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Is anyone ever right in this parenting lark?

The world seems to be divided into ‘part I – before the children’ and ‘part II-after children’. It can seem quite dichotomous and disturbing, considering it is actually all part of the same ‘me’. 451 more words


Homeopathic "Vaccinations"

I believe in many elements of natural medicine, mostly around the fact that certain herbs, foods, etc have the capability of healing, or at least aiding our bodies in their wonderful natural healing ability. 692 more words

The Pains of Nursing a Toddler

I wrote the following for MamaNook, where I’m a contributing editor.

My stomach and sides are covered in tiny little scratches.

My areolas have bite marks. 635 more words


How I Beat Mastitis Three Times Without Antibiotics.

Mastitis. I physically cringe when I hear or read this word because I know all too well the pain it can bring.

WebMD describes mastitis as: 1,060 more words

My Journey Into Cloth Diapering: Diaper Styles, Inserts, Fit and Brands.

Currently on my living room floor is a pile of clean cloth diapers, covers and inserts. They’ve been clean for 3 days………

Anyways. Let us jump right into the different types of cloth diapers and how they work. 918 more words

My Journey Into Cloth Diapering: The Setup.

This is my favourite part to share with you about cloth diapering. MY SETUP! WOOHOO!!

Set up is one of the most important parts of cloth diapering. 963 more words

My Journey Into Cloth Diapering And What I've learned.

I’d like to think some of this information may help someone out there. If you are considering cloth diapering, want more information or are just interested in seeing what it’s about-maybe I can enlighten you. 1,383 more words