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Recipe for BeeLoveds

I came upon a question today that asked how I bring spiritual practices into beekeeping.  While it is a great question that I can answer on many different levels, especially as spiritual beekeeping tends to lovingly caress everything I do in my life, the woman asking seemed to be looking for specific practices.  236 more words


Bee Priestess

I think it is important to define what a bee priestess is because people call me a bee priestess and I have been struggling with that term.  419 more words


Between Superstition and Reason

Today I want to tell you about a sixteenth century polymath called Giambattista della Porta. Unfortunately, I don’t know when his birthday was but he might have been born in 1535. 1,079 more words

Brilliant Europeans

Another success

Ah! Zarabanda is really helping me out! I got another job to do. Going to be intense magic. I’ll be working with Chola Wengue. I work with her A LOT. 100 more words


The Secret of Contacting Muertos/Muertas

I’m sure that most of you reading would like to know how to connect to the Dead or ancestors. There are many secrets to find out how to work with them and get your magic to work through them. 611 more words


Spirit Pots, magic, ancestors

zarabanda sigil – Zarabanda has many FIRMAS, not sigils. Yes, they are similar, but they don’t work the same way. And if you are a novice – 349 more words


Spirit Boxes: Another Way to Communicate

Hey blog readers…

I had interesting moment last night. I thought, I wonder if I can instruct ordinary people how to get involved with the spirit current. 590 more words