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Mind the Canyon

There’s something I have been meaning to do in the last twenty-four hours…oh yes, that’s it…LAUGH! Laugh at Craig Levein and his ridiculous “natural order” comments.  1,102 more words


How to Order Versioned File Names Semantically in Java

In most cases, natural sorting by sorting lexicographically is useful as a default in Java. This includes sorting file names, which are sorted lexicographically as well. 963 more words


Jacinda Ardern Government – A Threat to Family, Women and the Unborn — Right to Life New Zealand

Media Release 19th October 2017 Right to Life warns that we now have a government whose social and moral agenda represents a clear threat to the natural order of our society.

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Blue-Eyed Aryan

Jesus was a blue-eyed Aryan,
that’s what pictures in my Bible say.
Crazy folks depict him otherwise,
that’s the trouble with the USA.

Too many people who think they’re right… 334 more words


Spiritual Spankings

My life has been weird to say the least.  But, of late, I’m having a few questions in the realm of my own interference in how the universe handles those “bad” people. 826 more words


Pondering 'Blade Runner 2049'

The Editress and I screened Blade Runner 2049 soon enough that we avoided exposure to spoilers per the advice of someone who saw it even earlier. 840 more words

How Wolves Change Rivers

The importance of the cycle of life, predator and prey relationships, and how humans fit into the scheme of things…  God is the perfect designer… 102 more words