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I wrote this blog post weeks ago with the intention of detailing all of the choices that I have made for my little one. I went into great detail about our choice to breastfeed, keeping him intact and whole, using baby-led weaning vs. 1,554 more words

Soggy Grape Nuts

I try so hard to fit in with all the other crunchy moms. I make my own cleaning products. I dye my hair with henna and I even plan to move to a small farm soon, but it just isn’t enough. 327 more words

To Sleep, Perchance To Dream.

Sleep deprivation is not what I had imagined. Before having a child I was pretty sure I knew was tiredness felt like .. I’d partied, and run half-marathons, and taken double long-haul flights. 1,183 more words


10 legit reasons I'm late

late again ?

I used to be late because I changed my outfit ten times

or spent extra time on my makeup and hair

these days not so much… 554 more words


nap time rituals & tips


Those things we fought hard growing up

Yet  we would give anything to sneak away and take one as an adult

I know every home looks different and has their own routines… 195 more words


Birthing with Essential Oils

“The life of a mother is the life of a child: you are two blossoms on a single branch.”

Karen Maezen Miller

Whether birthing at home, a birthing center or the hospital, the fragrance from oils extracted from flowers, trees, fruit and roots can calm and comfort the body-mind in pregnancy and labor. 925 more words

The under achievers guide to hippie parenting

– This post is sponsored by Phizer, Nescafe and Stuyvesant-

I must be honest- I have always been a bit weird. To a point where in varsity I looked like more like a homeless person than an LLB student. 529 more words

Hippie Me