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5 Benefits Of Drinking Coconut Water 💦

1) Balances pH Levels

Coconut water contains lauric acid as a component, which aids our body in eliminating toxins and fighting any infections. Drinking coconut water frequently will naturally flush out any overgrowth of yeast that could potentially cause vaginal yeast/bacterial infections. 239 more words


GERD. What is it and what can help.

The common belief is that acid reflux or heartburn is caused by too much stomach acid but that’s not the case. GERD or Gastro Intestinal Reflux Disease is when there is inflammation of the stomach and it leads to tissue damage of the esophagus. 575 more words


Afio mai - Welcome - Haere mai

Today I was inspired by a beautiful and intelligent young gun to pick up my (digital) pen and write again. It’s been TOO LONG!!! So, here we go!!!!!!!! 71 more words

Organic Hair mask

Who doesn’t love good hair day? Well here’s a quick fix DIY hair mask for that soft,shiny and frizz free hair.

This hair mask is my weekend ritual and absolute favorite when it comes to deep conditioning my hair using simple organic ingredients. 79 more words


Conventional Vs Herbal Medicines for STDs

Many of the antibiotics prescribed to treat the STDs cause severe to mild forms of side effects in the patients who consume it. Sometimes, your body may be allergic to a certain drug and cause unknown reactions. 75 more words


“Your hair is your best accessory’

“Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off”

Throughout literature and movies, there are many examples where a woman’s beauty is described by her thick and lustrous locks. 297 more words



We all have been through that phase when peer – pressure hits you harder than puberty. For girls, it is even worse.  That’s the age when we suddenly become self-conscious (not to forget – conditioned by the society about the notion of ‘Beauty’) and the young minds are introduced to the world of cosmetics. 327 more words