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Why Woodpeckers are Scarce in the North

BY: Bob Montgomerie, Queen’s University | 18 June 2018

On the 18th of June 1858, one hundred and sixty years ago today, Darwin claims [1] to have received that fateful letter from Alfred Russel Wallace—probably the most famous letter in the history of science. 1,158 more words


Darwinism in every aspect of life


As all, we know that Darwinism is nothing but the evolution of species by natural selection.simply says survival of the fittest. Fittest is not meant to be strongest, I prefer to call smartest is fittest. 370 more words


Isabel Thomas and Daniel Egnéus
Bloomsbury Children’s Books

Interestingly this is the second picture book introducing adaptation and natural selection to children I’ve seen in the past few weeks – could a new trend be starting. 305 more words

Picture Books


I hereby advance DARWIN to godhood. A truly modern religion, befitting of the 21st century, for at the foundation lies evolution and natural selection:
There’ll be no prayers, no songs, no gatherings, no special hats or clothes, no churches/synagogues/mosques/temples. 95 more words


God's Selection

Have you ever felt like you can’t escape the grasp of the world? Like, you are trying to not be seen but you keep getting noticed? 508 more words


Tale as Old as Time

Readers love a good origin story.  Ask fans of DC and Marvel and they will agree with me.  Weave a tragic background around your protagonist and you have got yourself a seller.  847 more words