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Organic Food, Anal Sex, and Racism

…And no, this isn’t my response to the timeless ‘describe your ideal Sunday morning’. 887 more words


Nature and Value.

In the previous post, we posed the question of whether the concepts of nature and naturalness were red herrings in discussions concerning the ethics of emerging technologies, specifically synthetic biology. 1,434 more words


The Naturalistic Fallacy Applied to Your Own Sexuality


The naturalistic fallacy is a system of flawed logic that has been quite detrimental to human sexuality. Its fundamental tenet is that people believe that if a behavior occurs in the natural world then it must be right.   418 more words

Thinking About Sexuality

Philosophy and Ophthalmology: From Is to Ought

“Seeing is the function of the eye” is an is statement.  But to assert it is to hold that eyes that see well are good eyes, and eyes that see poorly are bad eyes.  19 more words

Moore's Open Question and The Standards of Morality

G.E. Moore is a name that only those avid in philosophy may know, but his book Principia Ethica is one of the most important works of the 20th century. 571 more words


100% Natural and Chemical Free

This afternoon, the Advertising Standards Authority released their decision to uphold an interesting complaint regarding advertisements for a couple of cleaning products on a website. Here is the ASA’s description of how the products were described on the website: 639 more words

New Zealand

Hard-Wired 31: Rape

According to the ‘standard social model’, rape is an expression of power and dominance by a man over a woman. It’s about control and about ‘ownership’. 1,185 more words

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