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Bronze-Age Booze - It's the Future

Reflecting on this wine love/wine obsession/cunningly disguised alcoholism – call it what you will – of mine, I realise I tried some pretty amazing stuff in 2014: the 1990 Château Margaux, ’55 Latour, and ’42 Castillo Ygay I tried at… 685 more words


Harvest 2014: Deep in Beaujolais

I spent this year’s harvest in postcard-beautiful Beaujolais, where I hoped to get closer to the wine I love so well. As the photo shows, mission accomplished: I couldn’t have got any closer short of swimming in the stuff (maybe a goal for harvest 2015). 1,169 more words


Wine, the Universe and Everything

What’s it all about, Douglas? Four-and-a-half billion years ago, some pointless lump of rock hurtling through the disorder of the early solar system crashes into a larger pointless lump of rock at great speed, explodes, then partially re-coalesces and slips into an orbit around the larger lump of rock in a senseless, irresistible spiral. 714 more words

Natural Wine

Flatiron Wines & Spirits: Wines of Terroir and Tradition in the Heart of Manhattan

The folks at JancisRobinson.com are running a writing contest in support of independent wine retailers worldwide. They asked readers to submit an account of their favorite indie wine shop. 1,109 more words


Martin Texier: On Making Wine Without Added Sulfur

For those of us who prefer to drink nonmanipulated wines made with organic grapes and minimal intervention and that express their varietal and place of origin—so-called natural wines—the addition of sulfur dioxide (SO2) to our wines is a controversial topic. 3,789 more words