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So that I am in the graces of my Congo mama, Chola Wengue, I’m offering a free love ritual to anyone who needs love magic and that answers a few questions for me. 84 more words

Natural Magic

Random Ramblings: ATRs and Demons, Oh My!

I have discussed a couple of different topics about the ATR’s and I. About how I got into it and some things I have done, magical workings, ancestors and such. 298 more words



Man, shit goes crazy sometimes. I just did one of those automated tarot readings and it blew me away. Then I got my Demonic sigil cards out and they got even crazier. 50 more words


Secrets of a Sorceress

Think of the things that people practice during magical operations. Everyone does things differently. Personally, I’ll share quite a bit, but some things are too personal to divulge.  370 more words


Cleansing and Attracting

Limpia for House

If you are cleansing the house, here is my best limpia.

  • Rosemary
  • Rue
  • Bay Laurel
  • Capful of Ammonia or Urine (Urine is better, shows ownership)
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Natural Magic

Going well

My magic is going well. I have all positive omens. I think I’ll keep using the Demonic circle because it holds more energy. Plus I get more messages from the Demons. 95 more words


Still Working...

I’m still working on breaking obstacles. My husband has the weirdest luck problem I’ve ever encountered. Fortunately, I’m able to help him out of most of his bad luck. 140 more words