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Homeward Bound Forever

I can’t have said who the people were, who they had been. They had separated themselves, distinguished themselves, naming themselves that before all others and all other things. 278 more words


Universal Selection II: Complete is Positive

With back reference to my Universal Tele0logy post asserting the tautology of basal teleology in any system, I have a new extension here:
Standard Teleology of Complete Net Fitness… 230 more words

My Only Swish This Year!

Last fight I took chalk on the board
Coupled kernel and GUI to go,
Seems like everyone but this is in know,

Scien-ta can you hear me, 384 more words

Analyse (into) An Issue Task: 6/6

It was so clear,
I had no fear,
To jump and steer-,
Ahead with the dear,
But here it does disappear,
In the high gear, 106 more words

E'TED Course TAssions

Welcome to the Evolutionary Theory-Evolutionary Dynamics Course Virtual TAing by me!
I have been waiting to spread my spirit for the subject and excitement to others that may find it valuable. 91 more words

Bo'rough is a State of Grace!

Bo’rough is a State of Grace,
Transcending all my mess,
No real way I can subscribe,
To Journals who always rule,
On my billfold, even full, 147 more words

N is for Nairne, optical, philosophical, and mathematical instrument-maker

In 2015 the Whipple gratefully received a number of historical science books from the estate of Michael Clark, a former chemistry teacher and collector. Among these was a copy in modern binding of the 2nd edition of Robert Boyle’s… 668 more words