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Hard Work-N-Things

I’ve been working my little magical ass off. I have two clients at once, with two very different magical outcomes. It’s not all that confusing because I’m used to it. 273 more words

Natural Magic

Dmitry Distant / Natural Magic - Dark Leader 003 [DL003]

Dark Leader 003 featuring Riga’s Dmitry Distant and Portland’s own Natural Magic. Side A begins with “Tukšums” a driving acid jam by Dmitry Distant that brings the energy level up to 11. 68 more words


Natural Magic by Doreen Valiente

Natural Magic is a fantastic book. Written in a very accessible and personable manner, it teaches the witch about what magic truly is. This particular book resonates with me mainly because I believe magic resides inside us and what we use are extensions or tools to this. 147 more words


My Husband's Magic

All of the work that I did for my husband was through the Demons. I had a lot of success through them. I started with a Demon who would help my cause, a Demon who would remove obstacles and worked with them for quite awhile, when the paperwork was processing. 108 more words


Nothing is too big to ask for

When you are working with magic, with Demons or whomever, nothing is too big to ask for, unless it is superficial. It’s got to have meaning. 388 more words

Natural Magic

Results n stuff

I got some excellent magical results.:) I’m so happy!!! I lived in uncertainty for a long time, and now I don’t have to worry anymore. Let’s just say it was money issues. 129 more words


Doing a little magic

Just flexing my magical muscles here…working for my husband. I got this inspiration yesterday to throw some herbal ingredients together. I didn’t have any cloth bags around, so I used a little spice jar. 212 more words

Natural Magic