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Blurb from the Naturalist: Ginseng


The herbaceous plant American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius), best
known for its medicinal uses or as an herbal supplement, is
classified by the State of New York as a threatened species. 53 more words


Jane Carter Solution : Tame the Mane Thursday!

I love JANE CARTER SOLUTION! This line has done wonders for my hair! I have curly hair but it frizzes almost instantly and the shampoo,conditioner and leave in has helped me tame the frizz! 69 more words

Natural Materials | Sculptural Installations

From sprouting seeds in soil, to saplings and tree limbs, natural materials are the building blocks of my sculptural work. Weather inspired by, or made of natural materials, these pieces are designed to reconnect us with the environment. 45 more words


Protective Style: Flat Twist

A lot of people as what to do with my hair once I become natural! NaturallyHereBa is here to give you tips! A lot of people are into the curly look but do not want to put two much heat on there hair or none at all! 85 more words


Careers In Environmental Education: There is Always a New Adventure

I’ve not been in Environmental Eduction for very long…however, that is still long enough to learn what EE can do for those dedicated to the field, like it did for me: 996 more words


Raise a Glass for Evolution

I developed an unapologetic affection for all things nature and science-related at an early age. One Christmas morning, in an oversized pajama shirt, I ripped the paper off a microscope and burst info a fit of blissed-out screams and fist pumping. 732 more words