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"All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking"

My co-worker at the high technology company I once worked at was the software architect for a sophisticated manufacturing test system. He was highly skilled at both hardware and software design and was responsible for inventing and implementing many innovative test features that made our products a success in the marketplace. 424 more words


All natural Gripe Water

Hello fellow Mommas,
today I have for you is a recipe for all natural Gripe water! and I am so excited to share.
what you need: 96 more words


Homemade Butt balm

my daughter has very sensitive skin and it’s even hard to ease her discomfort with certain creams.. so I figured I might as well try to make an all natural butt balm to see how her rash does! 123 more words


The House Sparrow

Shortly after my third birthday, in 1961, my family moved house.  The new house had a large concrete porch with a low wall, and in the winter my mother would put out stale bread on that wall.   328 more words




in crabapple heaven.

we are.

our crabapple tree is beginning to bloom outside our bedroom window. when I look out at from my bed I feel like I am laying right in it.   12 more words


Audubon Made Up At Least 28 Fake Species To Prank A Rival

Pranks are meant to be discovered—what’s the point in fooling someone if they never notice they’ve been fooled? But one 19th century prank, sprung by John James Audubon on another naturalist, was so extensive and so well executed that its full scope is only now coming to light. 32 more words

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Mini & Me Yoga

today was my first time attending a yoga class with Larenity, the first 45 minutes went well.. (aside from being rusty and inflexible) I was enjoying every moment of watching my daughter look at me with curiosity! 110 more words