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Mesa Verde National Park – Image courtesy Micha L Riser, released to public domain.

It’s that time of year again! I was out mowing my property the other day and mowed over poison ivy! 237 more words

6 Things To Do for Greater Balance

It’s upsetting when things become so off-balance that even the government shuts down. On the mat, it often triggers a stream of un-conscious thoughts like, … 721 more words


Healthy Hair, Scalp, and Nails Using Essential Oils

This is some amazing info from Dr. Scott Johnson in regards to healthy hair, scalp and nails… Click here!

Dr. Johnson also has the best books I’ve read in regards to essential oils.   70 more words

Adaptogen Spotlight: The Most Powerful Energy Tonic in the World?

Lately, you’ve probably been hearing more and more about adaptogens and all of their superpowers. Thank goodness Western health and beauty practices have been adopting a more holistic and preventative approach! 474 more words