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Stop losing weight! Don't you know how bad exercising is for the environment?

Ever since Al Gore won a bunch of awards for his PowerPoint presentation on global warming, carbon emissions have been one of the biggest environmental hot topics. 674 more words

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The Secret Life of the Senses

–by Diane Ackerman  (Nov 05, 2015)

There is no way in which to understand the world without first detecting it through the radar-net of our senses… Our senses define the edge of consciousness, and because we are born explorers and questors after the unknown, we spend a lot of our lives pacing that windswept perimeter: We take drugs; we go to circuses; we tramp through jungles; we listen to loud music; we purchase exotic fragrances; we pay hugely for culinary novelties, and are even willing to risk our lives to sample a new taste. 467 more words


Meta ... Meh

A few hundred years ago, philosophy split into two major parts: “physics” and “metaphysics” (meta means “beyond” as in “beyond Physics” or “beyond Nature”). There was not some big philosopher’s convention (imagine the silly hats!) in which all of the players got together and debated a proposed edict and then voted upon it. 1,037 more words


A Pointillist Theology

A high school religion teacher once remarked to me that the only proof of God’s existence that she needed was to look out the window. “How could anybody look upon the wonder of creation,” she wondered incredulously, “and not believe in God?” I was not convinced. 354 more words

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Looking for the logos of life VI: Gaian analysis

Williams, G. R. 1996. The Molecular Biology of Gaia. Columbia University Press. 210 pp.

This is a book I wish I had read when it was first published. 1,204 more words

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No one is ugly

Really, we are fools or making others to goons. Everyone’s efforts and appearance are priceless and must be treated like a prince and princess. it’s not my philosophy its nature philosophy so we must learn from it to change our perception about beauty and ugliness. 324 more words


In Australia, they are called "thongs".

One of the most common criticisms one sees of politicians is that they “flip-flop”. A politician who changes his position on issues is regarded as untrustworthy. 508 more words

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