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The Path of Horsemanship

I won’t lie-I thought I was pretty knowledgeable about horses. Downright cocky in fact. I’d owned and ridden horses for 20 years and read absolutely everything I could possibly get my hands on. 459 more words


As I watch Bonnie go from scared to confident I’ve been thinking about her feelings. Natural horsemanship programs talk a lot about how the horse feels about what we are doing. 650 more words

Give Your Horse a Chance to Get It Right: How to NOT Scare Him Away from Finding the Correct Response

Guess what? There have been thousands of times our horses have tried to answer our requests, maybe in several “not-quite-right” ways, but then because of the way  658 more words


Congratulations Maddy on your next adventure

The working students gathered today for a brief ice-cream social to say goodbye and good luck to Maddy, who is leaving for Florida to spend some months as a working student with Parelli Professional… 152 more words

Natural Horsemanship

An Update on my Horse situation

One con of having short term shares on ponies is that it takes a while to build a meaningful bond, and by that time I usually have to say goodbye. 435 more words


Dream it. 

Friday, July 29, 2016
I thought the last post would be the final for July but this evenings little 4.25 mile ride deserves mention.

First Nette and friends created a custom felt shim pad for me from a template of Pam’s to pull the front of my saddle up just a touch. 619 more words