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Random Ramblings: Some thinking...

Ah, always the dreamer I am. But you know, I rarely divine for myself. I leave my questions to my muertos first, then Lucero, then my godfather. 377 more words

Natural Magic

Magic: Fast Results

I was holding back some information. We just got some incredible luck.

My husband lost his job almost two months ago. Unemployment was stalling because he needs to change professions. 91 more words


Think about this...

These writings are from another person, who is dead now, and his books are hard to find. I just happen to know the right people to hook me up. 178 more words

Natural Magic

Natürliche Magie. Zur Tradition des „Okkulten“ in der Medizin der Neuzeit (2004/2005)

Mein Artikel “Natürliche Magie. Zur Tradition des ‘Okkulten’ in der Medizin der Neuzeit” erschien in: Scheidewege 34 (2004/2005); S. 174-192.

Nur die beiden ersten Seiten sind von der Zeitschrift… 49 more words


Change of plans..

I had to change my ritual focus and the mpungo that I’m working with. I heard a voice yesterday that whispered Chola Wengue. Everything is going pretty well. 116 more words


Top 4 Herbs for the Witch's Garden

While I’m a fan of biodiversity in the garden and love getting to know new plants, the truth is I come back to the same plants over and over for spiritual work and spell work. 614 more words

Green Witchcraft

"High Magic" vs. "Low Magic"

Hello blog readers.

Note: A friend made me aware that this post could offend people. I am sorry. But it’s my opinion. And it’s my First Amendment right to speak as I choose. 574 more words