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Spirit Pot Dangers, other bollocks

I find it rather interesting that people search for things on Spirit Pots, but they never come to me and ask questions. Uh, straight from the horses mouth? 727 more words


The Magical World To Me

I’ve been reading different articles and books and kinda decided that most of the work I do is on the “left hand path.” If you want to put a label on it. 616 more words


Spiritual Things

Well, I’m done ranting about world events for now. It felt good to get some of that shit off of my chest. I hope I do not offend too many people. 1,413 more words


Occult Elitism

This is just something I’m writing. It’s my opinion. If you agree, fine. If you don’t, still, fine.

In every occult branch, there are elitists. People who are high and mighty, who think they know everything and claim to be some very High Priest/ess in an exclusive group or sect. 260 more words


Sometimes you can screw up

I’ll admit, I screwed up. Someone came to me for an uncrossing and a road opening. I took precedence over the road opening part, and kinda forgot the uncrossing – and here is how I found out… 105 more words


How magic is the last ‘go to’ approach

Magic is something very powerful, it can also be very damaging if misused and not handled with care, understanding or correct application. This is not about what you are capable of doing potentially to bring on a desired change, but how and when you do it. 625 more words

My "go-to" cleansers for everything

These are my “go-to” cleansers for everything if I need them.

Cleansing Bath

  • Rue
  • Arrasa Con Todo plant (Original Botanica or auctions609) – Really no substitute…
  • 239 more words