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I do not need approval

Ever since January and I read a blog about an Ex-wife writing a letter to the new Step-mom, so many questions began to filter through me as I looked at my own family situation: 34 more words

Natural Parenting

Lets Strip Them Off! - Stripping those Stanky Diapers

So it’s happened. The dreaded cloth diaper stink. I know many of you are have a moment of PTSD. I am sorry, breathe and I will tell you of my ways. 696 more words


Our bedtime practice

As a Pagan mama I am keen to involve my baby daughter with my beliefs. One of the first things I introduced was a bedtime practice. 400 more words

Milky Monday's: #badassbreastfeeders

So not too long ago Alyssa Milano posted a photo of herself breastfeeding on the internet. The photo itself was one of the most beautiful photos I’ve ever seen of a woman. 407 more words

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Milky Monday's: Breastfeeding essentials

Nine weeks in, I’ve found some things are totally overrated when it comes to breastfeeding, and there are some things I couldn’t have possibly lived without. 565 more words

Natural Parenting

Beads. Plants. Theater. And UNSCHOOLING!

We had a lovely St. Patrick’s day filled with rainbows and green things. We celebrate holidays because they’re fun, and not much more. And, BOY, did we. 273 more words