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a16z Podcast: Bots and Beyond

So… about those bots. Bots bots bots. Bots!

In this episode of the botcast, a16z partners Benedict Evans and Connie Chan — along with Chris Messina, longtime advocate of the open web and more — pull apart various threads related to the topic of bots, mobile, and beyond: the (evolution?) from web to apps to messaging to bots; chat as an interface; “conversational commerce”; and so on. 136 more words

Automation & Robotics

MIT Technology Review: How To Prevent a Plague of Dumb Chatbots

MIT Technology Review: How to prevent a plague of dumb chatbots. “You can now chat with all sorts of bots through a number of messaging services including Kik, WeChat, Telegram, and now, Facebook Messenger. 59 more words

Around The Search & Social Media World

Cognitive Computing: A Once in a Generation Race

I was a slow runner as a boy (jokes to a minimum please).  I hated playing those backyard games where I had to chase people around.   768 more words


Keep in touch!

It’s not often that we can physically bring a visitor into the classroom, but social media and classroom technology means that putting your students in touch with your friends is easier than ever. 218 more words

Pluralising isiZulu nouns, automatically

Generating the plural of a noun in the singular looked so trivial… one set of ‘boring’ rules from the prefixes listed in the standard table of the noun class system for isiZulu—neatly paired by singular and plural—and you’re done. 922 more words

Computer Science

a16z Podcast: The Dream of AI Is Alive in Go

Why are people so fired up about a computer winning yet another game? Whether it’s checkers, chess, Jeopardy, or the ancient Chinese game of Go, we get excited about the potential for more when we see computers beat humans. 178 more words

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