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Don't always believe what you see on social media.

Here are two photos of myself, one of which is posed with good lighting, the other which I’m relaxed and more my authentic self. Most people choose to show themselves to the world in a way that they perceive as socially acceptable however that is NOT real and you’ll see more photos like that on the left in day to day life. 23 more words


Going Natural

I talk about the love hate relationship I have with my hair and why I went natural! 1,052 more words

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Love is like a red red rose

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If You've Been on the Search for a Dependable Natural Deodorant, Stop What You're Doing and Read This Article!

Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by! We both know why I called your attention to this post. Natural deodorants can be…’Iffy’. If you’ve tried them, you know what I mean. 599 more words