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Forces of Evolutionary Change: Weekly Reflection 9/18

One of the big questions we reflected on this last week was; has the theory of evolution been expanded on since darwin? Neodarwinism is a term we learned this past week which is the current theory of evolution- it explains evolution in genetic terms. 400 more words

Weekly Reflection 9/18-9/22 2017

To start off this week in AP Bio, we took notes on the different forces of evolutionary change. We started by redefining evolution as: change in genetic characteristics of a population over time. 148 more words

Weekly Reflections

Weekly Reflection 9/18/17-9/22/17

This week in AP Biology we began by learning about the different forces of evolutionary change. Since the days of Darwin, scientists have been discussing the idea of evolution, and evolution is the change in the characteristics of a species over several generations and relies on the process of natural selection. 363 more words

Week 2 Analysis

After exploring the primary method of evolution in a species last week, natural selection, we then looked into the other ways of evolution. Species can also evolve through genetic drift, sexual selection, and changes in gene flow. 195 more words

Ian Tattersall & the Transmission of Knowledge

Language has allowed us not only to represent the world around us but to actually reshape the world in unprecedented ways. In a talk given at Columbia University, Ian Tattersall asserts that language and thought are functionally inseparable, and that it is these characteristics that most significantly separate humans from animals.  271 more words


A Genetic Checkup for Us and Cavemen

Would you believe it if you were told that ancient humans were genetically healthier than you? Well, here’s an article from Science Daily indicating just that. 1,115 more words


natural selection

Modern spider monkeys have a diminished or non-existent thumb and four elongated, and curved fingers. As a class create and present a demonstration showing how natural selection could have created the hand structure of modern day spider monkeys.

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