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Virtues of Salt, the Banes of Salt/Delepitore oleum

I know a ton of people add some kind of salt to water for consecration or to cleanse items, and to protect their homes and what not. 217 more words

Natural Magic

The “Natural Magic” of Giambattista della Porta

This is a famous book, but an odd one to modern eyes. Wikipedia calls it “… a fine example of pre-Baconian science.”, which might be correct but doesn’t mean much to most people. 1,179 more words


Sahumerio Incense

This is a blend I’m going to experiment with. Anyone care to join me? This incense is intensely purifying and it removes bad energies out of an area. 78 more words

Natural Magic


I am diligently planning the work I need to do. Its not going to be an easy job by any meaning. I’ve got to talk to my godfather about some things first. 39 more words


Random Ramblings: Home for now

My husband came up to Portland to pick up Aleister and I. Before I start writing I have to explain his name.

Aleister was NOT named after the infamous Crowley. 240 more words

Working With The Dead

Major Work To Do

I’m going to be doing some major work coming up when I get home. It’s something very important. I’m not going to tell you all what it is because it’s too personal, and I don’t need anything or anyone tampering with my work. 55 more words



I was talking to my godfather last night and learning about his Demonic tradition. WOW. It is REALLY cool and super different than anything I have ever heard of. 237 more words