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Ametrine: One of a Kind

Today we celebrate this amazing and rare product of the earth. The name is given because of the traces of amethyst (violet) and citrine (yellow) found in this one stone. 70 more words

Engagement Ring

Growing an avocado tree from a pit

This is my first attempt at growing an avocado tree from a pit.  It seems quite easy as long as you give your pit the right amount of water and sunlight.   350 more words


Lush "Squeaky Green" Shampoo Bar Review

Emily here today reviewing one of my new favorite haircare products! Recently, my cousin recommend that I try the shampoo bars from lush. I know what you’re thinking: “shampoo… 269 more words


Inner Beauty Is More Important But A Bit Of Mascara Never Hurt ... 

Until recently I have never worn much makeup. Mostly because I didn’t know how to apply it properly but also as I genuinely feel that beauty is not all about the outside. 352 more words


New Foundation for Spring

Everything changes after the winter regarding your skin, starting from being pale to getting tanned. Now for the Spring your color skin is completely different that is why I went to the beauty store and got me a new foundation and I’m loving it! 128 more words

Dutch Lace Braided Side Ponytail

Hope you enjoy my newest makeup tutorial video! Peace and love.

Whitney's Food Journal: A Quest To Cure Iron Deficiency

It shouldn’t take an unhealthy diagnosis to realize that what you eat matters, but sometimes, that’s the case. I had to learn from my own body how to eat foods that actually help it to function. 841 more words