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Turns out agave nectar is a not-so-healthy sweet sensation

Over the past few months, I’ve become increasingly concerned about a sweetener that many dieticians and “foodies” have recommended.


After careful consideration of the available research, today I’m asking you to eliminate agave nectar from your diet and your kitchen. 432 more words


My six favourite natural alternatives to sugar that taste just as good!

They say, “Know your enemy,” right? Then getting to know oft demonised sugar – as well as its myriad alternatives – probably isn’t such a bad idea. 383 more words


Five tips for getting yourself to love stevia

When I first heard about stevia, I was ecstatic. I’m sure many of you can relate!


I mean, what’s better than a natural sweetener that tastes just as good as sugar that’s also calorie-free? 448 more words


What you need to know about nature’s sweet secret – stevia

For if you didn’t know, stevia is the “sweetener in the news” these days, if I put it that way to you.


It used to be something most people hadn’t ever heard about. 318 more words


Molasses - Possibly The Richest, Sweetest, Most Affordable Sweetener - Health Benefits Galore

I love molasses!  I absolutely love them.  They are so good for you and they are unbelievably inexpensive.  Have you ever tasted them?  Oh my goodness!  590 more words

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Having Your Cake And Eating It: Delicious Desserts Without The Evil Overprocessed White Stuff

“To have cake, or not to have sugar, that is the question”, so mused Hamlet in the revised edition of Shakespeare specifically for The Vegan. Hamlet is indeed pondering the topical debate about the rise in the body of evidence expressing concern over the use of unprocessed sugar in desserts as well as it being used to bulk up all manner of foodstuffs by profiteering manufacturers. 872 more words

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Choosing the best diet for diabetic patient management is an important take into account the control of diabetes. Many diabetics, especially type 2 diabetics, do not take their condition seriously, and therefore place themselves at great risk since they’re constantly disobeying the diabetes guidelines outlined by their doctors. 9 more words