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Holy Craft(s)

I’m ecstatic to say I survived my very first craft show! While being showered with a ton of support from my loved ones, I was able to share my story with many new people. 233 more words

Combat Dry Winter Skin

As the days have been getting cooler and we’ve official settled in for the holiday season I’ve noticed my skin is also going through a change… The drier air is beginning to take a toll on my pretty little face so I pulled out all my favorite remedies during these winter months. 218 more words


Psoriasis Miracle Cure

A little over a year ago my skin broke out in this annoying scaley mess! I have had eczema in the past when I was stressed out so figured that was it. 185 more words

Sundays are for (Muscle) Recovery

After watching an unbelievable amount of sports this weekend, I decided this week’s feature product would be Sore Muscle Rub. Sore Muscle Rub is for tight and achy muscles after a long day on your feet or after battling through tough athletic games. 286 more words


A lot of people ask the question “how can I get rid of my blackheads and pimples”? I used to be one these people last two years. 405 more words


Whats in my medicine cabinet?

I’m in love with natural or holistic medicine. I think it works better than pharmaceuticals with less side effects and is better for your body. I use a wide range of different types of natural medicine. 750 more words


Weightlifting & food

This week I worked on my max for thrusters. My PR was 40kg (90lbs) I tried to go for 45kg on my last round but no luck, could only clean it. 109 more words