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Remarkables by the Roadside

I admit it, I’m a runner and I actually enjoy it.  My running adventures have taken me to off the beaten track, out of the way, nooks and crannies of the Barossa and beyond.  749 more words


What's a Wattle Worth?

In my parents’ kitchen there is a spot next to the fridge devoted to newspapers.  It’s been there since I can remember and it’s always stacked high, shifting position slightly over the years but never the less, it’s a fixture. 590 more words


The awkward complexities of community-corporate partnerships

Disadvantaged communities are often forced into David-and-Goliath-style battles with large companies over resource rights and the impact of those companies’ actions on local resources. But increasingly that narrative takes an unexpected turn: David and Goliath are teaming up. 1,295 more words

Community Organizations

Spinning a safety net: community-based natural resource management in Laos

In the heart of southeast Asia lies Communist Laos, a landlocked country of seven million people, a country of 49 ethnic groups and as many native tongues, with an ever-changing geography unified by the mighty Mekong River flowing down from China and Thailand and out into Cambodia. 981 more words

Food Security

SELLS' General Manager has flipped

At 7:45pm last night, completely out of the blue, Annie got a call on her mobile from Derek Larsen, the General Manager of South East Local Land Services (SELLS). 900 more words

Natural Resource Management

Community-based land management in the Israeli-occupied state of Palestine

Palestinians have a long history of community-based natural resource management. Since 1967, Israel’s military occupation of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem (the State of Palestine recognized by 193 countries and the United Nations General Assembly), has threatened these traditional management approaches and endangered Palestine’s natural resources. 1,154 more words

Food Security

Food security strategies in Kenya

In the semi-arid region of Machakos County, Kenya, poor soil quality, population growth and shifting climate patterns make managing natural resources for food security a continual challenge. 1,147 more words

Food Security