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Lady Margaret Cavendish - the first #scifi writer?

As a science fiction writer myself, I couldn’t resist sharing this article about Lady Margaret Cavendish which appeared in the Atlas Obscura. .

The article goes into some very interesting detail about the Duchess and the story she wrote , but I’ll summarise by saying she was a natural philosopher and published twenty books, plays and essays. 206 more words

You Wanna PhD

I miss American Dream since I has anywhere-green,
Don’t matter if I step on the win,
Or sneak away into the Willy-Jeans,
They still fonda put fixtures of tales… 193 more words


Walking in the Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh today, I came across a sign low to the ground and obscured by foliage, at the foot of a large silver willow tree.  399 more words


Panenlight, Panenliven|

Ther arenot an evil, shall not be any,
leften to ruin the cosmo, euarcheugeny,
Carry world some for true, for it is not silent,
It should reign with rays, of white for the years many, 88 more words

¿Puede la Belleza Salvar al Mundo? / Can Beauty Save the World?

–por Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (September 02, 2016)

Dostoyevsky una vez dejó caer una frase enigmática: “La belleza salvará al mundo” ¿Qué significa esto? Durante mucho tiempo me pareció que esta era una mera frase. 945 more words


Homeward Bound Forever

I can’t have said who the people were, who they had been. They had separated themselves, distinguished themselves, naming themselves that before all others and all other things. 278 more words


Universal Selection II: Complete is Positive

With back reference to my Universal Tele0logy post asserting the tautology of basal teleology in any system, I have a new extension here:
Standard Teleology of Complete Net Fitness… 230 more words