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Why we Natural parent

There are so many different parenting “methods” out there, that it can be a little overwhelming as a 1st time parent to decide on how you want to raise your child.  738 more words


Technology 1:1

A year ago Vesper got her own tablet filled with educational games.

She was also allowed to play certain apps on our phones. We encouraged her using the tablet if she was getting bored with non-screen  activities and wanted to watch the TV. 598 more words

Natural Parenting

This comes at a time when things have been so difficult at home. I’m finally seeing the effects that my second born is having on my first-born. 561 more words

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5 Products This Mama Needs

There are so many products that are marketed to mamas as must have items. It’s true, there are a lot of really cool products out there that make parenting a little bit easier, but these are the products that this (points to self) mama needs: 480 more words


Honest Company Reviews: Honest Diaper and Wipes Subscription September 2017

Giant box (sunglasses for size reference)

These are the fall diaper prints. Winter prints are already out but some of these are still available.

This awesome Halloween print is not available anymore. 280 more words

Subscription Box Reviews

Monday's Mama is Crunchy AF.

Introducing Rachel Barry from Pretty in Baby Food. You may already know her, as she is an AMAZING resource for all things Natural Parenting on both her own blog, Pretty in Baby Food, and the soon-to-be-released Guidance Guide website. 590 more words

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I Can't Wait to Have Patience!

I have never had patience as a child and I find that it is sometimes worse as an adult. I frequently sing the opening lines to this song (a relic from my childhood) to remind myself to have patience and did not look up the song until just now to share with you. 378 more words

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