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Enhancements You Can Make For Your Energies

I wanted to talk a bit about some enhancements you can make to give your energy a bit of oomph, and quite possibly some healing that you may need that will boost your energies. 849 more words


How Does My Magic Work?

I’ve probably hacked this subject to death, but a really *friendly* (check out the sarcasm) Palero commented in my blog and it made me look into how my magic works even more. 275 more words


Kind of Ironic, I Guess

Well, it’s sure taking people a long time to find me and my blog! Sorry to those who want to build Spirit Pots now. I’m just over it. 400 more words


Random Ramblings: Bruja Prado: Mistress of Love Magic

Instead of rather loathing love magic, I have actually found it to be wonderful. :D It does give me cues into human psychology for sure. How people are so primal when it comes to the most interesting things, the basics. 216 more words


Honouring our ancestors

Today is Samhain. Today is the Day of the Dead. Today is a New Moon in Scorpio. It is a time of potency, and a time of magic. 712 more words

Haindl Tarot


I just wanted to give thanks to Chola Wengue for all of the jobs that she has been giving me. I am so grateful to her. 86 more words



Just been busy with work lately. I haven’t had too much else going on as of late except work my magical stuff and do the videos. 279 more words