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May Day

May Day is here and seeds are sown.

The fire’s lit and bones are thrown.

The Fairies fed and plans are made.

Promises kept and offerings laid. 65 more words


Random Rambling: Wowzers!

(Yes, I am aware that this tells you how old I am…lol)

Energy is just humming! We had a thunderstorm last night so I put a jar of water out there to get the energy from the storm. 121 more words


Taking on my opinions (On Spirit Vessels)

I recently read something that kind of irked me, once again. It was almost mocking my spirit pot/box ideas. Well, it WAS mocking my ideas. People don’t understand me. 280 more words


Relationship with Demons/Questions

I find that I can have a relationship with Demons as well as the Kimpungulu. I never really intended to break the relationship I have with the Demons. 303 more words


Oh god..this is going to raise some hackles... (A Rant)

I don’t like naming names on my blog, but there are some real fakes out there, just trying to make money off of you, the internet casual reader, occult consumer, or even seasoned magician. 477 more words


Mariwanga is back

Sometime this week, Mariwanga came back to me. Another name for her is Centella Ndoki. I worked with her with my first godfather. She was my main female energy. 130 more words


Natural magic journeys : Ondines

For the last few years, I have cautiously, yet certainly, started to tread upon the path of magic. I think for all purposes, I have been doing this ever since I acquired my first tarot deck back in 2008 or thereabouts. 1,056 more words

Dark Goddess Tarot