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AJ Shankar was busy working on his PhD thesis at the University of California, Berkeley in the prestigious Programming Systems Lab, where he published a number of important papers in OOPSLA and PLDI. 893 more words

Ted Cruz and Artificial Intelligence

Computers do better than humans at recognizing personality and emotion in language. Why, and how is this helping people like Ted Cruz advance in the polls? 1,422 more words


The absolutely basics about the USA

The governing body of the American democracy is the Congress. It comprises the Senate and the House of Representatives. It is located in the Capitol Hill. 414 more words

American English

Google's Natural Language Search Getting Smarter

Google’s natural language search is getting smarter. “Google is saying their search engine is getting better at understanding our natural language searches by specifically better handling superlatives, times and more complicated questions.”


The Future of Voice: What's Next After Siri, Alexa and Ok Google

Ever since the dawn of computing technology in the 1950s, scientists and consumers alike have dreamed of bridging the gap between man and machine with natural spoken language. 1,070 more words


On Cultural/Domain Languages

Mastering natural languages (e.g., human languages, such as English, Chinese, Arabic) can get you far in communicating one’s needs, but to truly establish understanding or to avoid misunderstanding, language must be put in cultural context (e.g., responding, “Excellent” to “Would you like more soup?” in Japanese means you don’t want any more soup, though it was excellent, so… 220 more words