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Elder Thaddeus: Because of the Fall of man, the natural order of things has become chaotic. . . .

Because of the Fall of man, the natural order of things has become chaotic. In nature, there is an order for all things, but with man there is chaos, Everything is distorted and turned around. 36 more words

Sayings From Saints, Elders, And Fathers

Thinky Thoughts - More about Marketing and Reviews.

On a couple of the Facebook author and reader groups I’m part of the readers have been sharing their frustration with the marketing habits of some of the authors. 892 more words

Natural Order

Ol' McDonald

Some people say men come from apes. Scientifically, we don’t. Even chronologically.

Hence the importance of education.

Let’s admit it. Everyone always goes through school. From prep to college universities, it will always be about the rewards you get along the way. 1,091 more words

Feeding the Beast – Marketing (review sites)

I’m not going to lie to y’all, I would much rather be writing then doing marketing. Writing is a lot more fun. There is a level of self-consciousness around marketing my work. 447 more words

Natural Order

Everyday Philosophy

Aristotle’s Claim: Man is a political animal vs. Hobbe’s Claim: The state of nature is a state of war

First of all I just wanted to put my analytic and “philosophical thinking” skills (if I have any, for that matter) to the test by doing an essay on the subject mentioned. 549 more words

Guardian Circle Recipes - Homemade Ginger Soda and Anti-Nausea Lollipops

I thought what might be kind of interesting is gathering up the foods mentioned the stories I write and sharing recipes so people can try to make them at home. 1,016 more words

Natural Order

07/29 for today

renunciation is a piercing virtue
the letting go
a presence for an expectation
~ emily dickinson

i’m not sure renunciation and refraining are the right words for me regarding my compulsive/addictive tendencies around food. 269 more words