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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration

From Santa Cruz.

The famous Galápagos tortoises were part of Charles Darwin’s inspiration for the theory of natural selection as the mechanism of evolution.  The tortoises’ shells differ depending on what island they are from, indicating… 23 more words


"The Origin of Species"

“The Origin of Species” is a book/theory about natural selection. The book states that if a member of a species develops a functional advantage, such as a change in size, color, or something more advance like being able to fly, its offspring would inherit these same advantages.

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Charles Darwin

Natural selection

Natural selection,
God’s automatic writing?
His process of connection,
Tripartite infighting?
Holy chef and soup,
Waiting for some lightning?
Rejecting His conception
Hypnotically inviting.

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Watch Veritasium Interview Richard Dawkins About Evolutionarily Stable Strategies

The YouTube channel Veritasium and Derek Muller got to interview Richard Dawkins about the Evolutionarily Stable Strategies.  Basically, natural selection in the animal world.  When evolution favors a stable ratio of traits rather than one dominant trait, you get some interesting evolution science, enjoy!


Recent Darwin/evolution articles from the Journal of the History of Biology

The following articles have been published in the Journal of the History of Biology in the last year or so, and one from 2013:

Radim Kočandrle, Karel Kleisner, … 782 more words

C.R. Darwin

Diseases with an upside!

Diseases with an upside.

By Rich Feldenberg

Since life’s earliest emergence on planet earth, disease has been our constant and unwelcome companion.  Even the first single celled organisms were susceptible to break down, nutritional deficiencies, and harmful genetic mutation.   2,654 more words




A Cuyler Black cartoon. Love it!