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Year 2009. “I would like nuclear fusion to become a practical power source. It would provide an inexhaustible supply of energy, without pollution or global warming.” 86 more words


The Wonder of it All

I’ve noticed lately that I spend a lot of time looking at things, noticing things more than I used to. This could be because I have more time to do this, or more likely because it is finally spring here in the Northeast, a time for rebirth and renewing. 252 more words


The Way of the Pasta Fairy

The Flying Spaghetti Monster meme originated in a satirical open letter, written by Bobby Henderson to the Kansas School Board in 2005, protesting  against a proposal to teach Intelligent Design as an alternative scientific theory to evolution by natural selection. 2,577 more words

Innate Deceiver

OER and OER again

Wishing Icould have hopped into the webinar about communitycolleges and OER — they’ve fixed the date (“Wednesday May 14″ — so when I went there on the 14th, it was already over…having happened on Wednesday the 13th… ) 183 more words

Why Is Sex Fun? The Evolution of Human Sexuality

by Jared Diamond (Basic Books, a member of the Perseus Books Group, 1997; ISBN 0-465-03126-9)

In this very short (less than 200 pages) book in only seven chapters with titles like “The Animal with the Weirdest Sex Life,” “Why Don’t Men Breast-feed Their Babies? 194 more words


Man's best friend - since when?

By Siddharth Vodnala

Editor’s note: This article is from our Science for Kids series, aimed at children in grades 4-8.

Dogs are called “man’s best friend.” You probably know that. 668 more words


3 False Dichotomies That Limit Faith

I am a scientist, currently a graduate student aspiring to be a professor of chemistry in my home country, Zimbabwe. But, I am a Christian, I believe Christ came from heaven and died for my sins. 1,029 more words

Gospel Centered Life