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Panera to drop 150 artificial ingredients from its menu

NEW YORK — Good news, Panera Bread will no longer put Tert-Butyl-Hydroquinone in your sandwich.

The difficult-to-pronounce preservative is on a lengthy list of ingredients that the restaurant chain has promised to eliminate from its food by 2016. 363 more words


Take a COOL Guess – the Fun Quiz on Clean Energy.  Today’s Topic: Processing Tar Sands Crude

Question:  Is the practice of turning crude from tar sands into gasoline more environmentally destructive than the processing of conventional crude?  If so, how many times more damaging is it? 92 more words

Fossil Fuels

How We Measure the Validity of a Certain Source of Energy

One of the most important ingredients that figures into the analysis of energy in the 21st Century is “Energy Return on Investment” (EROI). It takes energy to generate energy; this is true; there is no free lunch—but how much energy? 525 more words

Wind Energy

Oregon joins B.C. and California with Clean Fuel Standards

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council the state of  Oregon “clinched a spot in the clean energy future” on March 12 when the Governor signed… 143 more words

Another Canada

by Sofia

Have you heard about tar sands? Until recently I haven’t. But it turns out to be a type of oil the extraction methods of which are quite bad for environment, human and animal health, communities’ and individuals’ rights.   370 more words

Environmentalists use seabird to sack Oregon logging

A federal appeals court has turned away a challenge by American Forest Resources Council (AFRC) attorneys seeking to end endangered species protections for a species of bird that resides in Oregon forests. 356 more words