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One Last Winter Warmer

“We each of us fill a very small space
On the great creation’s plan,
If a man don’t keep his lead in the race
There’s plenty more that can; 437 more words

American Beer

G.H. Darwin and T&T’

The Whipple’s current book display features a selection of annotated books from the library of Sir George Howard Darwin, known for his work on the physics of the earth and tidal theory. 1,221 more words

19th Century,

What do I say Today

I walk a way with seas sea away,
On a bench I lay here along the hay,
If I may, what do I say,
What do I say, today..? 90 more words


Perfección Incomprensible / Incomprehensible Perfection

–por Michael Singer (Feb 19, 2016)

La vida raramente se despliega exactamente como a nosotr@s nos gustaría que lo hiciese. Y si paramos por un momento y pensamos sobre ello, esto tiene mucho sentido. 1,378 more words


Channeling Newton

“…But, to determine more absolutely, what Light is, after what manner refracted, and by what modes or actions it produceth in our minds the Phantasms of Colours, is not so easie. 126 more words


The Dream


Source: The Dream
Now for the edited version. Mass cannot be created or destroyed. Energy and mass are related by E=MC2. we note many things in nature occur in cycles, so lets find a Big Bang Cycle, time cycle,and entropy cycle; if we are lucky maybe other cycles for good measure. 1,837 more words