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Substance Spotlight: Moringa

Precisely what is Moringa?

This plant is a little known superfood that offers several benefits when even small amounts are consumed on a regular basis. Actually, every part of the plant can be used in some manner and offers benefits when consumed by humans. 331 more words

Benefits associated with Moringa

This plant has been used for several centuries in Asia and Africa and it’s now getting worldwide recognition for its fantastic alternative healing properties. Usually the whole portion of the plant is used and every part has a number of different benefits! 524 more words

Go Natural-Natural Weight Loss Remedies

People are worried about being overweight and they try anything from extreme exercise to proteins diets or even drugs to reduce weight. But there is another way out, considering the natural weight loss remedies which is a way cheaper as compared to the traditional methods of weight loss. 371 more words

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Green Coffee Extract

Green Coffee Beans

Dr. Oz has called it “the miraculous weight loss aid,” to much controversy and frenzy. After featuring an all-natural answer to weight reduction in 2012 in the form of the widely accepted… 841 more words

Green Coffee Beans: Fat Loss Craze?

Fat loss gimmicks. Some of them are frivolous; a number of them, downright dangerous. It isn’t often that a seeming “magic pill” notion comes along that is actually supported by science. 704 more words

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What is Green Coffee Extract?

Green Coffee Extract comes from raw green coffee beans that are never roasted. They contain Chlorogenic acid, a powerful antioxidant that promotes weight loss. 280 more words