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Morning Ritual 

I don’t know about you but I have the worst time getting up in the morning. Like THE WORST TIME. I have one alarm that is across the room that is set for 6 am and I also have my phone that is set for 6:30, 7, and 7:10 and I STILL manage to sleep through all of them!!! 224 more words


The Secrets Exposed! The Sacred Plant Story.

The Secrets Exposed!

The Sacred Plant Story.

Just wanted to let you know that Episode 3 is playing now here

And you will absolutely want to see this one. 330 more words


Healing Secrets Exposed!

Are you ready for the “big reveal?”

Are you ready to discover what the sacred plant is and how you can use it to live a longer, happier, and more vibrant life? 248 more words


Acne from the inside, outside! With a little help from Mother Natures Kitchen!

Have you ever suffered from any kind of Acne? If so, you’ll know just how relentless it can be!

I had a random offset 2 years ago at 32! 826 more words

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Lemon Balm Infusions

My lemon balm was overtaking the herb garden. I had no idea what to do with the stuff, other than walking by and pinching a leaf to smell. 310 more words

5 Tips for Starting A Home Yoga Practice 

I began my yoga practice at home, in my living room by watching Youtube videos and following along. I made the decision to commit to 30 days of yoga. 907 more words


Natural Remedies For Strep Throat

DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional and was not paid to do this article. This is from my personal experience and how I was able to cure my strep throat. 170 more words