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Whats in my medicine cabinet?

I’m in love with natural or holistic medicine. I think it works better than pharmaceuticals with less side effects and is better for your body. I use a wide range of different types of natural medicine. 750 more words


Weightlifting & food

This week I worked on my max for thrusters. My PR was 40kg (90lbs) I tried to go for 45kg on my last round but no luck, could only clean it. 109 more words


15 Minute fairness Trick

The combination of potato and lemon makes it the best face pack for fairness and tan removal. Potato juice and pulp are an age-old home remedy for skin lightening, removing blemishes and improving skin health and is a nourishing homemade facial for oily skin. 127 more words


Bye-bye hand wrinkles

Our hands get involved in most of the toughest tasks everyday. Driving, heavy objects, sunlight, harsh detergents… and the list can go on and on. Even using sanitizer and normal hand-wash can damage the softness of skin. 214 more words


Raspberry for Cracked lips

Raspberries are excellent sources of vitamin C, manganese and dietary fiber. They are also rich in B vitamins,folic acid, copper and iron. This berry has the highest concentration of antioxidant strength amongst all fruits. 131 more words


My Story

Imagine looking your five-year-old daughter straight in the eyes and asking, “Honey what do you want to be when you grow up?” supporting a huge jack-o-lantern smile and front bangs she replies, “I want to be a boss!” My parents should have known they were in for a wild ride from there. 230 more words


Home remedies for wrinkles and skin ageing

In all starting with late twenties, wrinkles and skin ageing is a frequent problem but we have a solution with that and you can find it in your kitchen. 208 more words