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In search of adventure

“I’m far more interested in being a beginner than trying to become an expert …” – Alastair Humphrey

Wild LIFE.

Stay salty

Passion for wood, surf & crafting…


Be irrational

“Don’t wait for opportunity. Create it.”

Wild LIFE.

Crafting with passion

“… nothing is ever going to be exactly the same. That’s why we celebrate it.”


Patagonia Adventure

“Do you take one step forward or do 180° turn and take one step forward? Which way you goin? Which is progress?’ The solution to many of the world’s problems maybe to turn around and to take a forward step.

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Wild LIFE.

Serenity Minutes Away From Home.

The city life sometimes can be really draining and the only way to fill up your soul is to wander around the wilderness. Melba’s Farm resort a place where tranquility is found minutes away from the urban noise. 414 more words