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Ferrero Energy Balls

Hi all,

Anyone fancy something nice this weekend, without the guilt? These are super tasty, filled with delicious healthy ingredients. I wasn’t planning on posting this recipe, because it is seriously simple. 361 more words


A Different Kind of Sweet: Honey Buttercream

I’ve eaten a lot of desserts in my life and never come across a honey buttercream. What a shame! So I thought I’d give it a shot here for you guys. 149 more words


Growing Fresh Stevia In Your Garden

Stevia is an exciting plant for herbal garden because of its natural and calorie free sweetness. The perennial plant loves the warm sun but dies back in a freeze. 329 more words


Minimalist, Vegan Honey+Molasses Bread

Yeran: There are days when all I want to do is eat like a bird and munch on grains and nuts and savour all things wholesome. 334 more words

How To Beat Your Sweet Tooth - The Natural Way

So I have a sweet tooth, which is pretty common, especially for anyone with an insulin related condition. When I used to go on ‘diets’ when I was younger. 439 more words

Which Natural Sweetener is the Healthiest for You?

There’s plenty of information on the harmful effects sugar can have on your body, but if you’re like millions of other people with a sweet tooth, you probably don’t want to give up that sweet pleasure completely. 474 more words


Turns out agave nectar is a not-so-healthy sweet sensation

Over the past few months, I’ve become increasingly concerned about a sweetener that many dieticians and “foodies” have recommended.


After careful consideration of the available research, today I’m asking you to eliminate agave nectar from your diet and your kitchen. 432 more words