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Christian/Theistic Macroevolutionists??

Macroevolutionists postulate that all forms of life came from one single cell that has come to be commonly labeled as a “common ancestor.”1 It is reported that this common ancestor was subjected to factors such as the inevitable passage of time, processes associated with natural selection, and other random changes in the its genes also known as mutations, which caused it to develop new characteristics through a process known as microevolution. 340 more words

New paper shows that Nowak et al. were wrong: kin selection remains a valuable concept in evolutionary biology

In 2010 three authors—Martin Nowak, Corina Tarnita, and E. O. Wilson—published a paper in Nature (reference and link below) purporting to explain the evolution of… 1,806 more words


On an Undeniable Review

In February 2014, Bill Nye debated Ken Ham (President, Answers in Genesis, AIG) about evolution-creation at AIG’s Creation Museum on Cincinnati’s Kentucky-side of the river. This book, … 440 more words



As i was keeping up to date with material on creationtoday.org,  i came across an article that completely destroys the Evolutionary principle. Here’s a link to the original website that creationtoday.org got it from : 128 more words

Reason, Science & Observation Prove God Exists

The author of NATURAL GOD – Deism in the Age of Intelligent Design, Beth Houston, is a professor of creative writing and literature at the University of California and several other universities. 523 more words


What Standards?

Last week, while I was poking fun at Apple’s effluvia, I got bit by an extreme example of just how blind natural selection can be. In this case, the offender was at the opposite end of the spectrum from Apple’s $10,000 watch. 441 more words

New Technology

Intelligent Design vs Evolution: The Origins of Life

How did life originate? did we appear from simple non-living chemicals? or was life designed? We can through inference decide which argument is best represented in the mechanism of life, as we have come to understand it in the 21st century. 724 more words