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How Babywearing saved my life...

This is not an over exaggeration of the facts. Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I LOVE babywearing. I did not babywear until my second child, and from then, the wonder and magic of strapping a baby to your chest became clear to me–why hadn’t I done this from the beginning?! 648 more words


And then there were three...

I’m sure you’ve noticed the lull in blog performance. I’m sure you cared. Weeped, sobbed… Or maybe not. Perhaps you just realized that by reading this that it’s been three weeks since my last post and are suddenly wondering “Why?” Well, the answer is simple. 960 more words


Mama & Baby achievement: One Year of Breastfeeding! (and still going strong)

The past few weeks have been crazy awesome. So many happy moments with my parents visiting and spending time with my now one-year old, who has started walking and chatting and interacting like a toddler on the verge. 1,461 more words


Eating Her Words.

Spine of Board Book must be a delicacy in certain Toddler Circles. Babystar loves to eat her books.

Though to be fair, she may have just been following instructions. 132 more words


Black Bean Brownies

Gluten-free. Guilt-free. Yummy-full.

Have fun watching your friends faces after you tell them they are eating black beans in their brownies!

Disclaimer: Are these as good as Betty Crocker boxed brownies? 105 more words

My journey into the crunchy lifestyle.

I was never raised crunchy, not one bit. My parents fully vaccinated me, I slept in a crib, I was breastfed for a few months and then switched to formula, I ate tons of processed, sugary and non-organic foods, I was on many different medications throughout my childhood years and I don’t think I ever touched probiotics or any kind of natural supplement. 892 more words

No tv no internet challenge days 4-7?

I don’t know what day we are on anymore! But here’s some of the adventures we have gone on in the last few days.

Kitchen games: one of Harrison’s favourite past times is emptying my kitchen cupboards. 207 more words

Mummy Monday