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Lessons from Day 13: Worship That Pleases God- God wants you to be Yourself

Rick Warren mentioned a friend called Gary Thomas. He says that Gary wondered that “if God intentionally made us all different, why should everyone be expected to love God in the same way?” 157 more words

Spiritual Upliftment

Gear Lists

Someone contacted me late last night about camping and hiking gear, and got me thinking. I really need to make lists. I need a list of the gear I currently have, and I want a wishlist. 415 more words


Three Months in Winter

Morning and evening, the pink-footed geese fly over the village, their haunting, yelping calls bracketing the day. They fly from the safety of the mudflats and shallow waters of the Wash, that great bay of the North Sea, out to the sugar beet fields, to feed on the shattered remnants of the harvested crop. 1,046 more words


PA Naturalist Gardening Buddies : The Eastern American Toad

Have a lot of insect problems in your garden? Perhaps you should dream for a resident Eastern American Toad.

Scientific Name: Anaxyrus americanus

Habitat: Eastern United States and Canada, adaptable to almost any condition: meadows, forests, agricultural lands, suburban yards, rocky hills, etc. 1,116 more words


The YellowSisi Challenge x Pictorial

Hey guys!!! Hope we’re good, awesome, positive and lit!!! 😀

I’m very excited to finally put up the pictorial I promised last week, here. I was already planning to do this post, because I’m trying to stick to my Sunday postings, then my friend… 677 more words

The Return of The Economic Naturalist: How Economics Helps Make Sense of Your World

Economy is quite hard to understand for some. The fact that it’s hard to comprehend makes it sort of boring and uninteresting subject. Such feeling may be caused by their unlucky for not finding sources good at explaining the topic. 333 more words


Dreaming of Greens, Blues, and Between

I woke at dawn with the rising sun coming up and the bluish hue of light cresting the peaks around me. The gentle whispering of a nearby stream silently brushed my senses awake and I unzipped the tent flap, shaking off droplets of dew onto the ground that spread as if tears of joy had fallen from my eyes. 470 more words