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In Honor of Darwin Day

We are all Keynesians now.

This quote, usually attributed to Richard Nixon, is really believed to have been said by Milton Friedman. What Nixon actually said was “I am a Keynesian in economics now.” Both statements are powerful in the fact that they come from people who are ideologically on the right.

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Asking for a Skeptic Friend

I sometimes get email from people asking, in one way or another, whether our long-term evolution experiment (LTEE) with E. coli provides evidence of evolution writ large – new species, new information, or something of that sort. 421 more words


What if we had a specific type of people we were drawn to?

Have you ever wondered why a friend talking to you sounds so much like a complete other friend of yours?

Have you ever just sat and thought of how well your friends would get along if they were to meet (in case they are not friends yet)? 901 more words


Nature in the Front Yard: Evolution in the City

The voyage on H.M.S. Beagle that led to the theory of evolution took Charles Darwin to many remote places, most famously, the Galápagos Islands, 1000 km off the coast of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean. 1,014 more words

Evolution's time problem - waiting for genetic change

A central question that arises is how effective is the evolution process at producing novel functions. How did eyes, hearts, brains, wings, spliceosomes, ribosomes, evolve? There are plenty of stories of how all these intricate organs and complexed evolved – but these often substitute imagination with science, and provide very little in empirical evidence. 2,837 more words


Aquatic Ape Theory: An Argument For Our Watery Origins

The world just finished celebrating the birthday of Charles Darwin on February 12th, who, I’m sure you’re aware, was the originator of the evolutionary Theory of Natural Selection. 1,345 more words

History And Archaeology

Darwin’s Trail of Tears

CGP Grey / Foter / CC BY

Avid evolutionists recently celebrated the 200th birthday of their hero, Charles Darwin, in a manner that promoted his theory as true science. 488 more words