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Jane Austen Science Words: Natural Philosophy

“. . . if the sublimity of Nature were more attended to, and people were carried more out of themselves by contemplating such a scene.”—Fanny Price in… 972 more words

Jane Austen

Winter: 1 Ian: 14

At 2:20pm on Wednesday, January 31st of 2018 I lost my annual war with winter.

Winter is by far my favorite time of year: It’s the only season that one can have some privacy while outdoors. 588 more words

Natural Philosophy

Fine-Structure Constant from Golden Ratio Geometry

After a brief review of the golden ratio in history and our previous exposition of the fine-structure constant and equations with the exponential function, the fine-structure constant is studied in the context of other research calculating the fine-structure constant from the golden ratio geometry of the hydrogen atom. 112 more words


The Propagation of Space - A Universal Balancing Act?

This article is going to give consideration to a question which seems fundamental to theoretical physics, but which is rarely, if ever given any serious consideration:  … 995 more words

Natural Philosophy

The Resolution of the Human Mind - Part Two

This is just a brief post to clarify a few points after queries from a couple of readers.

The general premise is this:  At the subatomic level, quarks and the particles classified as either fermions or bosons might not actually be properties of the physical matter and energy that we observe in the universe:  They may, in fact, be… 982 more words

Natural Philosophy

The Resolution of the Human Mind

This is a philosophical blog post aimed at outlining what the author sees as a very interesting perspective on how we, as humans, perceive the universe around us. 1,445 more words

Natural Philosophy

Male, Female and Monstrosity in Aristotle

Aristotle, Generation of Animals Book 2, 737a

“That substance, even though it possesses all segments of the body in potential, actually exhibits none of them. For it contains those kinds of elements in potential by which the female is distinguished from the male. 486 more words