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Can a city suppress speech protesting eminent domain?” by Randy Barnett.



“Economic and political transition can occur through peaceful or violent means. 103 more words


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The ‘Food Babe’ Blogger Is Full of Shit,” by Yvette d’Entremont.



“Although government agencies increasingly use behavioral irrationalities as a justification for government intervention, the paradox is that these same government policies are also subject to similar behavioral inadequacies across a broad range of policies. 98 more words


100% Natural and Chemical Free

This afternoon, the Advertising Standards Authority released their decision to uphold an interesting complaint regarding advertisements for a couple of cleaning products on a website. Here is the ASA’s description of how the products were described on the website: 639 more words

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Hard-Wired 31: Rape

According to the ‘standard social model’, rape is an expression of power and dominance by a man over a woman. It’s about control and about ‘ownership’. 1,185 more words

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The Green Marketing Façade

I wrote another piece for Nature’s Scitable blog, ‘Eyes on Environment’.

The Green Marketing Façade
The misuse of green buzzwords in marketing and why we shouldn’t automatically condemn ‘unnatural’ methods of food production. 17 more words


The Open Question Argument and The Naturalistic Fallacy

In online discussions about meta-ethics, terms like “naturalistic fallacy” and “open question argument” are tossed around left and right. But it isn’t often that they’re used correctly. 2,234 more words

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