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You can never drink the same beer twice.

There is an undeniable appeal to the statement by Heraclitus that “you cannot step twice into the same stream.” Impermanence is perceived everywhere we look. People who spend any time along the banks of a river or the seashore know that change is constant. 579 more words

Natural Philosophy

What is Life?

What is life? Well, this is a rather vague question, which could be viewed either objectively or subjectively. First, let’s take an objective look. Life is when matter becomes animate. 1,089 more words



Chidi Babha was in his cupboard. He was precisely in his cupboard- no misuse of preposition there. His limbs, his palms, the freckles on his nose, and every inch of him was inside the cupboard.

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Natural Philosophy

Closed Curves

“The degree by which this vector has to turn to align itself in the direction of the field gives us only a slight idea about the actual value of epsilon“, he answered while repeatedly making his forearm to trace the path the arrow on the board would supposedly trace and as he did so, the lecture hall was at an absolute standstill. 936 more words

Natural Philosophy

Aristotelian Origin of Life

Lest the key quote be lost in my babel, here it is from John Deely:

This is the basis for the prior possibility in principle of so-called ” equivocal generation “: the origin of living matter out of non-living matter by reason of a fortuitous dispositioning of the latter in a chance (or laboratory controlled) series of causes.

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Aristotle's Definition of Motion

I’ve been thinking for a long time that I should stop trying so hard to write completely finished, polished articles, but then I always end up working too hard on whatever idea I come up with. 673 more words