Fairfax In-Community workshops: Round 1

I’m currently conducting some workshops with schools in Victoria this week as part of my Fairfax Festival commitments.  I’ve just completed two days of work with Kalianna Special School (Bendigo) and I’m now enjoying a rest day in Shepparton before I commence another two days of workshops with the high school here.   332 more words

Sound Art

Sound design for The Lake commences

Over the past couple of days I have commenced work on sound design for five.point.one’s production of Ben Brooker’s The Lake.  Musique concrète/acousmatic heroes Francois Bayle and Bernard Parmegiani are key informants, working their influence over audio clippings of disaster news, frying meat, tape hiss, menacing freight trains and the loneliest sounding wind on Earth.

Natural Sound

Adhocracy weekend and Reclamation (Part 2: presentations, the industrial world and reflections)

This time last week I was preparing the presentation of Reclamation for an audience on the closing night of Adhocracy 2013.  The preceding days of the residency had been busy with regular morning field trips, an artist talk in the afternoon, preparing a daily listening station and… 400 more words


Adhocracy weekend and Reclamation (Part 1: hydrophones, the natural world and mystery sounds)

I am currently confined to bed in the late afternoon with what feels like the beginnings of a typical winter cold.  I am also feeling rather exhausted.   538 more words


Adhocracy 2013: Reclamation

I’ve just received notification that I’ve been accepted as an artist in residence for Adhocracy 2013 (7-10 June, 2013; Vitalstatistix, Port Adelaide) where I will be developing a new work entitled  29 more words

Sound Art