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Hangover-less wine (and other stories)

There’s a rumour going round in the outré world of artisanal alcohol consumption that natural wine won’t give you a hangover – presuming of course that you drink a hangover’s worth of the wine in the first place. 516 more words


RAW - A question of taste

I’ve just returned home after spending the earlier part of the day in The Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane, sampling my way through some of the most interesting wines I have tasted. 1,075 more words

The Vine Collective at E17 Art Trail

If you’ve come here wanting to know about the Vine Collective, good – you’re very welcome.

Here’s what the Vine Collective is, and is doing… 553 more words


The Finest Wines Available to Humanity IV: Bressan Schioppettino

I’m in a wine bar just off Regent Street in central London and choose a Schioppettino 2007 from the list. I don’t know the winemaker, … 424 more words

Natural Wine

Bronze-Age Booze - It's the Future

Reflecting on this wine love/wine obsession/thinly disguised alcoholism – call it what you will – of mine, I realise I tried some pretty amazing stuff in 2014: the 1990 Château Margaux, ’55 Latour, and ’42 Castillo Ygay I tried at… 660 more words

Natural Wine

Harvest 2014: Deep in Beaujolais

I spent this year’s harvest in postcard-beautiful Beaujolais, where I hoped to get closer to the wine I love so well. As the photo shows, mission accomplished: I couldn’t have got any closer short of swimming in the stuff (maybe a goal for harvest 2015). 1,169 more words

Natural Wine

Wine, the Universe and Everything

What’s it all about, Douglas? Four-and-a-half billion years ago, some pointless lump of rock hurtling through the disorder of the early solar system crashes into a larger pointless lump of rock at great speed, explodes, then partially re-coalesces and slips into an orbit around the larger lump of rock in a senseless, irresistible spiral. 714 more words

Natural Wine