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Exploring the Universe

Out and about in the universe we see a new planet beginning to cool and tiny green plants pop up to colonize and soften the sere surface. 100 more words

My Paintings UTPA MFA

Maya Popovich: A trilogy of walks

“Each of the books that I created for Wanderlust represents a part of a longer conversation. They each depict a walk that I took while on the residency; one book for each day we were there. 24 more words


Nimrod Part 35: The Mosul Dam Part II

This article appeared in :The Independent”, a UK-based newspaper, 04 Apr 2016.  Also see “Nimrod Part 29: Mosul, Nineveh and the Dam

Iraq’s biggest dam could collapse without warning and kill up to a million people, the engineers involved in building it have urgently warned. 523 more words


Sarah Bédard: Without Horizon

“Without Horizon is an installation work that considers the idea of the landscape outside of its usual understanding. Excluding traditionally accepted elements of landscape from the frame, this series attempts to focus on the personal experience of the space rather than the appeal of its grandeur.”

– Sarah Bédard


In an age of humans, can the arts save the planet?

The rapid decline of the global environment is an inescapable fact. The Earth’s major oxygen sources, coral reefs and rain forests, are disappearing along with the species that live in them. 1,167 more words


Sargassum Weed is Back

The unusual deposits on the shores of the Caribbean islands which occurred last year was hoped to be a on-off phenomenon. Unfortunately that seems not to be the case. 71 more words

Natural Phenomena