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My cloth diaper organization! 

So we’re finally back in cloth. I was starting to feel terrible about the amount of waste we were producing by using disposables. Not to mention how expensive diapers are. 390 more words


Raw Motherhood 19.02.2015

I’ve always been the type of person to keep my problems to myself because I hate being a burden to others, typical huh? but I feel like it takes more courage to be vulnerable and express your troubles then it does to paint a pretty picture. 614 more words

Natural Parenting

The Power of Language

“Why do you have to be so unkind?”

“You make me so angry!”

“Why do you have to be like this?”

When our children test their boundaries, when they are worked up, overstimulated, unwell or for a multitude of other reasons, their behaviour can be drastically affected. 952 more words


Anastasia's six month update:

Six months old. Holy cow. The time really does fly.

I have a whole new baby. She can do so much, and is turning into a small child. 569 more words