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Egret (Two Photographs)

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A majestic bird deserves good photography. It is an all white bird so it’s suited to black and white. 28 more words


Super Wolf Blood Moon

Just like an infomercial where they say, “But wait, there’s more!”

Sunday night I was thrilled to watch the lunar eclipse from my balcony. The skies were clear and it was magical seeing it and recording it photographically. 36 more words

Avant Garde Night Sky

As mentioned in my previous blog posting when I rushed out to see the eclipse my tripod did not follow me. An unsteady camera with big lens pointed skyward and low aperture can create a serious of unusual effects. 21 more words

Hot Springs National Park

On the rocks please...

If yesterdays American Goldfinch added a splash of color to a cold winters day these two Pacific Oystercatchers certain added just a touch of color to a blustery winters day along the pacific coast and just what the doctor ordered to warm the day. 6 more words


I heard her before I saw this downy woodpecker. She was drilling away for insects as I was walking by. As is often the case, you will hear a bird before you see it. 24 more words