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Infinite numbers with subsets of life,
If all-infinite is rife with best that survive,
There shall be a heaven where all then dive,
But as the nature’s Limit Superior might derive- 44 more words

field notes (08/19/2017)

Lake Monona in Madison, WI. Sat around nuzzling itself for over 30 minutes

Lonesome Tree

Frying up the leftovers,

on a muffled afternoon long ago,

i hear knotted hair, in a far-off bed.

This recall, and my heart stops short… 28 more words

Natural Philosophy

Out The Window

Chlorofull of trees and shrubs,

we add a pinch of plants in tubs,

and skyscraping finchling hubs,

below the swifts.

They dance within the circle breeze, 40 more words

Natural Philosophy


The tree
grows out of the air,
while the earth
provides support and advice –
it is one half
of the kiss of life.

Later, when night falls, 6 more words

Natural Philosophy


Walking down by the sea at night,

at the sharpened edge of the land,

the light of the lunar puller pooling,

in footprints in the sand. 24 more words

Natural Philosophy

field notes (08/11/2017)

Wow that last entry was weird. Sky is looking right this morning. It is close to 8am and my location is the living room of Selby. 351 more words