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What did the omega say to the mammoth?

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“My dear I past extinction on my own merits, but why oh woolly mammoth?”

That would be natural selection, does it bear reasoning about? 180 more words

Evolution's search problem - Searching through protein sequence space for genetic novelty Part 2

Proteins are one of the most important molecules of life; the basic components of the genetic code. They have diverse functions such as catalyzing specific reactions, transporting and storing molecules, mechanical structure and support, signalling and motion. 1,319 more words


Snakes That Eat Snakes

Lately I have been thinking about snakes. This was prompted by the sighting of a python by my parents during a customary evening stroll on the streets of our gated community. 668 more words


Questions for Evolution

Hey everyone,

Asking questions is sort of a habit with me. Growing up, I plagued my family night and day with questions–especially “why?” Regardless of the subject. 3,850 more words


Can't Make Friends? Blame the Cavemen

What did people with terrible vision do before glasses were invented?

Seriously? Have you ever thought about that? What a crazy thought. When I roll out of bed in the morning, I’m blind as a bat. 485 more words

Makes You Think

Reasons to Believe

I’ve developed a new interest in apologetics  since joining Reasons to Believe.  Dr. Ross and his associates on the site keep updating the papers then review making some facinating points about life on earth, the uniqueness of earth to support advanced life forms and the beautiful origins of the universe. 87 more words