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5 Ways to Teach Baby to Talk Early On

Baby Z is now 16 months old and can say about 100 words that he used frequently throughout the day. He said his first word at 8 months, “ball”, and at about a 12 months he started saying new words every week. 1,282 more words

Welcoming the Lion King - a C-Section Birth Story ...

Hi Mamas – I just had to tell you about this wonderful birth story I heard the other day!

One of the mums at the… 902 more words

Pregnancy & Birth

Diary of a Cloth-diaperer part 1

Ah yes, cloth diapers.  Are they really worth the trouble?

In short: yes.

There is plenty written on the topic of cloth diapering, so I ask myself why I’m even writing this.  625 more words


Homemade Cloth-diaper-friendly Super Awesome Liquid detergent

We all want to live “well”.  To avoid toxic chemicals in our homes, decrease our footprints, keep our kiddos safe and healthy.  But how many of us consider our laundry detergent? 301 more words


A Letter from a Sleep Trained Baby

I just read this online here, and I swear to you I cried actual tears after and during reading this. It literally broke my heart into pieces. 817 more words

Cry It Out

Dock-A-Tot Product Review

It has been a few years since I have had a newborn, but my best friend just had a baby a few months ago and I have been spending a lot of time over at her house getting my baby fix. 858 more words

Raising vegan kids 

When raising vegan children, one of the biggest obstacles you’ll have to overcome will be with the scrutiny people will impart on you for your decision. 790 more words