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What's Different? How Do I Practice Demonolatry?

With many traditions behind me, you may wonder, how do I do with what I do? I start with altars. I decorate them properly, with the items I need. 317 more words


The delights of making homemade BUTTER

Ever since I first spied an old butter churn in my parent’s antique shop, I’ve wanted to make my own butter.

I remember that churn distinctly.   1,391 more words

Creative Non-Fiction


So that I am in the graces of my Congo mama, Chola Wengue, I’m offering a free love ritual to anyone who needs love magic and that answers a few questions for me. 84 more words

Natural Magic

Random Ramblings: ATRs and Demons, Oh My!

I have discussed a couple of different topics about the ATR’s and I. About how I got into it and some things I have done, magical workings, ancestors and such. 298 more words



Man, shit goes crazy sometimes. I just did one of those automated tarot readings and it blew me away. Then I got my Demonic sigil cards out and they got even crazier. 50 more words


Secrets of a Sorceress

Think of the things that people practice during magical operations. Everyone does things differently. Personally, I’ll share quite a bit, but some things are too personal to divulge.  370 more words


Cleansing and Attracting

Limpia for House

If you are cleansing the house, here is my best limpia.

  • Rosemary
  • Rue
  • Bay Laurel
  • Capful of Ammonia or Urine (Urine is better, shows ownership)
  • 211 more words
Natural Magic