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Crazy Energy

I’ve been working every day and have been experiencing a large amount of energy. Not just my own energy, but energy from the beings that I work with. 551 more words


Seeing Positive Change (Occult & Non)

Hopefully I’m not speaking too soon…

If you readers can’t tell already, I’m not exactly a social butterfly. I don’t have a lot of local friends. 579 more words


My Work Is Never Done :)

Ah. My work is really never done. I have gone through a lot of dry spells. Lately, things have been really good on the work front. 179 more words


Random Ramblings: A Full Moon Ritual

I just performed a highly personal full moon ritual. I cannot really go into details, but it is a change ritual. Not a Zagan rite though. 254 more words


Dmitry Distant / Natural Magic - Dark Leader 003 [DL003]

Dark Leader 003 featuring Riga’s Dmitry Distant and Portland’s own Natural Magic. Side A begins with “Tukšums” a driving acid jam by Dmitry Distant that brings the energy level up to 11. 68 more words


Natural Magic by Doreen Valiente

Natural Magic is a fantastic book. Written in a very accessible and personable manner, it teaches the witch about what magic truly is. This particular book resonates with me mainly because I believe magic resides inside us and what we use are extensions or tools to this. 147 more words


My Husband's Magic

All of the work that I did for my husband was through the Demons. I had a lot of success through them. I started with a Demon who would help my cause, a Demon who would remove obstacles and worked with them for quite awhile, when the paperwork was processing. 108 more words