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What should I teach my children about Evolution?

Schools today teach that evolution is a scientifically proven fact, but is it? This post will give parents four simple ways to dismantle the theory of evolution and to teach their children how to question mainstream thinking. 971 more words


Poke a man, see him fall

Natural deselection is being taken up a notch with the introduction of extra creatures into the global phenomenon Pokemon Go.

Incidents of players walking into walls, off cliffs, into the path of motorists and falling down open manholes are increasing daily. 316 more words


The Peacock’s Tail: How Microbes Help Drive the Evolutionary Process, or Why women fall for jerks explained.

2 million years ago, or thereabouts, Homo erectus diverged from an earlier species of hominid known as Australopithecus. Evolved is not the correct word here, as both species coexisted, at least for a time. 1,317 more words

Digital Transformation as natural selection: you become Digital or disappear...

Organisations that engage in the digital transformation must know that this is not about a simple IT project. There is not a simple process of awarding procurement and implementation as in any project of computerization.

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Are you the best and the brightest?

‘Meritocracy’ Is Just Another Way to Put You Down

David Halberstam’s 1972 book, “The Best and the Brightest,” is an account of how brilliant U.S. officials with impressive credentials made such a mess of the war in Vietnam. 60 more words

Behavioral Economics

Mew vs. Arceus: Why Evolution is a Fact in Our World and the Pokémon World (10th Post Special)

“It is said to have emerged from an egg in a place where there was nothing, then shaped the world.” – Arceus entry, Pokémon Platinum Version… 5,543 more words


Random 5 for July 17 – Distractions, girl time, robins, Darwin, stupidity

Bumpkus – That’s been the level of my inspiration lately. I’ve said it before. It’s hard to write a humor blog when bad things are happening. 339 more words