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Poem:Pretence By Daniels

  • For us, truism we may know-
  • Few others may see-
  • If of all the want to know-
  • That which has been-
  • Never can be hidden again…
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Natural Philosophy.

Forgiveness As A Way To Remember The True Self

–by Ken Wilber  (May 24, 2018)

I always liked the Course’s reliance upon forgiveness as a way to remember the true Self. This is a somewhat unique approach, found in few of the other great wisdom traditions, which usually stress some form of awareness training or devotion. 474 more words


Decoding the Mind

I was thinking something similar to this today and happen to run across the article. Given intergalism or hylomorphism, that is man is a unity of soul and body in contrast to something like substance dualism, this comes as no surprise. 109 more words


Viajer@ del Tiempo / Time Traveler

–por Lyla June Johnston  (Mayo 17, 2018)

Viajer@ del tiempo corriendo más rápido.
La guerrera nace.
Batalla para ser ganada.

Trauma del pasado, daño del futuro. 892 more words


On your own; By Daniel Ikechukwu.

When truely need be,

And thou says to thee

It does mean null to me,

A day thou shall see.

An island,you stand alone

Amidst a different tone… 55 more words

Natural Philosophy.

Crazy Cowboy Categories

This is the eleventh in a series on The Harvard Classics; the rest of the posts are available here. Volume XI: Origin of Species, Darwin… 300 more words

American Beer

Isaac Newton Was Minted

Sir Isaac Newton, mathematician, astronomer, theologian, physicist, author … and counterfeit warrior.

Newton was born on Christmas Day 1642 into an England besieged by civil war, religious unrest, and the plague. 416 more words