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Allegiance to Gratitude

–by Robin Wall Kimmerer  (2017)

[ A Thanksgiving Address, a gift from the Haudenosaunee to the World. ]

Today we have gathered and when we look upon the faces around us we see that the cycles if life continue. 1,301 more words


Fundamental Physics and the Fine-Structure Constant

From the exponential function of Euler’s equation to the geometry of a fundamental form, a calculation of the fine-structure constant and its relationship to the proton-electron mass ratio is given. 35 more words


field notes (05/18/2017)

-taps microphone a few times- Does this thing still work??

My notebook of naturalistic notes is currently on vacation. While hanging with Mr-Baby-Consciousness and his dad earlier this week I left it over at their place. 903 more words


baby consciousness...we meet again

this kid is too darned adorable. I’m currently with him at his momma & poppa’s – they’re out on a date. and lucky them, because both of them are pretty swell folks. 400 more words


field notes pt. 1 (5/6/2017)

An exciting morning.

Got up for my usual headache-coffee-nomoreheadache-sit in chair-birdwatch-meditate session this morning. My usual perch (the purple chair in the living room) had been twisted in the opposite direction when company came over yesterday, so I turned it around to face the window. 771 more words


La Vulnerabilidad es el Camino / Vulnerability is the Path

por  Brene Brown (May 05, 2017)  

La vulnerabilidad no es ni buena ni mala: no es lo que llamamos una emoción negativa, ni tampoco es siempre una experiencia luminosa y positiva. 1,131 more words


FIELD NOTES pt. 2 (04/26/2017)

Re: the little birds that come for the small seed: I googled birds of the midwest. Lincoln’s sparrow? Maybe. The picture of it on this front results page gives… 70 more words