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The Potty Logs: What is a Diaper Insert?

In my last Cloth Diaper post, I mentioned the words “covers” and “absorbent parts” when referring to different portions of cloth diapers. I was very careful to keep the glossary of terms as vanilla as possible while I explained the different types of cloth diapers. 1,060 more words


Cloth Diapering: Wash Routine

Obviously, the wash routine for cloth diapering is the most important and often times what those new to cloth diapering find the most intimidating.  Fear not!   908 more words

You Were First.

To my oldest daughter as my second baby turns ONE:

What a year it’s been, sweet little one. I am in awe of what a big girl you’ve become over the last year and in watching you become a big sister. 587 more words


DIY Day - I made cloth wipes, you can too!

For a long time I was happy using the bamboo wet wipes I had ordered for my son. They said they were bio-degradable, they didn’t have the nasties that were commonly found in the off the shelf baby wipes you found in the super market, and they weren’t that much more expensive. 1,989 more words

Do It Yourself

The Potty Logs: The Cloth Diaper Conspiracy, Part 2

My first attempt at a mobile post. Yay!

I’m sitting in the garage watching my husband clean and organize his things (I would attempt to help, but heavy things and pregnant ladies don’t mix, so I am good for keeping him company). 1,026 more words


Potty Logs: The Cloth Diaper Conspiracy, Part 1

I am so thrilled to say that my now ‘day time’ potty trained child is down to exactly one diaper at night. One hemp cotton blend one size fitted diaper with a charcoal bamboo inner, with additional booster and a stay-dry fleece liner paired with a polyurethane laminate waterproof one size cover per night. 1,220 more words


5 Tips for a Successful and Easy Home Birth

Giving birth is a supernatural experience. Yes it hurts, but women are made to deal with it and at the end of the experience you have a beautiful bundle of love to show for your efforts. 1,348 more words