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Google Releases New Tools to Help Computers Learn English

Helping computers understand human speech is a holy grail for computer scientists. Being able to interact vocally or via written word as opposed to a keyboard and mouse opens up a range of scenarios as we’re starting to see from products like Apple Siri and Amazon Echo. 12 more words


Move over Echo, meet the Pyramid

While the Amazon Echo is a nice device, it’s not especially friendly to repurposing. I wanted a point of presence for my sentient spaces projects (Sentient Smart Home and Sentient Garage) but could not work out how to get the Echo to do what I wanted without having to bounce off another web service in addition to… 290 more words

Apache NiFi

Adding natural language understanding to IoT sentient spaces with api.ai

While CMU Sphinx is great for recognizing key words and phrases, something else is needed to do real natural language understanding (NLU). RTSRServer, part of… 374 more words