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G.E. Moore and the Naturalistic Fallacy

Justifying Moral Values

Think about your most firmly held moral values. Now imagine that you have to justify them to the most inquisitive five-year-old conceivable. 1,449 more words


The Progressive Fallacy

I first learned about the naturalistic fallacy (an is is not an ought) in a philosophy course I took recently in which we studied David Hume’s  517 more words

Q&A: Is Veganism Unnatural and Unhealthy?


If being vegan necessitates having to eat food that have been fortified with nutrients artificially just to maintain a healthy body, does that mean the vegan diet is unhealthy? 742 more words


Eating clean

At work, one of the first questions I ask my patients is “what goals have you set and changes have you made?” since their initial session. 387 more words

Food And Nutrition