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NASA "US has not seen landfall of any hurricane of Category 3 or higher for nine years"

What exactly is this man-made climate change which is caused by the use of fossil fuels?

It cannot be global warming which has been absent for almost 20 years while the use of fossil fuels has doubled. 639 more words


Shrine of Pir Haji Ali : Miracle or Natural Phenomena

Shrine of Pir Haji Ali is one of the most visited religious place in India, located in southern Mumbai. It was built in 1431 by a wealthy merchant. 290 more words


15 Craziest Natural Phenomena on Earth

Great Nature – From oceans of blood to colossal blue holes filling the ocean floor, we count 15 of the most mysterious and beautiful natural phenomena ever to grace our planet (seen on youtube by Danger Dolan). 12 more words


Help is often restricted by the ability to receive - be it Nepal or Baltimore

The news today about the riots and looting currently ongoing in Baltimore got me to wonder why in 2015 such behaviour is still possible in the US? 495 more words


Great Himalayan earthquake is still waiting to happen

This earthquake in Nepal – devastating as it was – has not released enough of the pent-up strain under the Himalayas. The death toll now exceeds 3,500 and most are due to collapsing buildings. 950 more words


Death toll in Nepal still rising as aftershocks put rescue efforts on hold

A strong 6.7 magnitude aftershock hit Nepal this morning, 25 hours after the primary quake, as the death toll continues to climb. At least 30 shocks of magnitude greater than 4.0 have been felt. 363 more words


Nepal earthquake toll near 1500 with casualties also in India and Tibet

The Indian Tectonic Plate is being subducted under the Eurasian Plate. The collision is still going on with the Indian Plate moving North East at about 6 -7 cm per year while the Eurasian Plate is moving Northwards at about 2 cm per year. 763 more words