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Alchemy in an HSCI Classroom

Alchemy in a History of Science Classroom

Alchemy has been a contentious space in which historians of science have engaged in the recurrent debate on what exactly constitutes “science,” and because of its spiritual and religious components, alchemy was often placed into the pseudoscientific category. 455 more words

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Lisa T. Sarasohn on Margaret Cavendish

“In many different genres – essays, treatises, poetry, romance, orations, and plays – Cavendish brought intellect and awareness to analyzing the implications of the new science for nature and women. 494 more words



By Lisa Smith

Welcome to Supernatural and Natural Worlds in Early Modern Europe! This is the blog for a University of Essex class.

In early modern Europe (ca. 168 more words

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An Expedition to the Sun...

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Timeless We, Have Life at T

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Copper Kills...

….Bacteria.  Although this metallic element has been used for millennia in connection with hygiene, it’s interesting bactericidal properties are still little understood.  However, with the problem of antibiotic resistance posing growing threat to the control of bacterial infections, there seems to be renewed medical interest in a field which seems to have been temporarily forgotten after the advent of penicillin and the antibiotic revolution. 159 more words

Natural Philosophy

T is for Tom Telescope

Tom Telescope and his Newtonian System of Philosophy regularly feature during special collections events at the Whipple.

The text is a digest of natural philosophy presented for a young audience, cast in the form of ‘lectures’ by the eponymous Tom to members of the ‘Lilliputian Society’. 285 more words

19th Century,