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The Opposite of Time

Natural Selection is a collaborative project between contemporary British artist Andy Holden and his ornithologist father, Peter Holden. While one wouldn’t expect an entire exhibition on birds to hold the sustained interest of a casual observer, the exhibition creates an experience that is both informative, and deeply emotional, peppered with asides that nod to the more intriguing or humorous aspects of ornithology. 1,580 more words

Physicalism and consciousness

A: You’re always banging on about “physicalism” and “physicalist monism”. Frankly it all sounds like “goo goo ga joob” to me…..

B: Monism is just the belief that there is only one kind of “stuff” in the universe, and physicalism is the belief that that stuff is physical stuff. 2,174 more words


Survival of the Sneakiest

“Survival of the fittest” means that the strong succeed; or does it? The struggle for survival isn’t the only struggle that living things have to win. 47 more words

Gr 9-10 Science

Hominoid Skulls Activity

The following prompt is to be completed from your investigation of human evolution:

Claim: “Humans evolved from earlier extinct hominids.”

Justify this claim using three pieces of evidence from your investigations of the fossil record, molecular evidence and embryology. 27 more words

"Damn it, it's MY Body That's at Stake": Autonomy, Sociality, and Imperfect Choices

My family were swapping medical grievances one evening: flawed diagnoses, unwanted side effects, useless procedures. “Damn it, it’s my body that’s at stake” was one protest. 568 more words


GM Apple going on sale in the US

Apples used to be a symbol of health, and healthy eating. Not any more. To give sliced apples a longer shelf life, the Artic Apple has had a gene removed so it doesn’t go brown…perhaps ever: 498 more words

Food Glorious Food