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Such were some of you....

What is homosexuality? It’s a controversial topic to say the least. The Presbyterian Church (USA) just voted recently to update “its constitution to recognize same-sex marriage, bringing the laws of the nation’s eighth-largest Protestant denomination in line with its already accepted practices” according to… 889 more words


Pebbles and Leaves of Light

Leaves (well, ovals with a spine).

That’s what a ripple on the surface of water can do. Intriguingly, stones are rounded in ripples of water, and leaves, which eat light, have spines and edges of light. 10 more words

Nature Photography

Is There Scientific Evidence Of Natural Order?

In the physical sciences a theory can be postulated and then an environment created to test the theory and to prove the theory but even in the physical sciences there are theories that are beyond the ability to create an environment for testing. 299 more words

Divine Economy Theory


Artless: (adj) without guile or deception; simple and natural

I believe the phrase is, “I’m going to date myself.”

It doesn’t mean that I’m going to wine and dine some portion of my being over a very expensive dinner. 338 more words

The Bible and Homosexuality Part 2: Romans 1:16-32

In Part 1[i], we saw that homosexuality is sinful according to the four Old Testament passages that specifically and directly discuss homosexuality, plus in Jude 7 which refers to and expands upon one of the OT passages, Gen 19:1-11, the attempted rape of 2 angels by some men of Sodom. 1,469 more words


New Moon Reminder -- Aquarius/Pisces -- February 18, 2015

This month’s New Moon is so unique that I hope all of you take advantage of this burst of ethereal  energy to write out all of your affirmations, wishes, desires or needs. 1,021 more words

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