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Google Duplex did not pass the Turing Test

“It turns out a big part of getting things done is making a phone call,” intones Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, as he introduces Google Duplex. 467 more words

Artificial Intelligence

Replicable by design

At EACL last year, I had a lengthy chat with a guy next to his poster about the (ir)replicability of some high-profile papers in information retrieval [1]. 917 more words

Natural Language Understanding

Tips & Tricks for building a better LUIS model - 2

2017 ended up making ‘chatbots’ not a trend but an essential in the tech world. With the rise of chatbots, building up effective natural language understanding (NLU) models is a must. 449 more words


The Present and Future of Chatbots

Throughout the 20th and 21st century, there have been countless works of science fiction that feature the presence of robots with artificial intelligence. Just the idea of being able to interact and converse with an intelligent system like HAL from 2001 A Space Odyssey brings exciting chills to all  readers. 445 more words


Thoughts on machine learning for customer service chatbots

I’m thinking out loud a bit about machine learning strategies for customer service chatbots. Bear with me. More question than answers, because some of the strategies I see, I just fail to understand. 431 more words

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Phrase Detectives caught me by surprise

I got 52% play Phrase Detective on Facebook. How could I get a PhD in Natural Language Processing?

Just kidding, I’m not worrying at all about graduation but just a bit surprised by some features of the game. 838 more words

Natural Language Understanding

Chatbot hypen

Det er lite tvil om at chatbot har fått mye oppmerksomhet, men med tanke på at 80% av kundekommunikasjon fortsatt foregår enten på telefon eller epost, så er det kanskje litt for tidlig å begynne med automatisering på en mindre brukt kanal som chat reellt sett oftest er. 276 more words