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What it's like nursing a 4yo

I know when most people hear of a 4-year-old nursing they cringe.
Honestly, I never thought I’d be nursing a 4-year-old. When I first found out I was pregnant with Ariana I knew I wanted to breastfeed her and after doing my research I decided I wanted to allow her to self-wean. 730 more words



Welcome to Natural Lox Mama!

Born and raised in much colder climates, I’ve called South Florida my home for almost 20 years. Our family enjoys the beautiful weather year round. 79 more words

Florida Living

Sugarbritches Nappies Extreme All-In-One Heavy Wetter Diapering

Sugarbritches Nappies is a WAHM (work at home mom) brand, that takes pride in sewing 100% organic cloth diapers, here in the USA. I learned about the brand through a cloth diapering Facebook group, that I’m part of. 422 more words

Cloth Diapering

Raising Baby: Breastfeeding Pt. 2

Last time I touched base on breastfeeding, Emelia-Michelle was a little over a month old; and I was struggling with the pressure of breastfeeding and how I was struggling with the naturalness not actually being natural. 661 more words




I don’t write but not because I have nothing to write about. Not because I don’t think (about anything other than a baby’s physiological needs). 3,157 more words


It's not OK

My approach to parenting is generally organic and natural, watching the child’s cues, letting him develop on his own time, not imposing onto him my adult schedules, deadlines, expectations, etc. 828 more words

parenting goals.

I will teach my child
what it means to be of the moon.
I won’t fight her sleeplessness:
I will bundle her up
and take her out under the stars. 130 more words