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Book Review: Knowing Nature in Early Modern Europe

Before “science” in its modern sense existed, denizens of early modern Europe sought to explain their world through a system of knowledge termed “natural philosophy.” Natural philosophy covered a diverse array of subjects, from theology to pharmacology to natural history. 583 more words

La Danza en Espiral / The Spiral Dance

–por Starhawk (Feb 20, 2015)

En la madurez, yo ya no funciono bajo la ilusión de la inmortalidad que sostiene a los jóvenes. Sé que no estaré aquí eternamente. 847 more words


It's magic!

Last week the illustrious ThonyC wrote a blogpost titled “Do you believe in Magic?” in which he addressed the many, many glaring errors in yet another ‘revealing’ post about a number of important scientists of the past. 747 more words

Isaac Newton

Practical Spirituality and NVC

–by Marshall Rosenberg (Feb 13, 2015)

Whenever Marshall Rosenberg speaks about deeply held beliefs—spirituality, concepts of God, views of love—two themes always emerge: 1) the greatest joy springs from connecting to life by contributing to our own and others’ well being, and 2) spirituality and love are more about what we do than what we feel.  1,080 more words


Chicago Coral Reef

Renowned 1920s dinosaur painter Charles Knight brings us a vision of prehistory: Chicago before time. Is it the “same” place as 400 million years ago, when coral reefs filled the space? 100 more words

Darwin: a great scientist

by Rosslyn Ives

 On 12 February, we remember Charles Darwin’s birthday. His remarkable contribution to human knowledge, On the Origin of Species (1859), sets down the evidence and arguments for evolution by natural selection. 842 more words


Do robots have ancestors, like humans? The Mechanical View of the World from Automata to Humanoid Robots

At the CEATEC Japan electronics trade show in October 2014, Toshiba displayed the android, named Aiko Chihiro, a ‘lifelike communication android’. Androids, like Aiko, raise the question of whether we should build robots that look exactly like humans. 715 more words