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Krema za sve i svašta - Biobaza Natural [RECENZIJA]

Dugo se nismo družile u tipkanom obliku na blogu, no fakultetske obaveze su te koje me sprječavaju u češćem pisanju članaka. No sad bi šteta bilo ovu predivnu sunčanu nedjelju ne iskoristiti za dijeljenje dojmova o još jednom očaravajućem hrvatskom proizvodu, … 404 more words


Take a moment to chill

If life is hectic, between a flurry of work deadlines, Christmas shopping and festive parties, give yourself a minute or two to stop and chill out today. 96 more words


Coco Nara Hookah Shisha Natural Charcoals, 120 count

Coco Nara is 100% natural hookah charcoals and is made from compressed coconut shell. Tasteless and burn up to 60 minutes. You can light these coals on a stovetop or an electric coil burner. 147 more words

Six Natural Remedies For Lowering Blood Pressure Fast

High blood pressure is a complex health issue which is no longer just an affliction of the elder generation, but unfortunately, is a serious threat for young people as well. 42 more words

A toothpaste recipe to avoid disaster?!

As you can see by the title and picture, this is not a recipe to follow to eat the end product, oh no. Far from it. 1,343 more words