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Wind, Your Majesty

Once in a while, you might have been able to witness the best that the nature has to provide. Whence you had managed to break free of the shackles that exist only in your mind. 994 more words

Natural Philosophy

Of Facebook & So On

So I’ve had a facebook for about a month now. Maybe three weeks. I can’t remember. I’ve deleted it and reactivated it like about 6 times already. 3,803 more words


When Trees Speak

I walked down a corridor

of eucalyptus trees

the horse trail shaded

when I silence my mind

these trees talk to my psyche

their wisdom… 535 more words



AxThmatic God-Generals arbitrary,
Are not soul-essences for necessary,
The Everything Generals,
Is before the special ordinary,
As is in the development or a process evolutionary, 108 more words


शून्याऽपेक्षीऽषा क्षमा ज्ञा परात्मा सर्वधाऽक्षरा।
शून्यताशक्तिसदासर्वजा सर्वापेक्षी चामरा॥
सुराधमसमसर्वस्वा सर्वात्म​ैक​ैकात्मिका।
सर्वात्मसमोत्करा स्वजसुना सुजेत​ृका सदा॥

This is a Sanskrit synoptic claiming and proof-suggestive complementary verse for my previous posts in the God tag, including- ‘The Pan-Spirit-Essence Free-ence’.

The Sum Solemn

It all began in an 0,
Everything that came, came from it so,
From the Phi’s of life-set to it’s Axioms-Theorems-
The Essential AxThms, Essence-Soul-Generals, 39 more words

Freedom Technique

A glimpse of a craze,

rode onto my brain;

then science applied,

like a hotplate to rain.


My ego was angry,

and gasses boiled free, 46 more words

Natural Philosophy