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From Atheist to Creationist

Jerry Bergman, Ph.D.

As I studied evolution (the doorway to atheism), it eventually became apparent that the theory has some major problems. The first example I researched in detail was the “vestigial organ” claim. 138 more words


Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously

Colorless green ideas sleep furiously,” was composed in the 1950s by Noam Chomsky, as an example of a sentence which was grammatically correct, and yet unlikely ever to have been spoken. 2,238 more words

Innate Deceiver

The Glasses Are Not Pink - They're Red

“When you want something, all the Universe conspires in helping you achieve it”

This sort of statement can only be made by an incurable romantic or an unscrupulous asshole who wants to sell his book by appealing to the inherent romantic nature of most people. 1,243 more words


For sale, one slightly used but deeply loved shiny object

I sell on ebay. I should be doing it regularly but it seems like I went on a one year sabbatical. I also collect stuff. 933 more words

Surviving a Pre-Warning-Label World

My recent posts have been sad and serious and as I was just thinking it’s time to write about funny shit again, what comes into my head? 670 more words


13 Reasons Why You Should Buy "Bloodlust"

Today’s the release day for the 13th and final episode of Dark Shadows: Bloodlust, the fantastic new Big Finish audio drama miniseries. I’ve written about the series a couple of times so far, and I want to mark the final release day with a list of 13 reasons why… 1,008 more words

Natural Selection

The Unseen Face of Charles Darwin

Many people in the world today are suffering from a crippling long-term condition that affected even some of the greatest minds in recent history, such as Charles Darwin, Abraham Lincoln, Emily Dickinson, Nikola Tesla, and Vincent van Gogh. 368 more words