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So Much Duckweed

According to legend, the Chinese sage Liu Ling was at all times followed by a servant carrying a wine bottle and a shovel. The purpose of the wine is obvious; Liu Ling liked to drink. 470 more words

Pale Lager

Paradoxical Poetry

An original poem on some of Zeno’s paradoxes:

Traverse a line? Don’t make me laugh!
Each segment’s segment’s cut in half.
One cannot simply walk the line, 606 more words

Pale Lager

Science, scientism and natural philosophy - Scienza, scientismo e filosofia naturale

(segue testo in italiano, click qui)

In this first post I am going to collect most of the themes I want to discuss in this blog. 1,379 more words

Natural Philosophy


Audio Here:

Ions, cell-lines & Millions of eons,
and we got the life we’ve seen as,
We need to get that everything is in alliance, 187 more words


Ho Up!

Audio Here:

Singing on the way to my room,
Feels like flying on a broom,
I’ll be alright I assume,
Even If it’s a new game! 208 more words


El Verdadero Esplendor de la Ciencia / True Splendor of Science

–por Alan Watts (Jun 2, 2017)

El verdadero esplendor de la ciencia no es tanto que nombra, clasifica, anota y predice, sino que observa y desea conocer los hechos sean cuales sean. 997 more words


The Strong, Stronger and The Strongest Laws of Universal Selection

Pre.S. : This post extends the Generative Tree of fitness/EuCeleration measures framework I am trying to develop  here.
If you want to read about its extended version or short version please read the most recent ones on the ResearchGate. 2,024 more words