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[Case Study] Using Luminoso for predictive analytics

New case study: Using predictive analytics for disease tracking

For many companies, using predictive models to uncover and forecast customer intent is critical to managing and increasing customer satisfaction.  263 more words

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[Case study] How shoppers select stores - just in time for Black Friday!

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving, everyone! I, for one, can’t wait to fill my plate up with some stuffing.

Also, whether you’re ready for it or not, the holiday shopping season is almost upon us. 294 more words

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Luminoso featured in O'Reilly's "Current State of Machine Intelligence 3.0"

O’Reilly recently published their annual landscape of machine intelligence companies, along with an excellent overview of the state of the industry and how businesses are beginning to implement artificial intelligence and machine learning. 304 more words

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Science changes business, and here's how you should handle it

This week’s post was written by Alice Kaanta, Product Manager at Luminoso.

Working at Luminoso Technologies has given me a new appreciation of the reality behind the news, particularly those about artificial intelligence (AI) and how, “It’s changing the world!”. 831 more words

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[Case study] Using contact center data to find insights and streamline processes

You can download the full case study here.

Companies are increasingly realizing that their contact center data, including transcripts of phone calls, web chats, and emails, can be a valuable source of insights. 208 more words

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Keeping up with customer feedback: using AI to make the most of your data

Once customers choose a product or service, the continuing success of their relationship with that company depends on customer support. Get it right and win loyal customers for life. 547 more words

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