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The Selfish Gene

I just read The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins.  I’ve never read this book before, although I’ve certainly heard of it.  A few weeks ago, I read… 357 more words



Like many words, the word, “stand,” in all of its contexts, has a standing order in history.

How can society, by the power of an individual, a personal opinion, a group or by a seductively, merchandised trend, decide to change the meaning of something that has  been given a… 740 more words


Hitler and On the Origin of Species

In my post about the link between biological evolution and genocide, I quickly illuminated the powerful difference between seeing science as a descriptive tool and interpreting it as a prescriptive tool. 185 more words

Greed Begets Greed

The environment selects for those traits that are better able to survive and perpetuates those traits.  That is natural selection.  Our society through its policies, laws, and behaviors selects for those people who are greedy.   124 more words


Human Population Ecology

FOREWARNING: I am not saying that I necessarily believe in any of this. In this blog, a tangible transcript of my shower thoughts, I am simply exploring the outcome of a world where humans are unable to meddle with the ways of nature.   464 more words


Good, evil and natural selection

(Read it here in Spanish)

Charles K. Fink discusses in his interesting article The predation argument the controversial thesis of philosopher Steve Sapontzis that a lion does wrong when killing its prey for food. 870 more words


John C. Sanford's genetic entropy hypothesis

JoeCoder sent me a recent peer-reviewed paper by John C. Sanford, so I’ve been trying to find something written by him at a layman’s level so I could understand what he is talking about. 1,061 more words