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Parenting Tip of the Week: Put Down the Book

Last night was a horrible night for me, not because Linc tossed in his sleep (he did), but because I’m reading a book that I really enjoyed, but terrified me.  317 more words

What My Kids Are Missing

Phone calls
Writing letters
Writing ANYTHING with a pen and paper
Video stores
Buying cds/movies
Research at libraries
Actual activism (not just submitting an e-signature) 63 more words

Co sleep or not to co sleep?

Is there a risk to sleeping with your baby in your bed? Of course there is. There is also a risk to crossing the road, driving a car, traveling overseas, changing jobs, getting married, going on a new date, taking out a bank loan etc. 506 more words

Becoming A Parent

On why I won't feed rice cereal

So now that Anastasia is four months old, there’s been some older family members asking when I’m going to start her in solids, specifically rice cereal. 324 more words


Family vs natural parenting

Sometimes when we go to grandma’s house we find it is especially difficult to keep our children away from cupcakes and cookies. No matter how much we tell them a peach or an apple is better for them and they love those too… one factor we have worked hardest for is reduced refined sugar. 291 more words


A letter to myself

Welcome to the June 2015 Carnival of Natural Parenting: Talking to Yourself

This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting hosted by… 1,001 more words

Every Part of You Is Precious; Even Your Butt

I’m writing this blog post, mostly out of a favor to a woman named Barbara. I met Barbara at a Jamaican Pizza Joint that sells the best Vegan jerk chicken you’ve ever dreamed about… but that’s another topic. 628 more words