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Some Exercises on Truth Conditional Semantics (1)

The domain of quantification: every set and every individual and every possible world.

(∀S)(∀t)(∀a)(True(“a-is-a-Christian-minister-in-Canada” S, t) ↔ a is a Christian minister in Canada)
(∀S)(∀t)(∀a)(True(“a-is-a-creature-with-torso” S, t) ↔ S, t) ↔ a is a creature with torso) 32 more words

Some Posts In Analytic Periods

Stock Market Prediction With Natural Language Machine Learning

Machines – is there anything they can’t learn? 20 years ago, the answer to that question would be very different. However, with modern processing power and deep learning tools, it seems that computers are getting quite nifty in the brainpower department. 282 more words

Software Hacks

Alexa, Phone Joe

By now, the story of how Amazon Alexa recorded a private conversation and sent the recording off to a colleague is well-known.  Amazon has said that the event was a highly unlikely series of circumstances that will only happen very rarely.  344 more words

Technology And Culture

Google just gave a stunning demo of Assistant making an actual phone call - The Verge

Stunning is an appropriate choice of words to describe the Google Assistant demo this story is talking about.

The example of the technology was in showing how the voice assistant in Google Assistant has gotten better at speaking in a natural language and in understanding what is being said. 54 more words


Chat with RATP

The public transportation agency of Paris (RATP) is  going more and more digital. The company tries to innovate every time. Last year it was the hybrid or fully electric buses. 359 more words


ICTs for South Africa's indigenous languages should be a national imperative, too

South Africa has 11 official languages with English as the language of business, as decided during the post-Apartheid negotiations. In practice, that decision has resulted in the other 10 being sidelined, which holds even more so for the nine indigenous languages, as they were already underresourced. 1,454 more words

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