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Eucalyptus, You Have Come to Save Me!

Unfortunately, I suffer from sinusitis at least once or twice a year and sinus pressure literally every morning–especially as the seasons change. Fortunately, I am a lover of natural remedies for healing. 530 more words

Natural cough remedy review

So after coming down with the latest version of the lurgy last week (my flu avoidance techniques clearly didn’t work too well!), I’ve been left with an annoying but productive cough (you really needed to know that, didn’t you!). 149 more words


Battling Cold Season - Elderberry Syrup

It’s that time of year again.  With the colder weather arriving, we begin the fight with the common cold.  A great way to help boost your immune system is with Elderberry ( 419 more words

Natural Remedies

Office flu avoidance techniques

It’s that time of year again – kids go back to school, students go to uni, and people everywhere start catching colds. There’s a nasty one doing the rounds of our office at the moment, plus fella has one too, and I’m determined not to catch it. 150 more words


Goodbye Pests Naturally! Roaches & Mosquitoes Gone without Deadly Toxins!

Here in Phoenix during the summer monsoons the combination of outside humidity and excessive heat drives giant nasty sewer roaches inside valley homes! They go by many names, Saw palmetto bugs, giant roaches, American roaches, but the point is the are huge, hard to kill, and disgusting! 1,245 more words

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14 Habits That Will Make You a Healthier and Happier Person

Being healthy is a lot more than just eating right and working out!  There is the most important element of health and that is your daily mindset. 923 more words

Natural Remedies

Ouch!: What Causes Stress Knots and How to Find Relief

I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes it feels like my stress knots have stress knots. I am going through an especially tough time with my anxiety currently, and these muscle knots are one of my biggest (and most annoying) symptoms. 450 more words