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Timely Disobedience

Musings 2: A Timely Disobedience
A snippet of a conversation which took place within fifteen minutes of introduction.

‘is your tongue pierced?’
‘are you planning on more piercings?’ 444 more words


Musings: Part One

My natural position is between your legs, on my knees. The mass of my hair pulled taut in your fist. Chin cocked at an angle, eyes averted sideways, lips poised. 42 more words


The Life (Mind) is a Progressive Reality.

The life is a progressive reality. The life expands with the expansion of mind. Whatever you put your attention upon, either the things, situation or people, you develop the knowing within your own mind, and expand your reaction, respond or your thoughts in the outside world. 1,066 more words


The life is Effortless, with the Natural order.

The natural order of life begins with the vibrations or empty space. The self-realization, to which the buddha called emptiness or nothingness. It’s the space of the higher vibrations or soul, that holds the life together. 1,323 more words


A touch of greenery


Outside the stones of human habitation
Where space is open enough,
Leisure, relaxation, a stretch of limbs outdoors,
Mediterranean or in Mexico perhaps, 121 more words

Eagle Circles Above (Haiku)

Eagle circles above

Seeking sustenance from earth

Nature’s perfection

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~



This is a new section I thought about creating the other day. Just a place to post good tunes that I think are worth a listen. 106 more words