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Amun Ra El Explains Nature

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Why are meats separated from fruits and vegetables in grocery stores?  Because raw meat contaminates life, argues Amun Ra El.   926 more words


Is God beyond logic and comprehension?

It is important to note that if God exists and He created our universe and natural order, then He existed before our very own existence. This follows that the natural law or the natural order of 414 more words

God's Existence

Fuck the Rules.

Think about the last time you were driving.  How fast were you going?  Was it at or below the posted speed limit?  If you were like me, you were going with the flow of traffic which is usually about 20% over.  1,398 more words

Challenge The Status Quo

How Wolves Change Rivers

The importance of the cycle of life, predator and prey relationships, and how humans fit into the scheme of things…  God is the perfect designer… 102 more words


People You Despise

Half century ago Tom Lehrer sang the words,
“It’s fun to eulogize the people you despise
So long as you don’t let ’em in your school!” 344 more words


Been Decreed

Mark of Cain they carry is only reason that we need
To make them walk three steps behind and perform our ugly deeds.
It is a lie that they are equal, their caste has been decreed; 219 more words


Mother Love

Last week I got sick with a nasty cold, and I wanted badly to check out of my life for a few days. There were things I should have done that I didn’t do, as happens when one is sick. 962 more words