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A Libertarian Who Returns to Their Vomit

I feel compelled to bring up an unpleasant but nevertheless truthful reality.

There are certain beliefs that, because of their consequences, are mutually exclusive of libertarian philosophy. 1,117 more words


from the RadioOzora backlist

More squelchy than a bag of frogs and a whole lot happier…. this melodic and trippy set of verses make for a surreal trip into the aurosphere. 289 more words

CCI - Commodifications Of Cultural Intelligence

Today's Plans: Publisher to the Rescue

Well, I was supposed to do some housecleaning today, but my publisher sent the final proof for the e-book version of Natural Order so now I have a completely justifiable excuse to do something else besides cleaning. 231 more words

Natural Order

New Beginnings

I admit it’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog, and I think it’s high time to change that. The past several years have brought a lot of changes for me. 300 more words

Natural Order

Our Lord & Governor

In reading from the Book of Common Prayer this morning with my coffee, I reflected upon the divine order of the universe. Firstly, the Faith of our Fathers tells us that… 261 more words



This – exchange – is a word with great meaning and benefit to life and destiny, but with a hidden agenda of satanic advantage to mess up destiny and destroy the soul in eternity. 2,396 more words


‘Gothic literature demonstrates the consequences of disrupting the natural order of things.’ Consider the texts you have read in light of this comment [40 marks]

Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’ sees Frankenstein disrupt the natural order of things through his act of playing god. The text addresses the consequences of this deed, in the form of the intellectual and physical decline of its protagonist, whose “fervent longing to penetrate the secrets of nature” (Gilbert and Gubar) brings death and destruction to those around him: “I had turned loose into the world a depraved wretch whose delight was carnage and misery”. 816 more words