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If All Genomes Survived (?)

An interesting question regarding genetics. What if every single human (homo sapiens) who ever lived had at least one child, who in turn survived to have at least one child, and so on? 190 more words



You too have climbed
from the alluvial swamp
of youth, of immaturity,
that dark cloy which sticks,
a viscid ignorance,

up from that shallow place… 61 more words


Over at TheScientist I found articles reporting on the evolutionary dynamics of anole lizards living on the Caribbean islands. But it turns out to be the usual bait-and-switch. 416 more words


Life (Espinosa; 2017)

I’ve been talking quite a bit lately in my reviews how horror is going through something of a mini-Renaissance of late.  It seems the writers, directors, and producers of these films have at long last figured out that audiences are tired of and want more than jump scares, story arcs that work only because of idiotic decisions, and cheap camera tricks meant to mislead the viewer but ultimately just very temporarily conceal the plot holes riddled throughout the story.   1,083 more words

Movie Review

Answering Life’s Basic Questions

By Ian D’Souza

I remember as a child and then as a teenager asking the following questions in my subconscious mind over and over again.  As far as I can remember, I could never find the correct answers from any of the classics or other materials (Reader’s Digest for example), that I frequently read.  1,392 more words

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Think About It!

FYI, this may be long but if it is, it will totally be worth it, and just know it took me forever to write, and sorry for any typos because I have these cute fake nails on from prom. 522 more words


A Nose In The Air: The Influence of Climate & Nose Morphology

British anthropologist Arthur Thomson, in the late 1800’s published his observations on nose size and shape. He noted that humans from humid, warm climates have wider, shorter noses than humans from colder, dryer climates who have more narrow, longer noses. 490 more words