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Le Début et la Fin du Monde

As the days get sunnier and warmer, I am reminded of a classic urban legend:

A woman went shopping for groceries. After she finished at the grocery store, she placed her purchases on the back seat of her car in the parking lot. 596 more words


Small Wonder

–by Barbara Kingsolver (Apr 09, 2015)

Barry Lopez writes that if we hope to succeed in the endeavor of protecting natures other than our own, “it will require that we reimagine our lives…. 458 more words


Quicksilver, Neal Stephenson

Little blog, are you ok?  It has been so long since your last post you probably thought I had entirely forsaken you.  I can only apologise and, to be honest, tell you that I ran off with Neal Stephenson and was then seduced by the Easter sunshine. 970 more words


Tao of Prepping - Free PDF Ebook giveaway!

I’ve decided to give away for free, in PDF download format, my book “The Tao of Prepping”.

You can download it for free from here – … 45 more words


The Search for Science: The Shift in Physics From Observe and Report, to Seek and Find

In the past (and what I mean here by past is pre-1900s) Physics as a science was wholly focused on the observation and explanation of physical phenomenon. 507 more words

Time and Events

I just came across Massimo Pigliucci’s interesting review of Mangabeira Unger and Lee Smolin’s book The Singular Universe and the Reality of Time. There are more than a few Whiteheadian themes explored throughout the review, including Unger and Smolin’s (U&S) view that time should be read as an abstraction from events and that the “laws” of the universe are better conceptualized as habits or contingent causal connections secured by the ongoingness of those events rather than as eternal, abstract formalisms. 941 more words


The Singular Universe and the Reality of Time

by Massimo Pigliucci

I have devoted a serious amount of time to reading the new book by Roberto Mangabeira Unger and Lee Smolin, The Singular Universe and the Reality of Time: A Proposal In Natural Philosophy [1]. 4,251 more words