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Happiness, Meaning, Tied to Biology

Over the history of man, philosophers have debated the meaning of life and attempted to define happiness.  I posit that the key to happiness is in biological fulfillment.   476 more words


Is Racism Natural? (Controversial)

Racism is Human Nature, and a very crucial part of our revolution. Broadly, racism is cherishing your own race and thinking as the different race as inferior. 391 more words


Science: Remnant Genetics: Mystery of Sea Nomads' Amazing Ability to Freedive is Solved

“The secret behind the ability of a group of “sea nomads” in Southeast Asia to hold their breath for extraordinary periods of time while freediving to hunt fish has finally been revealed – and it’s down to evolution…” 93 more words


How Strong is Natural Selection? Stitching Together Linear and Nonlinear Selection on a Single Scale

Post provided by Robert May Prize Winner Jonathan Henshaw

Some individuals survive and reproduce better than others. Traits that help them do so may be passed on to the next generation, leading to evolutionary change. 930 more words

Methods Papers

Natural Selection

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of the injured, 60 more words


The Stage of No Consciousness

Here the very first stage of The Cosmic Fugue, no consciousness, will be examined in more detail.

I am not going to outline in detail the chemical processes which lead from non-life to life, and from life to consciousness. 1,341 more words

Natural Selection & Sexual Selection: An Illustrated Introduction | Cornell / National Geographic

How does evolution happen? Through a gradual process called selection. Individuals that are better equipped to survive and reproduce pass those traits to their offspring. These “selected” changes accumulate over thousands of years. 125 more words