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The green green grass of home

Green is said to be the colour of nature and health. It is associated with ecological movements, natural therapies, life,  youth, money, hope…

It IS Easy Being Green… 213 more words


The Finding of Polarity (3) - #Silenti

In parts one and two of this set of three posts, we have examined how the development of the individual, the ‘self’, is a different process from the development of our young bodies, and relies upon our departure from ‘oneness’ in the womb towards a reaching for individuality – a process that eventually matures into what psychology calls the… 1,019 more words

Silent Eye School

The beautiful Gulmohars of Bangalore: #ThursdayTreeLove 4

This is the season for Bangalore’s Gulmohars – or mayflower trees – to bloom and lay a glorious orange carpet of flowers. Every morning, when I go for a walk in the park, I notice the beauty of these large magnificent trees lining up the sidewalk.  231 more words


The Dance


I wake up to dancing dappled sunlight.

The sky has forgotten
last night’s thunderstorm.
But not the mother bird
whose nest has fallen. 42 more words


Spring Squirrel

I’ll start the spring with a poem for the bushy-tailed tree climber that delighted me today.

    The Squirrel
    by John B. Tabb
    Who combs you, little Squirrel? 42 more words

Pieniny - Dunajec River Gorge Rafting

As promised, today I will show you what you can do on the Dunajec River.

Rafting. Dunajec is a fast flowing river and rafting is the perfect way to experience its speed. 101 more words


Natural Negative Perspective 3

Click on the image up to 3 times to see increasing levels of detail.

Nature Photography