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Intelligence Comes in Many Forms …

I did not do well at school. I left in the summer of 1976 feeling a “failure” at age 15. Like lots of kids, the chalk n’ talk, cram for exam methods didn’t go so well for me. 587 more words

Learning Bitez

loss of play = loss of growth

My oldest playing on hot summer day, it’s funny how much more tolerable of heat and cold children.

Kids used to play for hours each day, including myself. 258 more words

Enviroment Science

My New "Cool Stuff" Book

Today, I got the first advance copy of my new book, “More Cool Stuff on the American River”.  It’s the second book on a series of three that I’m writing, and focuses on plants, flowers and trees found along the river.   63 more words

This is an update on the first edition. I was able to update the design a bit and insert as many new photos as possible. There were many very exacting reviewers for this project. 18 more words

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Smudging: A Fascinating Practice

Most religions have sacred plants. Many of them use some of these to cleanse and clear a space. I’ve heard it called many things. But my personal favorite is saging (or sageing… it seems like a debate on spelling) 545 more words


Different Paths, Different Views

So while I’ve been writing this book (it’s almost to a second edit right now) it has made me examine beliefs and themes in paganism. 171 more words

Review of Niedecker via Woodland Pattern

My review of the first two Lorine Niedecker monograph pamphlet series here via Woodland Pattern’s blog.

Penberthy, Jenny. What Region? 1.1 Lorine Niedecker’s Century 1903 – 2003.  21 more words