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I 5 benefici del Self-Service e Natural Language

AICEX: i sistemi di self-service si sono evoluti enormemente. Esploriamo alcuni benefici delle nuove tecnologie che comprendono anche il riconoscimento vocale e il voice to text. 689 more words

Customer Experience

Communication, Literature, Translation

A couple of readers of a recent post of mine objected to my claim that literature makes very little use of the common tools of interpersonal communication. 1,260 more words

natural and artificial languages, and scripts and gestures

Is classical Chinese a natural language? Artificial language?

According to Wikipedia (our most reliable source, “naturally”), a natural language is “unpremeditated” when it is used. When someone is truly fluent in classical Chinese, what happens in their brains? 225 more words


zipfs law

Zipf’s Law


  • Edleno et all, Fast and Flexible Word Searching on Compressed Texts
  • Zipf, G. 1949, Human Behaviour and the Principle of Least Effort, Addison Wesley…
  • 70 more words

heaps law

Heaps Law


  • Edleno et all, Fast and Flexible Word Searching on Compressed Texts
  • Heaps, J, 1978, Information Retrieval – Computational and Theoretical Aspects, Academic Press…
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LOL RIP: Posthumous Tweeting and Natural Language Processing

On cold, dark nights when the internet is down, what keeps me up is the thought of my future children tracing every ill-advised status update and photo uploaded to the internet in my teenage years. 902 more words

Facebook just bought a natural language startup you've likely never heard of..

… but it’s exceedingly cool. I took a quick peek at wit.ai’s website and signed up for their service. It’s a fast way to help developers build a natural language interface to their applications. 34 more words