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In Two Decades, Will We Look Back And Wonder At All the Flawed Research?

“More than four decades into my scientific career, I find myself an outlier among academics of similar age and seniority: I strongly identify with the movement to make the practice of science more robust.” 92 more words


Always an adventure led by Jos.

His curiosity, his sense of awe, inspired us all.

Brother, sister, next door neighbour.

Then, down to Kangaroo Valley. 60 more words


Brain in a Vat

“In a challenge to the idea that brain death is final, researchers have revived the disembodied brains of pigs four hours after the animals were slaughtered.

98 more words

Day of the Bristlecone Pines

. . . Or, well, after several days’ quest, we came to find that the Bristlecones (high in California’s White Mountains at 10,000 feet) are still wearing their winter snow blankets, their road is unplowed (“until sometime late May or maybe June”), and no hikers allowed in the forest unless one has packed snowshoes. 169 more words


An hour in the company of aliens

Britain’s cities have served as the epicentre for countless invasions over the years. Landing sites, if you would, where species from far-flung destinations – East Asia, North America and closer to home, in Europe – gain first a toe-hold before beginning their creeping advance across the land. 609 more words


Wildflowers everywhere! Poppies, Bobcat, and Jaguar—my wildflower dreams this spring

This super-bloom year in Arizona has been amazing!

Tucson, Arizona – From the fields of poppies and lupines to the ever-running washes (like rivers!) still flowing daily since our February snow (!), this has been a spectacular spring. 69 more words


A lovely (and very useful) free Arizona Wildflowers identification app for your phone

Yesterday, after a day of admiring wildflowers in Brown Canyon in the Baboquivari mountains west of Tucson, I was introduced to an amazing app!

“Arizona Wildflowers” app… 330 more words