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How To Beat Your Sweet Tooth - The Natural Way

So I have a sweet tooth, which is pretty common, especially for anyone with an insulin related condition. When I used to go on ‘diets’ when I was younger. 439 more words

Which Natural Sweetener is the Healthiest for You?

There’s plenty of information on the harmful effects sugar can have on your body, but if you’re like millions of other people with a sweet tooth, you probably don’t want to give up that sweet pleasure completely. 475 more words


Controlling & Preventing Diabetes

If you are looking for a how to prevent diabetes, you are not the sole one. Many diabetic patients want for the simplest way to take care of diabetes. 206 more words

Info Regarding a Diet for Diabetes

Diet for diabetes is necessary in the regulation of blood sugar levels. It is been said many times that the right diet, along with exercise and medication, is solution of controlling diabetes. 221 more words


Simple & Efficient Home Remedies for Diabetes

There is no complete heal for diabetes and one can only control blood glucose level through proper diet, do exercises and medicine if necessary. Diabetic patients have to understand that they have a complex disorder that will carry on for life time. 212 more words


Treat your health Right with Natural Sweeteners

Unconscious regarding the health hazards of white unprocessed sugar, people stay tucking into cakes, pastries & other sweet dishes. White sugar flavor very sweet but it is very injurious for health. 228 more words


Switch to Natural Sweeteners Products for Health Benefits

Sugar & artificial sweeteners are a poor option if losing weight and a healthy lifestyle are what you are motivated for. It is a well known truth that sugary desserts can be a diet killer. 208 more words