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En fallen sten i en verden av glass..

You’re all made of glass.. And if you shatter within the presence of my creation then that is not my fucking problem..I am a destructive being. 793 more words

Journal Of The Profane

intersecting agencies and cybersecurity #RSAC

I recurring theme in my reading lately (such as, Beniger‘s The Control Revolution, Horkheimer‘s Eclipse of Reason, and Norbert Wiener’s Cybernetics work) is the problem of two ways of reconciling explanations of how-things-came-to-be: 970 more words


Natural Selection: evidence of intelligent design and the limits to mutations

Lets go over a few definitions first:

Natural Selection: the differential contribution of offspring to the next generation by various genetic types belonging to the same population… 1,698 more words

Genetically Modified Foods: Dangerous or safe?

The Basics
Genetically Modified Foods fall is an overarching umbrella term to indicate many different processes. As the name is implied, any process that can cause a change in genetics is classified as being genetically modified. 840 more words


Bendy thumb

I have a thumb that’s just a bit weird,

It’s not the fact that it has a small beard,

It also curves more than 90 degrees, 193 more words

Rhyming Story

What is Intelligence?

Intelligence is a hard thing to define. The running joke in AI circles that every time a computer manages to do something we previously thought required human-level intelligence, we raise the bar and define this something to be what intelligence is not. 755 more words