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Last Dance

A few autumns ago I was reminded of two lovers dancing when experiencing two dazzling falling leaves gracefully swirling around each other in a soft breeze as they reluctantly but inexorably completed their journey to the soil from whence they came: 100 more words


Taking a wrong turn trying to find my way out of Karlstad last week, I came across this beautiful lake just outside the city. Every place I went past on my little road trip last week looked like it was on fire, sparkling in reds, yellows and browns under a clear blue sky. 238 more words


A Short Poem

But, perhaps, I wouldn’t.

#poem #poetry #writing #horse



Visions of gray filled up my wondering eyes.

The somber haze lingered in the moist air.

The drab flowers filled up my already melancholy mind. 150 more words


at rest ...

… on a log in the forest at my university.