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Out For the Season

Lee Jaszlics is a technical writer and  photographer living in Portland, Oregon. They share their life with a cat, two pet spiders and a dissecting microscope. 190 more words


Black Pepper

Black pepper is such a common spice. It is  found in nearly every kitchen; but the health benefits of this common spice are amazing.  The chemical piperine which is present in black pepper that causes its spiciness has antibacterial,  anti- inflammatory, and antioxidants properties.   131 more words

The Black Widow

She fancies herself on the silver screen
seductive in black, her wares on display.
She lures every male, each day, every scene
with delicate threads to lead them astray. 164 more words



The only thing better than having a lioness

look down the barrel of one’s lens…
from a distance no greater than twenty feet…

was to spend… 23 more words