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Powerful remedies for back pain!

Powerful remedies for back pain!

Most effective remedies for back pain!

Back pain remedies!


Lemon Balm infused oil

Cut the herbs from the garden, tie with a string and hang to dry! Lemon Balm chilling in the middle.

After they are dry, remove from stem and crush! 46 more words


How to get rid of varicose veins

VARICOSE VEINS (Varix).–This term means an enlarged, elongated, tortuous, knotty condition of the veins. The term “varicose veins” is restricted in general use to the veins of the extremities, and especially those belonging to the lower extremity. 237 more words


Yogurt for the Skin

Yogurt for your skin…Yes, it can help and again, its simply in your kitchen. As we age, and yes, we all do, you can use yogurt to help fight the signs of aging. 250 more words


20 Home Remedies for Fighting Body Odour

Sweat happens when you are in a hot situation or do exercise or are apprehensive, under anxiety or on edge about something. More often than not, our sweat is scentless; it starts to stinks or deliver smell when a specific kind of microscopic organisms comes in contact and blends with the sweat. 631 more words


Get Rid of Acne, Naturally.

I have struggled with acne since I was a teenager. I am now 31 and I feel like my acne has gotten worse in the past few years. 732 more words


Sicker than a dog...

Ok, before I even get to my post I just have to ask, where did the term “sicker than a dog” even come from? I know I can just google it and i’ll get my answer but it’s one of those dumb phrases I say all the time and I have no idea why! 257 more words