was melting rapidly, it was dripping everywhere. It sure felt like spring! Hard to believe that only a little over a week ago we had temperatures in the minus thirties!! 756 more words


Why become a barefoot trimmer?

The other day my friend asked me why I wanted  to learn, in her words “horse manicures”.  The question caught me slightly off guard and I did not have a great response and chalked it up to my long time love for horses. 167 more words

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