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Coconut Oil

I have found the best thing ever! No but really Coconut oil has hundreds of uses and I use it probably everyday on multiple occasions. Lets start with my most common morning one, oil pulling. 230 more words


Should it all really come down to numbers?

Numbers – could they be one of the main things that govern us today? Time, calories, word counts in assignments, statistics… It seems like we keep living our lives in a numerical frame. 1,051 more words


2 Quote A Flower Daily - Stamens and Pistil

“Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth.”

~Pema Chödön


LUSH Cosmetics Create New Standard in Bath Products

Most people don’t think about what they’re using when they throw some bubble bath in a tub or spreading cream on their face with ingredients they can’t pronounce. 110 more words


Lush Haul!

Took a trip to LUSH today! Its not exactly local so whenever I get to a Lush I grab loads and stock up on the goodies. 375 more words