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Knowledge base completion 101

Knowledge base completion (KBC) is not a standard task in natural language processing nor in machine learning. A search on Google scholar results in only over 100 article containing this phrase. 1,072 more words

Natural Language Understanding

Intuition, knowledge base completion and natural language understanding

Everybody has experienced the gut feeling that we “know” something but can’t explain. It might be that a new classmate will be your best friend or there is something wrong in a situation. 490 more words

Natural Language Understanding

Natural language understanding: Will we ever get there?

When I was in high school in Vietnam, my teachers insisted that the sole goal of high school years is to get us into a good university. 448 more words

Natural Language Understanding

Review: Opinion and Suggestion Analysis for Expert Recommendations

In an article titled Opinion and Suggestion Analysis for Expert Recommendations (available at the Association of Computational Linguistics Anthology), Anna Stavrianou and Caroline Brun, from the Xerox Research Centre Europe, … 483 more words

Computational Linguistics

Easy mobile shopping with Speech Recognition

Lately I’ve been doing quite a bit of mobile app dev that integrates advanced speech recognition. Everyone has heard of Siri and the likes, but not everyone is yet familiar with the integration of speech recognition within custom mobile apps. 71 more words

Mobile Monday Boston – Healthcare Developers Take on The Hub

By Jonathon Dreyer, Director of Mobile Solutions Marketing, Nuance

I had the pleasure to attend Mobile Monday Boston (@momoboston) on April 8. In addition to running into one of our partners, … 514 more words