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Some fairly random, half-formed thoughts on Evolution

1. On Sex

‘Evolution is a Lie’ read the placard in the town centre the other day as Christian preachers took to ranting, again, about how everyone’s a sinner in need of Jesus. 406 more words

Christianity's Failure To Deliver

Natural selection

The herring gulls came to the towns and cities because it was easier to find food there. The seas were emptying but the land was ever more bountiful. 271 more words


Neuroscience as an antidote to commonsense? I doubt it!

Advances in neuroscience have given us new insights into the workings of the brain, at least to the extent that the measurement of blood flow suggests which parts of the brain are operating at any one time. 784 more words


Alfred R. Wallace and the importance of networking

Alfred Russel Wallace, despite being unknown to most, was the one to first come up with the theory of natural selection. Wallace didn’t have an easy start, with poverty forcing him to leave school at age 13. 406 more words

Why did it take us so long to discover natural selection, and why do we continue to misunderstand it?

When Charles Darwin first presented his theory of natural selection, naturalists everywhere kicked themselves.

Though many were undoubtedly delighted with its profound implications, others would have cursed the air bitterly as the theory clicked into place in their minds: … 2,495 more words


Multi-tasking the negro way

What do you do after a high-speed car chase with police cars that ends in your car being flipped over and a bunch of American cops cornering you? 52 more words

Triggering Material

Creations without a Creator?

Creatures like this are proof to me that there is a creator. Can an insect will itself over many generations to look like a leaf so its enemies won’t see it? 94 more words