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Viajer@ del Tiempo / Time Traveler

–por Lyla June Johnston  (Mayo 17, 2018)

Viajer@ del tiempo corriendo más rápido.
La guerrera nace.
Batalla para ser ganada.

Trauma del pasado, daño del futuro. 892 more words


On your own; By Daniel Ikechukwu.

When truely need be,

And thou says to thee

It does mean null to me,

A day thou shall see.

An island,you stand alone

Amidst a different tone… 55 more words

Egunnaya Emmanuella.

Crazy Cowboy Categories

This is the eleventh in a series on The Harvard Classics; the rest of the posts are available here. Volume XI: Origin of Species, Darwin… 300 more words

American Beer

Isaac Newton Was Minted

Sir Isaac Newton, mathematician, astronomer, theologian, physicist, author … and counterfeit warrior.

Newton was born on Christmas Day 1642 into an England besieged by civil war, religious unrest, and the plague. 416 more words


Aristotelian Quantum Mechanics

Taking Seriously Heisenberg’s Potentia cited in An Aristotelian Approach to Quantum Mechanics from Feser’s Blog post.

One of the interesting implications of the proposed interpretation is that the lowest level substances do not have quantity or extension actually but only potentially. 232 more words


Jane Austen Science Words: Natural Philosophy

“. . . if the sublimity of Nature were more attended to, and people were carried more out of themselves by contemplating such a scene.”—Fanny Price in… 972 more words

Jane Austen

Imperial Irrigation District and CAISO Reach Settlement over Renewable Energy

The Imperial Irrigation District and the California Independent System Operator have announced that the two parties have reached a settlement that ends existing litigation between them. 208 more words