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Words sort of matter

One of my favorite words when describing stupid people in their underwear getting run over by even stupider-er cagers has always been “accident.” It rolls off the tongue, and it fits our existence in the cosmos. 1,069 more words


Science fiction, stone plants, and the certainty of improbable things

Image: Lithops stone plant, UNB greenhouse, © Stephen Heard

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I love used-book sales. A little while ago I went to one at a local church, where I was amused to find all the science fiction on the children’s table*. 699 more words

Science Outreach

Absorptivity due to Climate Change Affects Wing Melanin in Butterflies

by Anna Alquitela

Climate change affects many organisms in varying ways. Organisms that are unlikely to migrate must adapt to climate change through evolutionary responses. Numerous studies have documented evolutionary responses to climate change over a period of one to three decades. 316 more words

Biological Effects Of Warming


On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, was published in England.  Written by Charles Darwin, it was a groundbreaking scientific theory in which Darwin’s argued that organisms gradually evolve through a process he called “natural selection.” Essentially organisms would evolve by utilizing variations in their genetic makeup in accordance with their environment.  191 more words

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Educational Videos on Evolution

What follows are a collection of educational videos on the topic of Evolution that I think are particularly compelling and/or well done. As Bill Nye states in the first video below, “denial of evolution is unique to the United States.” I used to deny it myself while trapped in fundamentalism. 348 more words


11/21/2015 OWF Event #35

OWF Event #35 | November 21, 2015
Cincinnati, Ohio

The show began with Beatrice Keenan who reminded everyone about the FFP World Heavyweight Title Tournament, and how Ashley King, Matt Thatcher, Mason Wolfe, El Desconocido and Zany would be taking part in it. 341 more words

Ohio Wrestling Federation

Spandrel Theories in Evolution

There are many things in evolution that we don’t understand. We theorize, guess, and postulate, but will never truly know the answer of ‘why’ something evolved the way it did. 865 more words