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Ultra high-definition TVS use more electricity, could cost consumers

If you’re thinking about buying an ultra high-definition television, you might not have considered that they use more electricity than their high-definition predecessors.

In fact,  the latest UHD  televisions use an average of 30 percent more energy than earlier high-definition TVs. 678 more words


EPA may ban common pesticide used on fruits and vegetables

Friday the EPA banned a ommon pesticide used on citrus fruits, almonds and other crops. The proposal would prohibit use of chlorpyrifos, a widely used insecticide that is sprayed on a variety of crops including oranges, apples, cherries, grapes, broccoli and asparagus. 355 more words

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Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility (CSR) Programs Have Taken It On the Jaw

Long-time reader Bill O’Hearn sent me two wonderful articles he wrote on corporate sustainability that I offer here and here.  He makes some really good and unassailable points, namely, that the recent criminality in the private sector, especially the cases of Volkswagen and ExxonMobil, has put an enormous spear through the public trust in the subject of corporate sustainability efforts generally. 208 more words


India vows to cut intensity of carbon emissions as part of UN climate deal

India’s long-awaited pledge for a global climate pact shows how the world’s No. 3 carbon polluter is making significant efforts to rein in the growth of emissions linked to its fast-surging demands for energy, analysts said Friday. 469 more words


New report: Restaurant report card grades on antibiotics in meat supply

WASHINGTON — A new report is sounding the alarm about the use of antibiotics in the meat and poultry supply chains of the 25 largest U.S. 1,078 more words


Just call her the Waste Ace

Just four years out of Lewis & Clark College, Claire Cummings has carved out a niche at Bon Appétit, a food service based in Palo Alto, California, with 500-plus cafes—the word “cafeteria” is gently discouraged—around the country.  269 more words