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[Report] The reality of artificial intelligence

You can download the report here.

What impact is artificial intelligence (AI) and unstructured data having in the age of connected intelligence?

Forrester, one of the most influential research and advisory firms in the world, believes that 25 percent of job tasks in the world will be impacted by AI in some fashion within the next three years.  102 more words

Natural Language Understanding

Oscars, meet science: Luminoso predicts the Best Picture winner

Click here to read Variety’s coverage of this analysis.

This year’s Golden Globes have come and gone (the glamour! the speeches! the surprise kisses!), but Oscar season is almost upon us. 692 more words

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[Case Study] How C Space used Luminoso to find key themes in caregiver feedback

New case study: How C Space used Luminoso to find key insights in caregiver data

C Space, a customer agency and Luminoso partner, manages online communities which their Fortune 500 clients tap into to learn more about their customers and drive growth. 193 more words

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Catherine Havasi on AI, sentiment analysis, and understanding data in real-time

Another week, another interview with our CEO Catherine Havasi to share!

AIBusiness, a leading source of news on artificial intelligence (AI) in business, recently sat down with Catherine to discuss the impact AI is having on enterprises… 95 more words

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Luminoso CEO Catherine Havasi featured in Inc. article

One of the key challenges facing customer-centric companies today is how to make sense of the ever-increasing stream of feedback and other consumer data. For many, the solution is to incorporate natural language understanding (NLU) into their processes – but this technology is new and unfamiliar for many. 142 more words

Natural Language Understanding

5 steps to make the most of customer feedback using AI and natural language understanding

Steve Jobs once said, “It is not the customer’s job to know what they want.” It’s up to you to discover and deliver what they want, when, how and where they want it. 628 more words

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You don't need the Cloud to use natural language understanding technology

We’re excited to announce that our software, which incorporates word embeddings, can be run on a Raspberry Pi – the equivalent of an iPhone 5. In trials done earlier this month, we demonstrated that using only a Raspberry Pi and about 100 megs of ram, our AI software can process four novels’ worth of text in around eight minutes. 299 more words

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