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References from a talk on AI and procedural narrative

Last night I spoke to the Oxford AI Meetup about a variety of work going around artificial intelligence and (especially) game narrative. We talked about simulation-based and narrative-model based approaches to plot generation, agent-driven stories, dialogue selection and generation, and natural language understanding, with an emphasis on relatively recent or ongoing research projects and released games. 220 more words

Interactive Fiction

Droppin' Science on Haters

My two rap-related projects, Raplyzer, which analyzes the rhyme density of different rappers, and DeepBeat, which is a rap lyrics generating AI, were widely covered in the media last year. 1,631 more words

Google Releases New Tools to Help Computers Learn English

Helping computers understand human speech is a holy grail for computer scientists. Being able to interact vocally or via written word as opposed to a keyboard and mouse opens up a range of scenarios as we’re starting to see from products like Apple Siri and Amazon Echo. 12 more words