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Naked me!

Let’s start with I am a massively comfortable in my own skin. That shit can be awkward for anyone else who has to see it. I walk the house naked, naked outside, strip off and change in the car on a drive (I am the passenger of course) and just any where really. 158 more words


The Joy of Travelling Slowly

Snippets 98. Richard Le Gallienne (1866-1947) was a poet and writer of books and essays on a wide variety of topics. In his 1900 work, Travels in England, he explains why he feels that travelling close to home, and at a measured pace, is such an important thing to do (he was born in Liverpool, resident in England at the time, although he would later move to the USA, and the “Le” in his name was an affectation). 619 more words


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In addition to following bloggers whose photography I admire, I enjoy reading the words of bloggers who prompt me to think more deeply. Here's one such posting from Roger Pocock's blog Windows into History that recently had such an effect on me.

Jan 16, 2016 - [Monday] Anything Goes: Seagull in Kunming

Kunming, China, taken on December 23, 2016

Seagulls aren’t exactly a rare sight and contrarily, they are quite commonly seen in many places. However, seagulls in Kunming during the winter is a completely different sight. 47 more words


Shy shoveler

The Northern Shovelers (Anas clypeata) at Huntley Meadows Park seemed shy and skittish today. This one male, however, turned his head for one last lingering look before swimming slowly away. 6 more words


Memory Monday, Week 9

Sitting just north of San Francisco’s Ocean Beach is the famous Cliff House Restaurant.  It has a complicated and fascinating history and is currently on its fifth incarnation.   228 more words