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Our ESWC17 demos: TDDonto2 and an OWL verbaliser for isiZulu

Besides the full paper on heterogeneous alignments for 14th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC’17) that will take place next week in Portoroz, Slovenia, we also managed to squeeze out two demo papers. 614 more words

Ontology Development

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a highly debated field of computer science. Very few people really seem to agree on it so I went fishing to see if I could pull a general consensus from the internet of things. 789 more words

Which is better: Alexa or Assistant?

2016 saw personal assistant technology mushroom. The big developments were natural language capability and device innovation. Although market shares are closely guarded company secrets, the dominant players are finishing the year neck and neck in capacity. 760 more words


Personal Assistant Arms Race

Coevolution occurs when the changes in a trait in a population of organism is directly influenced by the changes in some complementary trait in another population of organism, and vice versa. 313 more words


RASA NLU gives developers an open source solution for natural language processing

@tachyeonz : For better or worse, 2016 was another year of bots. I probably got more pitches for bot startups than anything else. And yet, bots are far from hitting their stride. 22 more words


Free Text Mining, Text Analysis, Text Analytics Books

@tachyeonz : Free Text Mining, Text Analysis, Text Analytics Books: Text Mining is the process of discovering unknown information, by an automatic process of extracting the information from a large data set of different unstructured textual resources. 30 more words


Robot peppers, monkey gland sauce, and go well—Say again? reviewed

The previous post about TDDonto2 had as toy example a pool braai, which does exist in South Africa at least, but perhaps also elsewhere under a different name: the… 1,405 more words

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