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The Naturalistic Fallacy Applied to Your Own Sexuality


The naturalistic fallacy is a system of flawed logic that has been quite detrimental to human sexuality. Its fundamental tenet is that people believe that if a behavior occurs in the natural world then it must be right.   418 more words

Thinking About Sexuality

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Ecomodernism and sustainable intensification,” by Matt Ridley.



“We explore the interrelationships between various measures of cultural distance. We first discuss measures of genetic distance, used in the recent economics literature to capture the degree of relatedness between countries. 105 more words


Philosophy and Ophthalmology: From Is to Ought

“Seeing is the function of the eye” is an is statement.  But to assert it is to hold that eyes that see well are good eyes, and eyes that see poorly are bad eyes.  19 more words

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7 of the biggest ‘facts’ about unhealthy food that actually aren’t true,” by Roberto A. Ferdman.



“Public choice uses the tools of economics to analyze how the political process allocates resources and impacts economic activity. 97 more words


Moore's Open Question and The Standards of Morality

G.E. Moore is a name that only those avid in philosophy may know, but his book Principia Ethica is one of the most important works of the 20th century. 571 more words


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Can a city suppress speech protesting eminent domain?” by Randy Barnett.



“Economic and political transition can occur through peaceful or violent means. 103 more words


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The ‘Food Babe’ Blogger Is Full of Shit,” by Yvette d’Entremont.



“Although government agencies increasingly use behavioral irrationalities as a justification for government intervention, the paradox is that these same government policies are also subject to similar behavioral inadequacies across a broad range of policies. 98 more words