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In Australia, they are called "thongs".

One of the most common criticisms one sees of politicians is that they “flip-flop”. A politician who changes his position on issues is regarded as untrustworthy. 508 more words

Political Philosophy

Voluntary Simplicity

–by Duane Elgin  (Aug 27, 2015)

There is no special virtue to the phrase “voluntary simplicity”–it is merely a label and a somewhat awkward label at that. 456 more words


A Natural Philosopher, Willy Nilly.

This post is a brief musing on parts of Brann, Eva. 2014. Un-Willing. An Inquiry into the Rise of Will’s Power and an Attempt to Undo it… 1,003 more words


What is modern philosophy?

I do believe I can now ease my mind because recently graduating college I had a lot of thinking to do. It mainly involved the fact that I needed to understand my majors. 357 more words


Creando Espacio de Bienvenida / Creating Welcoming Space

–por Hermana Marilyn Lacey (Aug 7, 2015)

Una manera de medir si nuestro amor es genuino es la de examinar a qué tan lejos hemos extendido las fronteras que determinan con quienes estamos dispuest@s para establecer una relación. 1,029 more words


Two Quotes about Druidry

“But we shall never understand Druidism, unless we grasp the fact that it was recognized that all knowledge must be sought two directions: one, by searching the outer world – Science; and two, by searching the depths of the human souls and the secrets of the human body – Art.” 57 more words


Quintessential Nature of the Fine-Structure Constant

Quintessential Nature of the Fine-Structure Constant  by  Michael Sherbon An introduction is given to the geometry and harmonics of the Golden Apex in the Great Pyramid, with the metaphysical and mathematical determination of the fine-structure constant of electromagnetic interactions. 32 more words

Fundamental Constants